Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 228 - Meet Your Father-in-law

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Chapter 228 Meet Your Father-in-law

In a room of an inn somewhere in Dark Moon, Chen Rui stood uncomfortably. Opposite him was a medium-sized man; about thirty-four years old; with sharp features and sharp brow bones; showing a tough and serious look.

“You’re Chen Rui?” The man’s voice was strong and powerful with a slight intimidation.

Chen Rui quickly answered, “Yes, Your Excellency.”

This man was Athena’s father, the first general of the empire, George Wales, also the “father-in-law” that Chen Rui came to meet this time.

Somewhat different from Chen Rui’s imagination, when General George saw him, he didn’t rush over to attack him. Instead, he examined him up and down carefully with his eyes. It gave his son-in-law a chill down his spine.

The son-in-law boldly activated : Race: Great Demon (Mutated); Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: Unable to Judge.

Strength that can’t be judged?! Demon Emperor? Demon Overlord? Chen Rui was startled. The probability of being a Demon Emperor is relatively higher. Father-in-law is worthy of being the first general of the empire for reaching Demon Emperor as a Great Demon.

If we really fight, Paglio has just broken free from the , and he is just an early stage Demon Emperor, so he might not win. Should I try poison? Then again, once the poison got out of control, Athena and I won’t be lovers but enemies.

Just as Chen Rui was overthinking nervously, his father-in-law spoke.

“I have a few questions that you need to answer. The first question is, “George’s sight fell onto the bunch of people behind Chen Rui, and he said coldly, “What do you mean by bringing these people?”

Seeing that the atmosphere was unpleasant, Roman stepped forward shrewdly and bowed, “His Excellency, do you remember Roman and Delia from Town Nimbus 3 years ago? We are good friends of Athena. We’ve received your help and care. Upon learning that you’ve come, we specifically come to thank you.”

George nodded. Royce also responded quickly and said, “The three of us are direct subordinates of Ms. Athena. We came to visit specifically as we’ve been hearing your great accomplishment.”

Athena was already the confirmed first mistress. Thus, the so-called “direct subordinates” were also true.

George looked at Royce’s team and didn’t say much. Paglio wasn’t that nice with his words. He said boldly, “You guys are coward! I’m here for you because I can’t stand your arrogance!”

“Pa.s.s by! He is a friend of Athena and I. He pa.s.sed by here, so he came to take a look.” Chen Rui interrupted and gave Paglio a stern glance.

Paglio snorted and didn’t continue to make troubles. In fact, the poison dragon felt that the strength of General George wasn’t a small matter. Once they really fought, he might not be able to rival George with his current state of being sealed by ancient runes.

The more so, the more the poison dragon was worried about the safety of Chen Rui. If George really had murderous intention, even he might not be able to protect Chen Rui, so he intentionally drew George’s attention.

“General George has something to discuss with me. You guys go out first.” Chen Rui signaled everyone with his eye.

Athena glanced at George with an expressionless face. She was afraid that the two most important men in her heart would turn their faces against each other. She bit her lips and said, “Father, I’ll stay.”

“For my next question, I want to ask this guy alone. I won’t do anything with him before that.” A father knew his daughter. Father could tell Athena was anxious and added, “If you stay here, there’s nothing to discuss between me and him. I’ll take you back to Warlock Fortress immediately.”

After Chen Rui’s repeated insistence, Athena walked out of the room along with others and Paglio with an annoyed look.

“It turned out you brought so many people to boost your courage.” George looked at Chen Rui, who was a little nervous, and asked, “Are you afraid that I’ll kill you?”

“I’m indeed kind of scared. Who hasn’t heard of the name of the empire’s first general.” Chen Rui flattered his father-in-law, “However, I’m more afraid that I can’t satisfy you and make Athena sad.”

“I have been informed that a human in Dark Moon has shamelessly deceived my daughter with sweet words and nasty drugs. Now it seems that your eloquence is in line with the first point.”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly, “I still have an ident.i.ty as an apprentice of a potion master, so the second point is almost consistent as well.”

George nodded indifferently, but didn’t make a fuss about it, “I met Princess Royal yesterday and I knew about the… food base you planned. Now that Regent Obsidian has ordered to cut the food aid from Red Spirit Estate by half. What do you think about this? ”

Chen Rui was stunned as he never expected George to stop “interrogating”, but instead, he s.h.i.+fted the topic to this. Is it a test from my father-in-law?

Anyway, at least it’s a chance.

Chen Rui straightened out his thoughts and roughly outlined the follow-up plan which was roughly the same as what Tim said last time, but he made some adjustments in details.

George nodded slightly, but didn’t say anything. He asked again, “You taught Athena those methods to train soldiers?”

“You’re the grand master in this respect, the G.o.d of war of the empire. It’s embarra.s.sing for you to see those soldiers’ combat power.”

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George shook his head, “Due to their basics and training time, the combat power of those soldiers is really not worth mentioning. However, your training method is not funny at all. Although that method is simple, it is very effective. Once absolute discipline is truly achieved, the combat power of the troop will have a considerable leap. My second question is, what do you think is a truly powerful troop?”

“I know. Do you think she can fool my father with that little trick? However, having no children now doesn’t mean that you won’t have them in the future.” George’s answer surprised Chen Rui even more, “For Athena to make such a lie for you, then I can be sure that even if I take her away, her heart will always stay with you. Therefore, I didn’t do that, but I stayed to see this “shameless guy” who took my daughter’s heart away with sweet words. Eventually, I’m not too disappointed.”

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up. Listening to George’s tone, it seemed that the biggest objective of seeing his father-in-law sir this time… had achieved!

“I promise, general.” Chen Rui took a deep breath, nodded and finally made an important decision ahead of time. As General George requested, he didn’t wish for deadly loyalty. He only wished for one whole-hearted attempt. For Athena, for Shea, for Alice… and for his own ambition to fight against fate!

George nodded approvingly, “Very well, Athena has someone now, and I can also be rest a.s.sured. Although you seem to have no strength at all, my intuition tells me that you have the ability to protect and take care of my daughter.”

Chen Rui was very surprised. Could it be the rebound after that automatically turned into ? The test of my father-in-law that I thought it’s the hardest has actually pa.s.sed so easily!

There was a smile on George’s grim face, “Don’t you feel strange? I actually entrusted my daughter to a human with no powerful background? There are a lot of powerful people who are better than you!”

Chen Rui nodded. The daughter of the empire’s first general marrying to a sheriff under the lord of the declined estate was indeed a terrible shame.

“The reason is actually very simple. Athena likes it!” Father-in-law replied convincingly.

Speaking of this, George exuded a compelling breath, “Actually before this, not only the Karon Family and Ruth family, many families have made marriage requests and stated the pros and cons, saying something like it was for the continuation of Wales family. Originally, in large families, marriage can’t be chosen according to their own wishes, but the daughter of George Wales can choose it herself!”

Chen Rui’s eyes brightened. Athena lost her mother since she was a child, but fortunately, she had a good father; a father who really loved her daughter.

George sneered, “I said to those guys, who do you think I, George Wales am? Do you think I’ll sacrifice the happiness of my daughter in exchange for family benefits? If this is the case, then the Wales’ family name will lose its meaning of existence! If Athena disagrees, it means I disagree. Those who aren’t satisfied can fight me at Warlock Fortress. If one comes, I’ll kill one; If two come, I’ll kill a pair; If three come, I’ll annihilate his entire family! So what even if it is Obsidian who took Lord of Midnight Sun’s credit? If he annoyed me, I’ll still turn against him!”

Too bada.s.s! Originally, George was just a somewhat harsh uncle in Chen Rui’s eyes. At this moment, he became the Tyrant first general. No wonder even Obsidian was afraid of him.

Thanks to George’s st.u.r.dy backing, Shea was able to support Dark Moon Estate in the difficult situation and support the only hope as Lord of Midnight Sun’s heir.

Chen Rui’s heart was full of admiration. Before he could say something, the door was suddenly pushed open and Paglio’s voice sounded, “You! You’re a true man! I like your arrogance! Dare to fight me with alcohol?”

George’s gaze was on Paglio’s body, and he was so imposing. He said, “I’m afraid you dare not!”

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