Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 225

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Chapter 225

Broc’s face was twisted . His eyes were full of anger: The last time, I was in this Silent Night Wetland when I suffered such a great shame . I actually repeatedly missed my moves on an ant . Instead, I was severely damaged by the ant in the end, and he even left incurable scars on my face!

This ant actually appears at this place again . I must tear him into pieces!

Broc’s original plan was to wait for these people to get out of the jungle before killing them . However, Delia sensed him in advance, so he launched a distant attack . Unexpectedly, it was blocked by the s.h.i.+eld in Delia’s hands . Then, his three enemies also hid behind the powerful magic trap .

Delia was very familiar with Broc . When she saw his expression, she was taken aback . Broc wrote to Empress Catherine and said that he was “” and was poisoned . She never thought it was actually Chen Rui’s doing! A Demon King actually made Broc suffer so much!

Actually, she didn’t know that when Chen Rui fought Broc, he was only a Higher Demon .

“Ant, don’t think of using that teleporting tool again!” Broc sneered, “I’ve already set my Incubus Territory here, so none of you can escape! Delia, I’ll give you 1 minute to consider, give me the Illusive s.h.i.+eld . Otherwise, I’ll kill all three of you even when I have to endure the artifact’s counterattack!”

Artifact? Counterattack? Illusive s.h.i.+eld? Chen Rui wondered in his heart and looked at Broc with a sneer, “Broc, why don’t you come and grab it yourself? Are you afraid that I’ll use that poison again? Or are you are scared of the magic trap in front of me? Here’s a suggestion, try flying over . ”

The power of Dragon Inscription wasn’t something that could be bypa.s.sed by flying, unless he could keep flying in the air without landing . There was an inscription in front of them . Once Broc really fell into the trap, even if he was a Demon Emperor, he would still suffer huge damage . It was just that except for the area of ​​inscription, everywhere else was covered by the power of the Incubus Territory . Also, Broc had the scary long-range attack, so Chen Rui and others dared not act rashly .

Broc stomped his feet and the whole ground was shaking . However, such trembling started to disappear in front of Chen Rui . The black light in Broc’s eyes was s.h.i.+ning brightly . The Dragon Inscription even started to tremble slightly, and there was a sign of being covered by the black . It seemed that Leviathan Royal Family’s strongest was truly extraordinary .

Fortunately, Dragon Inscription wasn’t a copy made by Chen Rui, but from a genuine dragon . Even if it was Broc, it wasn’t easy to suppress it with brute force .

“Delia! I’m giving you one last chance! Considering that you’re my sister…” A hint of viciousness flashed past Broc’s eyes and his voice became more creepy, “Also for the sake of my woman and slave, I can spare you from dying . ”

Delia suddenly trembled . Her face under the veil turned pale, and her hands holding the Illusive s.h.i.+eld s.h.i.+vered .

Chen Rui and Roman looked disbelief . Broc’s woman? Aren’t they siblings?

“It seems that your new and old love don’t know about it yet . ” Broc smiled grimly, deliberately crus.h.i.+ng Delia’s will, “Did you not tell them, who was your first man?”

Delia’s body s.h.i.+vered even more intensely . She spat out another mouthful of blood .

Chen Rui suddenly understood what Delia had said before .

Death might be a relief .

It has been more uncomfortable to live than to die in these 3 years . Unfortunately, under close surveillance and the , I didn’t even have the freedom to die .

Every day, I’ll cut once across my face, waiting for the day of release .

No wonder in Delia’s eyes, there was boundless hatred .

She hated Broc and also herself, as well as fate . Roman roared angrily . His nails had dipped into his flesh . His blood was dripping .

“You’re worse than a beast!” Chen Rui’s anger was raised to the extreme, “Broc, you’re not worth living in this world!”

“Naive guys! What do you know? She should be blamed for being recognized by the Magic s.h.i.+eld but not me! It’s an artifact of the Leviathan Royal Family . How can a weak woman with a heart for outsiders control it?!” Broc laughed madly, “Now that I have the Magic s.h.i.+eld, the artifact, Illusive Demon s.h.i.+eld is complete! If I have a child with her, this child will inherit the artifact and Leviathan Royal Family in the future!”

It turned out that when Illusive s.h.i.+eld and Magic s.h.i.+eld combined together, it would be one of the seven artifacts, Illusive Magic s.h.i.+eld!

The thing that Delia was looking for in the Paglio’s treasure was Illusive s.h.i.+eld . It could isolate the effect, getting rid of Broc’s control and this terrifying nightmare .

Delia had stopped trembling . Her frightened and angry eyes had returned to desolation and silence . She wasn’t shaken by Broc’s words anymore, “I’ll use to help you guys to ease the constraints of the Incubus Territory! Both of you leave quickly! I don’t want to repeat what I said . There’s still 30 seconds . If you don’t leave, I’ll die right before your eyes!”

Chen Rui shouted, “No! Delia! You and Roman go first!”

The inscription would soon be suppressed . The difference in strengths between the two parties were too great . If Delia didn’t use the Illusive s.h.i.+eld, Broc didn’t even need to catch up . The power from long-ranged attack alone was enough to kill everyone .

How can Chen Rui let her face a dangerous person like Broc here? Broc was simply a cold-blooded person who disowned with his relatives, otherwise she will not cast to her sister . Once Magic s.h.i.+eld is in hand, even if Delia is not dead, it is definitely Life is better than death .

Delia looked at Chen Rui calmly, “Do you want to watch me die worthlessly?”

“Die worthlessly? Don’t you understand yet? Delia . ” Chen Rui said, “For the past 3 years, this guy is like a soulless walking dead . If you leave again this time, his life will lose its value forever . ”

Roman, who had been extremely angry, also calmed down and solemnly said to Chen Rui, “Delia is a good woman . Help me take good care of her . ”

Chen Rui saw the determination and spirit in Roman’s eyes, but he dismissed it scornfully, “You two are a pair of idiots! Roman, I can take over your money, equipment and any other mess, but I’ll never take over your woman! Delia, use and take Dodo and Roman to the second inscription after the turn to wait for me! You should know how to pa.s.s along the way since the properties of inscription hasn’t changed at this moment!”

“No!” Delia and Roman said in unison, “Leave, you guys!”

“Stop delaying time! Don’t forget that I’m the leader! Trust me!” Chen Rui shouted, “If all of you want to suicide and drag me to death, then stay here!”

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Delia and Roman looked at each other, and they finally stopped insisting . With the help of , they took the difficult steps and walked toward the location that Chen Rui mentioned along with Dodo .

Broc took a chance and rushed into the inscription . After a while of teleportation, his body appeared in a scorched forest . He was actually teleported far away from the jungle . There were no one around him .

Chen Rui’s team and Broc were transported randomly in 2 batches . Obviously, the teleported location wouldn’t be the same . The Dragon Inscription’s ability was quite powerful . Chen Rui and others must be in another distant place at that moment .

Broc failed . He watched the Illusive s.h.i.+eld that he almost got into his hand to be lost again . The anger in his heart was indescribable . He swung the sword in his hand fiercely . The ground trembled and the dead woods were sent flying . The entire forest echoed with an unwilling angry roar .

It might be that had pa.s.sed 24 hours, so the luck of Chen Rui and others this time wasn’t bad enough to appear near Broc . Instead, they arrived at another distant area .

Initially, Broc’s had a lock on ability . However, Delia also had . Although it wasn’t powerful, it wasn’t a problem to solve the lock on .

The trio took Dodo cautiously all the way . According to the interference level on the magic map, they gradually moved away from the treasure area . After the magic map recovered its function, Chen Rui found the 2 wyvern waiting at the agreed place . These two wyverns were both Demon King-level that were left here after discussing with the Wyvern King for the ease of meeting at Mountain Xilang .

Chen Rui asked Delia and Roman, “What are your plans?”

Now, when she reached a safe place, Delia’s mood was down instead . She kept silent .

Chen Rui knew that Delia had suffered too many misfortunes . He fully understood her mood . So, he said, “You definitely can’t return to the Dark Shadow Empire . Come to the Dark Moon with me, Athena is also there . ”

Delia shook her head slightly, and she was still silent .

“Let’s go . ” Roman spoke while holding Delia’s hand, “Let’s go together . ”

Delia tried to break free, but her hand was gripped tightly by Roman . Her body was trembling slightly for a moment . She was just shaking her head .

Chen Rui saw it in his eyes and smiled slightly, “I know you’re worried that you’ll be a burden for Athena and I . Rest a.s.sured, Broc can’t find you . Even if he finds you, I can deal with it . Believe me! You have to know that I’m the team leader . ”

As long as the was dispelled, Paglio could not only restore his freedom, but also recover his Demon Emperor strength, which would be Chen Rui’s greatest support .

“Our leader is right . ” Roman held Delia’s hand tightly, “Let all the sadness and pain in the past dissipate with the wind . We can start again from this point . This time, I’ll never leave you, even if I die . ”

“In our human world, it’ll snow in winter and it’ll be very cold . Yet, after the snow melts, it’ll be a warm spring . As long as you can look forward, spring is right ahead . Let’s go . The 3 of us will return to the Dark Moon together . ” Chen Rui saw Dodo desperately raising his hand to indicate his existence, then he added with a smile, “The 4 of us . ”

Delia’s eyes instantly turned red, and her tears soaked the veil . She didn’t persist anymore, and she nodded .

No matter how deep the wound was, it would still slowly heal with the accompaniment of lover and friends .

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