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Chapter 259 - Legendary-Grade Equipment! A Trio-Specialized Master who Shocked the Demon Realm

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Chapter 259 Legendary-Grade Equipment! A Trio-Specialized Master who Shocked the Demon Realm

At the arena of Dark Shadow Empire.

At the audience seat, Celine’s smile suddenly froze on her face, and the whispers and exclamations from the audience were reduced as their eyes focused on the two busy figures at the workdesk.

In an ordinary mechanic contest, two mechanic masters were born.

Moreover, both of them were dual-specialized masters.

Other than the president of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire Mechanic Alliance, also the Demon Realm’s best mechanic, Nate, the Demon Realm had basically unheard of other dual-specialized masters for thousands of years. Yet, now, two of them just popped up!

All the masters at the VIP seats were stunned. Two dual-specialized masters are extremely rare even in previous master contests!

Like Horford, Chen Rui was also immersed in the leather production at that time. Master Tata and Master Skye once said that the highest state of crafting was to put personal feelings and life into the work to create another life. His current state hadn’t reached that level, so he could only integrate his feelings.

If the first greatsword he forged was for his affection toward Athena, then this cloak was a longing for another person.

The woman who owns the Dark Shadow Cape is now in the Dark Shadow Empire. Can I see her again?

When she’s lonely, will she still dance alone under the moonlight after playing that tune?

Chen Rui closed his eyes gently, but the knitting needles in his hands were as if they had eyes, knitting the essence of a complicated relations.h.i.+p.

The longing gradually returned to the bottom of his heart and the cloak was almost complete.

On the other side, Horford, with a strong confidence in winning the game, gave everything he had and completed a leather armor made mainly of hydra skin.

When Horford’s leather armor was sent to the judges table, he saw Chen Rui stood empty-handed in front of the workdesk, so he couldn’t help but sneer, “Are you done with your weapon?”


Horford sneered, “Nope? Could it be that you lost your courage to compete after knowing I’m dual-specialized?”

“Dual-specialization isn’t anything. As for the armor I just made…” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “I completed it around one minute ago before you, so it has already been sent over.”

Horford thought it was armor like metal guards or helmets. Listening to Chen Rui’s derogation for dual-specialization, he was sure that it was just jealousy. When he was about to be sarcastic, the judges had announced the results of this round.

Horford’s works – “Hydra’s Rage”, magic leather armor. Attributes: Toughness (physical and magic defense bonus; hydra skin’s characteristics); ranged attack damage reduced by 17%; casting speed increased by 18%. Excellent grade.

The discussion time triggered by Chen Rui’s work was much shorter than the last one. “Longing of the Stars”, magic cloak. Attributes: Protection, water resistance (reduce physical attack damage, greatly reduce water magic damage, Fangxiao beast hide’s characteristics); increase movement speed by 30%; increase attack speed by 35%. Quasi-legendary grade.

Horford couldn’t respond for a while. Magic cloak? Metal chain cloak?

It can’t be! The attributes of protection and water resistance were clearly Fangxiao… Horford was a leather-specialized master after all, so he immediately understood the material of this cloak. His face was covered with unbelievable shock.

“How could you possibly make a leather cloak of quasi-legendary grade?” Horford muttered.

Arthur is also dual-specialized! Besides, he even made two pieces of quasi-legendary grade equipment continuously. How am I going to rival?

Celine’s face at the audience seats looked pale. The feeling that everything was under control initially was instantly crushed and shattered.

The masters at the judges table marveled at this miraculous young man who was proficient in two specializations. He made two quasi-legendary grade equipment in a row, and he could almost be regarded as a senior master with two specializations.

However, most of the masters present were top notch, so they noticed that when Chen Rui was creating the quasi-legendary grade equipment, he entered a special state. In reality, he was still some distance from being a top master in terms of skill and understanding. However, there was no doubt about the huge potential of this young man today. It was only a matter of time for him to surpa.s.s the greatest mechanic, Nate in the Demon Realm if he continued to develop like this.

“The inspiration of this cloak comes from the star-like eyes of a woman…” Chen Rui said calmly. Looking at Horford, who was breathing heavily, Chen Rui reminded kindly, “It’s not time yet. You still have a chance.”

Horford glared at him fiercely, “You’re just a little better in status than me by fluke! Don’t be so proud. A quasi-legendary grade is still within the category of excellent grade! If you can create legendary grade equipment, I’ll admit defeat wholeheartedly.”

“Even for a top master, it’s difficult to make a true legendary grade equipment. Besides, it’s true that I happened to be in good shape, I haven’t really reached that top level.” Chen Rui’s words made many masters nod as compliments as he was able to see his flaws clearly. This alone was far better than the eliminated capital’s genius, Savice.

However, Chen Rui’s subsequent sentence surprised everyone, “Then, let me defeat you completely in another way.”

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As he spoke, Chen Rui walked toward the workdesk again and took out a lot of instruments.

The light faded away, and Chen Rui also awaked from that special state. All the audiences’ eyes were focused on the strange accessories with red rope.

The masters at the VIP table came down one after another and came to Chen Rui and the legendary grade accessories, which was a kind of etiquette and respect. That alone, without any certification, was enough for Chen Rui to be directly placed within the rank of well-known masters.

Name: “Momentary Glory, magic red string bracelet (First version in the Demon Realm).

Attributes: All magic attacks increased by 42%; casting speed increased by 35%; spirit recovery speed increased; additional magic: magic s.h.i.+eld (can be triggered without magic power; limited to once every 24 hours).

The masters praised that this piece of equipment was excellent. It was the perfect weapon for mage, and it could even use a magic s.h.i.+eld to save one’s life at a critical time.

Chen Rui was also very proud. It was his first legendary grade equipment which consumed a lot of his effort. However, the state he was in just now was precious. Even if his stamina and spirit was at its peak, he might not be able to create another legendary grade equipment.

The champion of the mechanic contest was certain. A newly certified mechanic created a miracle that shocked the entire Demon Realm. In the final, he created 2 quasi-legendary grade equipment and 1 legendary grade equipment. Besides, all three equipment were of different specializations!

Although there were many masters hidden among the commoners in the Demon Realm who didn’t pursue fame, a master who was proficient in the three specializations must be the one and only throughout Demon Realm.

In the mechanic’s field, there was once a saying that the top masters who were proficient in all three specializations were the ones who were most likely to enter the realm of grandmaster. However, due to personal understanding and energy constraints, those who could reach the level of top masters with two specializations were few, one example was the Demon Realm’s best mechanic master, Nate. Yet, Nate was only close to the level of grand master, but he was not a real grand master.

Besides, with 2 quasi-legendary grade equipment and 1 legendary-grade equipment, even if Nate came here in person, according to the rule of the master contest, he could only admit defeat.

This trio-specialized mechanic master, who was full of potential, “Arthur” must be the most promising candidate to be the first grand master for the past thousands of years!

At the audience seats, Kia stared at Chen Rui with a smile while he was surrounded by a group of masters, like million stars revolving around the moon. There was a sense of pride in her heart as if she could share this achievement. The most excited was Dior, and his excitement had reached the extreme. Trio-specialized master! He is indeed hiding his capabilities! In this way, my position as the family’s heir is unshakable!

Compared with Falamo’s downcast face, Celine’s expression seemed very complicated: Arthur actually has such capabilities. No wonder he is so confident! However, in the courtyard the day before yesterday, he didn’t reject my request. According to his statement at the time, I still have a chance. Looking at Dior and Falamo, a murderous intention flashed past in the eyes of the cute girl.

“Congratulations, Master Arthur.” At the central throne of the VIP seat, an ethereal female voice sounded. It was Empress Catherine and the audience immediately silenced, “Your wonderful performance and the miracle you created have amazed all the audience, including me. I can give you three extra rewards. What do you want?”

Would he ask to see the n.o.ble lady he once met?

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