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Chapter 242 - The Arrival of the Biggest Test

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Chapter 242 The Arrival of the Biggest Test

After the gathering, Kia continued to look obedient and didn’t talk much; while one of the scandal’s protagonists, little loli, had no memory of what happened at the end after waking up. As for the others, Chen Rui couldn’t bother already.

As three days after the gathering, he suddenly pa.s.sed out when he was inspecting the barracks.

Athena was taken aback and immediately brought him back to the lab. This incident alarmed Aldas, who was experimenting with the black potions in “retreat.” Chen Rui’s current condition seemed to be terrible. His life activity was reduced to the minimal with only heartbeat and weak breathing as if he was dying. The dark elf potion master tried various drugs, even the high purity Awakening Potion that he recently brewed, but none of them worked.

Paglio rushed there in time. After carefully observing Chen Rui for a while, he finally came to a conclusion: It must be Glorfin’s soul that he devoured had reached the final stage. It was a very difficult test and it depended on Chen Rui himself, neither external forces nor drugs would work.

If he could overcome this stage, he would be reborn; if he couldn’t, his consciousness would be completely wiped out and he would become a monster that acts on only by instinct.

Athena didn’t know about this test of Chen Rui, and her heart suddenly sank. Now, as Paglio said, success or failure depended entirely on Chen Rui himself.

Shea, who heard the news, came to the laboratory immediately. She saw Chen Rui, who was unconscious, and Athena and Alice beside who had their eyes red.

“How did this happen? Is he poisoned or”

Athena wiped her tears and shook her head, “Master Aldas has tried many methods, but he still can’t wake him up. Besides, his current looks seemed like the dangerous symptoms of grand master’s inheritance that he once told me. Now, it all depends on his luck.”

Shea was shocked. She recalled the seemingly joking sentence previously, “It depends on my luck. If I’m unlucky, Princess Royal can save the salary for the sheriff.”

However, after saying that, this man briefed a lot of things including the Dark Moon’s future direction, which gave her an ominous feeling, as if… he was handing over before his death.

“Athena, can you take Alice out first?”

Shea’s request was a bit abnormal, but Athena and Alice were both in a sad mood now, so they didn’t think much and walked out accordingly.

In the room, only Shea and Chen Rui were left. To be precise, it was a dead man with a beautiful woman standing aside.

In the past, Chen Rui had mentioned more than once the danger of the grand master’s inheritance. As he always came back safely, Shea was somewhat accustomed to it. She definitely had a lack of awareness of the so-called danger. Now, witnessing Chen Rui on the verge of death, coupled with the ominous feeling in her heart, her heart became unusually heavy.

From the moment that this human came to her sight, all the previous scenes were played in front of Shea’s eyes. Many credits, such as those at Mountain Xilang, were a combination of his description and her imagination. Some scenes stayed for a longer time, for example, that one stunning waltz…

Before she knew it, she already had a sense of dependence on this man. Not only in the aspect of political strategy but also in something she couldn’t describe. Not knowing when it started, this guy’s annoying smile had engraved in her mind, and it couldn’t be erased, especially those words and behaviors that were beyond boundaries. Back then, it was more anger or embarra.s.sment but now, when she was faced with eternal loss, she realized those were actually precious.

Her heart was empty, and she felt uncomfortable.

If he really couldn’t overcome this, then I’d really never be able to see that annoying smile again? The smile that he jokes as he hands over before his “death”?

A drop of tear quietly slipped from that cold face. No matter how cold an ice was, it was still made of water.

“Tick“, the sound of tears falling to the ground in the silent room seemed to be amplified. It was particularly obvious.

Shea touched her face gently with her hand. Looking at the crystal tear in her hand, she was slightly surprised. Other than the hidden room, I actually…

“I order you in the name of Shea Lucifer that you must survive.”

After staring for a long time, there was only such a cold sentence.

There are many things that we can do if you survive. These things at least include a dance, those three words, and… many many other things.

In the purple beautiful eyes, the remaining crystals had been frozen into ice by a power. She took a deep look at the man who was still asleep. Then, Shea didn’t stay anymore and turned away.

The news that the sheriff, Chen Rui suddenly pa.s.sed out for unknown reasons spread and raised a commotion in the city. Shea subsequently ordered Athena to temporarily a.s.sume the role of sheriff, which confirmed the news completely. Initially, many people were envious and dissatisfied of this human who was lucky enough to obtain the position of sheriff. Then, the news that the daughter of the empire’s first general fell in love with the human made countless people speechless. What kind of person Ms. Athena was? She was the daughter of the empire’s first general and the Dark Moon’s top swordswoman (the word ‘wo’ could already be removed). Even the former, Alan, also the heir of the Karon Family, couldn’t get close to her. How did this powerless human with no family background make such beauty fall in love with him? Unfortunately, Alan was killed and disqualified by Sergey. The son of the empire’s second general, Sergey, who was also interested in Athena, was also “escorted” back to the capital for being suspected of committing a crime of pa.s.sion. Now, the human who was related to Athena also faced trouble and was dying. Based on these incidents, a certain unhealthy book’s author could slightly polish it, and it would become a beautiful, sad story. At least before the story ended, the affair between the two sheriffs and the first general’s daughter had become the topic during leisure time.

Unlike these gossips, another group of people lurking in the Dark Moon to observe the movement immediately pa.s.sed the information in various ways after confirming the news.

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The Red Spirit Estate was undoubtedly one of the fastest places to receive the message and the man who received the information smiled habitually. This is even better, save me from doing it myself, but the plan with the temporary ally might need to change.

“Don’t deceive me with these illusions!” Chen Rui gasped and yelled, “As long as I kill you, these will disappear!”

“Even if you kill me, can the fact that you kill your companion change?” Shura’s laughter became a little contemptuous.

“You kill me is just to escape from reality because you dare not face everything you did in these illusions. That’s the real you!” Shura sneered, “You are in fear! You want to cover up your greedy instinct!

“Shut up!” Chen Rui shouted furiously and a giant scorching dragon came out of his hand as it roared. It broke Shura’s protective cover and swallowed him.

Shura, who fell to the ground, was dying, but he was still laughing.

“Killing me can’t change the fact that you’re escaping from. In fact, I am you; you are me! You are… Shura!”

Shura’s voice drifted away as he was annihilated. After the victory, Chen Rui wasn’t happy at all. He was sweating and panting even more violently. At that time, a mirror flew out of the mist of Shura that was eliminated, and it happened to fall right in front of Chen Rui.

Chen Rui looked down. The eyes of the man in the mirror were blood red, and they were filled with evil and violence. This is me?

“You are killing me just to escape! That is actually the real you!”

“You are me; I am you!”

“You are Shura!”

Chen Rui covered his head in pain and cried painfully. Subsequently, there were weird scenes coming one after another that contained endless desires, evil thoughts, and slaughters.

Shura, who was annihilated again and again, laughed ecstatically.

“That’s right! Be hateful! Be jealous! Be furious!”

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