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Chapter 260 - Request

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Chapter 260 Request

A trio-specialized mechanic master would be a desired talent in any empire that definitely couldn’t be missed.

Right now, this person was just in front of her. Thus, as the first sage, Catherine the Great naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Reward was just the first step.

Upon hearing Catherine’s promise of reward, Chen Rui’s first thought was to let Empress “reward” Christina to him, but that request was obviously impossible. Christina, which had been recognized by the artifact, Dark Shadow Cape, possessed Demon Emperor or even Demon Overlord-level strength, so she was definitely the next empress candidate.

Even if it was a grand master-level mechanic, Catherine wouldn’t agree to use the empire’s next empress as a bargaining chip. Therefore, that thought stayed as a thought.

Chen Rui bowed to Catherine, “Your Highness, I would like to know if you have requiem fruit and flower of mist?”

Katherine thought for a moment and replied, “I don’t have requiem fruit, but I can announce a commission for that nationwide. I do have a flower of mist, but it has withered. I only have three seeds left. I wonder if it’s good enough for master?”

“One seed is enough.” Chen Rui hesitated for a moment, clenched his teeth secretly and finally made up his mind to say, “I am entrusted to give something to the n.o.blewoman, Christina, in person. This can be regarded as my third request as a reward. I hope Your Highness will allow.”

The eyes behind Catherine’s veil flickered and the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed. Chen Rui felt that two cold, electrical eyes were staring at him and a faint pressure covered his entire body. Even with his current strength at Migrez state, he had a trembling feeling, and that was merely a glance at a long distance.

Chen Rui had a feeling that Catherine’s strength was far better than Earth Elemental King, which was also a Demon Overlord and even better than Glorfin Beelzebub!

After the cold electricity circled around him, it flew back and the pressure gradually dissipated. A pale yellow light flew over and floated in front of Chen Rui. The ethereal and strange voice of Catherine continued to sound, “As she made a mistake, Christina is thinking behind closed doors in the forbidden palace. She can’t meet anyone. However, since it’s a master’s request, I’ll make an exception for her to see master. Three days later, master can take this pa.s.s to the palace and someone will bring you to meet her naturally.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Chen Rui was rejoiced. He took the pa.s.s and bowed once more at Empress Catherine. Although there’s still no news about the requiem fruit, the flower of mist is finally settled. As for the third condition… it was dangerous just now, but since Catherine promised three rewards in the presence of so many people as the empress, she would probably keep her promise.

“Then, I’ll sincerely invite master to join the Mechanic Alliance of this empire now. Are you willing to accept this kindness?” Originally, Catherine planned to beat around the bushes and fancy him before slowly building rapport with the trio-specialized master. Yet, somehow, she suddenly changed her strategy and mentioned it directly.

Logically, the one who was the most suitable to make that invitation should be the president of the alliance, Master Anderson.

Chen Rui knew that joining the alliance didn’t have too many restrictions on his freedom, and he could even enjoy various privileges. Now that Catherine agreed with his meeting with Christina, and spoke publicly to this point, if he quitted, both the flower of mist and the meeting with Christina would probably be in vain. Therefore, he agreed immediately.

Catherine slightly nodded. When the audience at the scene saw that the trio-specialized master agreed to join the empire’s Mechanic Alliance, all of them responded with a warm applause.

Anderson, Rummenigge, Xhosa and other masters looked joyful except for Master Leo who smiled reluctantly. Among these masters, he was the only one who had grudges with Chen Rui. Yet, his strength and talents were obvious and Her Majesty personally invited him, so he would definitely be the most dazzling star in the mechanic field in the future. If he continued to be in a bad relations.h.i.+p with Chen Rui, he would probably have a bad life after.

The mechanic contest’s finals came to an end perfectly under a lot of attention. The incident of the first trio-specialized master in the past 10,000 years and the legendary grade equipment, “Momentary Glory” would quickly spread throughout the Demon Realm from the Dark Shadow Empire. That might be the beginning of a new generation of legends.

Chen Rui followed Master Anderson and others to the alliance’s office and received the robe and badge representing a master. The badge had a purple dual-moon sign with a gold rim, representing a special glory.

Chen Rui finally acquired Thunder Dragon Crystal and Star Frost, that he wanted the most. The materials for “Thunderous Sound” had finally been completed except auras. Out of the preferential treatment for the new trio-specialized master who joined the alliance, Chen Rui also received outstanding treatments like materials and black crystal coins as “benefits” every year, the right to purchase internal materials, discounts, and also access to the ancient magic tower to study.

What he had to do was to provide three pieces of quasi-legendary grade equipment or one piece of legendary grade equipment to the a.s.sociation for sales each year. 30% of the sales income would go to the a.s.sociation while the mechanic would take 70%.

This system of selling mechanic’s works was also the reason why the Mechanic Alliance had endured for decades. Despite the high price, the historical reputation and integrity of “everything made by the alliance must be excellent” had made the supply of masters’ works in short supply.

With the resources and services of the Mechanic Alliance, along with the status and treatment Chen Rui received, as long as he had enough aura, he could continue to gather materials to make “Thunderous Sound” or more equipment in the future. That was also one of the main reasons he considered joining the alliance back then.

Back in the Custer Family, Chen Rui received the best treatment and even the current patriarch, Croz came out to greet him despite being sick. Croz knew the weight of a trio-specialized mechanic master, and he was surprised and amazed by Dior’s vision and encounter.

Now, this master had a vast future both in the Mechanic Alliance, even the entire empire and even to the extent of the entire Demon Realm. The Custer Family originally started as mechanics, so the relations.h.i.+p with this master naturally shouldn’t be terminated with the end of the contest. They must maintain the initial cooperative relations.h.i.+p and tie the interests of the master with the Custer Family as much as possible. At the very least, it was necessary to maintain an extraordinary friends.h.i.+p.

As the biggest direct beneficiary, the eldest son of the Custer Family, would certainly be the heir. Dior was obviously spirited. Surely, as long as Croz didn’t pa.s.s him the heavy responsibility of the family, Dior was just an heir, but not the actual master of the family. Moreover, with Chen Rui’s current reputation, Dior couldn’t turn his face. Therefore, he showed an extremely close att.i.tude, and he was being very attentive to the master.

After learning that Master “Arthur” was with the Custer Family in the inner city, there were endless n.o.bles and officials that came to visit. Croz was clearly happy. He showed the “intimate” relations.h.i.+p between the Custer Family and the master. Chen Rui also seemed patient. It seemed that being a celebrity wasn’t easy.

Kia seemed to be avoiding the topic they were talking about before the final. She didn’t tell him what he wanted to know. Chen Rui knew that she was moved, so he shouldn’t force her too tightly at once. It was better to wait as the time matured.

In the afternoon the day before heading to the palace to meet Christina, an unexpected person came to Chen Rui, the third lady of the Custer Family, Celine.

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Kia was chatting with Chen Rui. When she saw Celine coming, she made an excuse and went to rest in the room. Celine had a sweet smile on her face which seemed like she didn’t care about the loss today.

Besides, the puppet was irreversible. After becoming a puppet, unless it died, it would never get rid of it.

The Leviathan Royal Family’s [Soul Shackles] didn’t have defects like the mask. The intelligence of the afflicted person would be intact, but their strength and soul would be imprisoned, increasing the difficulty of breaking through. For example, Delia, whose initial strength was even higher than Roman, had been stuck at the peak of Demon King. She was now caught up by Roman. Only under the effect of poison dragon’s special training and Aurora Frost, could she have the chance of advancing to Great Demon King. However, each time the person afflicted by [Soul Shackles] broke through, the shackles’ restraining power would be weakened a lot. Once her strength exceeded the [Soul Shackles]’s caster, the shackles would be ineffective.

Both [Soul Shackles] and G.o.d-Eating Mask could only be used on people with lower strength as compared to the users. In contrast, the most appropriate method of control was the master-slave contract. Both the mind and strength wouldn’t be affected, and there was no limit on the difference in strength. The master could end the servant’s life at any time by paying a certain price (directly killing could be done without paying a price). Besides, when the master was dead, the servant would die too.

The master-servant contract generally required the consent of both parties (could also be forced to surrender). Besides, everyone could only carry one contract in their body so many people had recruited servants earlier to prevent certain accidents.

The Custer Family was the top business family. The controller must have flexible minds and means. Chen Rui needed a person who could truly manage and grow the Custer Family and be of use for him and the Dark Moon. If he used the G.o.d-Eating Mask, he had to stay here to control. Otherwise, if he left, relying on the puppet’s mind alone wouldn’t work.

“If Ms. Celine can save me from the worries of the future, I can help and support you to be the head of the family. You also know that with my current reputation and my position in the Mechanic Alliance, even if you don’t kill your two brothers, as long as I make a statement, your father is also likely to change his mind.”

“Am I not trustworthy enough after I’ve become your wife?” Celine frowned.

“What do you think?” Chen Rui asked in return. Celine could kill her brother, then put the blame on another brother; she could secretly make Old Gauss disappear; she could send someone to Chen Rui on the street; she could or use her own body as the bargaining chip for the position as the head of the family. If it was a marriage based solely on interests, it was obviously unreliable.

“Isn’t this a challenge for you, master?” Celine smiled as she said with a double-meaning, “I will be the master’s most loyal wife and slave as long as master can conquer me.”

Chen Rui wasn’t interested in the so-called conquest at all, so he didn’t want to waste effort on that. He nodded and said, “I like the word “servant.”

“This joke isn’t funny.” Celine’s light red pupil showed a hint of chillness. It was one thing to offer her body but it was another thing to offer her soul. She still had great ambitions and it might not end with the Custer family. How would she be willing to be a slave to others and be controlled by someone eternally. Besides, this “Arthur” was just a mechanic master.

Now that Old Gauss hadn’t been rescued, Chen Rui didn’t want to turn his face immediately, so he smiled slightly, “Since it’s a joke, why are you being serious? However, the issue of trust is the key to our cooperation, but I’ve tested your sincerity.”

“Let’s do it this way. I’ll visit Old Gauss first. Then, I’ll discuss and solve the most critical trust issue in our cooperation.”

Celine’s smile returned to her face, “There are too many people visiting master now. Let’s go out from the side door when it’s darker.”

Would Celine have another to force Chen Rui to be her servant?

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