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Chapter 195 - Athena And Paglio

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Chapter 195: Athena And Paglio

The results of the emergency meeting made all the residents of Dark Moon astounded. Tim, who was the most promising of becoming the sheriff, was defeated by the human mining officer, Chen Rui who was “saved” by him!

According to well-informed sources, the key to Chen Rui’s success this time was the support of Joseph as the financial officer. The reason was that during the last quarterly meeting, Joseph and Chen Rui signed a gamble agreement. If Chen Rui could come back from Mountain Xilang alive, Joseph would recommend Chen Rui to become the sheriff. At that time, Princess Royal, Shea also acted as an arbitrator, so she couldn’t renege. Therefore, Chen Rui got the sheriff position dramatically.

For a while, the voices of contempt, dissatisfaction and jealousy were endless, but nothing could change the reality that the human had become the sheriff. However, almost no one paid attention to the former sheriff, Alan who had stepped down. In any case, the loser was the loser.

The most innocent was Tim from the Saiful Family. The sheriff position that was already in his hands was actually gone. He could only return to the bitter cold Mountain Xilang to serve as the mining officer again. However, he gained a t.i.tle as the West Route Garrison Captain, which could control a certain amount of military power, so it was like a consolation prize.

No one would’ve imagined that Tim, the most innocent mining officer was half-knelt in front of the sheriff whole-heartedly at this moment.

Tim looked at the devil fruit in his hands with extreme excitement in his heart. In addition to the longevity potion, the owner actually gave such a precious item to him. Actually, other than the imp, Slee, the devil fruit had become a “standard benefit” as Chen Rui’s servant. If this information was spread, there would probably be countless demons who would squeeze in to recognize Chen Rui as their master.

With the power of the earth elemental heart, the yield of devil fruit was doubled. As for whether the grade could be further improved, it depended on whether the individual could withstand such “upgrade”.

“Get up.” Chen Rui patted Tim’s shoulder, “How did the explanation of Lysa go with your family?”

Tim nodded, “It was much smoother than I thought. When my father heard that Lysa had a baby and that it is a mutated Great Demon, he immediately confirmed her position as my first wife. He even proposed to immediately escort the child back, but I used my effort to convince him to not do that.”

Chen Rui was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Old Ford would be so “open-minded” to actually give the “abnormal” medusa the position as Tim’s legitimate wife. Actually, Chen Rui still underestimated the importance that demons attached to inheritance. Certainly, if Lysa gave birth to a medusa, it was good enough for her to be recognized as a concubine.

“In other words, you’ll have a lot of concubines?” Chen Rui said with a smile. Seeing Tim’s wry smile, Chen Rui said, “Your father didn’t doubt me right?”

Tim shook his head, “Don’t worry, master. My father only knew that master saved me and Lysa, so he was very grateful to master. He knew nothing about the rest. Even the materials that master used to make black potion were also concealed by me.”

Chen Rui nodded approvingly, “You’ll bring along many people from your family to Mountain Xilang this time. The things in the underground world must be kept secret. You can claim that the main pit has been closed and make the miners continue mining the upper layer minerals. Don’t worry about submitting the minerals as I’ve already told Princess Royal. Also, the minerals in the waste ores room have been restored to normal minerals. I’ve also buried some of them in the Green Leaves Forest. You can transfer the minerals to a safe place in secret.”

“In addition to repairing the original public communication tower, you also need to secretly build our own communication tower in Mountain Xilang to facilitate our contact. As for the defense of the west, I don’t need to say more. Beware of the Red Spirit Estate and Dark Shadow Empire at any time. When necessary, you can use the power of the medusa or go to the earth elementals for help.”

“Understood, master.” Tim was completely convinced by Chen Rui’s wisdom and miraculous powers. Going back to Mountain Xilang this time gave him a good platform to show off his talents. He could also take good care of Lysa and his son at the same time. This was killing two birds with one stone.

A moment later, Tim walked out of the bas.e.m.e.nt of the arena. He saw Athena in the hall and he bowed to her. Then, he nodded at Arux and others, put on a cloak and left Arena under the cover of nightfall.

Chen Rui also came out and asked Royce, “Has Joseph left the Dark Moon?”

Royce nodded, “After joining the meeting, he hurried to the Red Spirit. It seemed that Kanita was causing him troubles because of the defeat at the west of Dark Moon.”

“The “poor financial officer” not only has to travel back and forth, but also has to fight with his younger brother internally. Even the time for meditation and training seems valuable. However, when I saw him today, I found out that his strength has increased a lot. He’s likely to break through to the later stage of Demon King.” Chen Rui saw the calmness on Arux, Royce and others’ faces, and he frowned, “Aren’t any of you worried at all?”

Royce looked weird, “It’s not that I want to flatter master, but if I’m gonna worry, it would be for Joseph. I guess when he reaches Demon King-level, master is at least Great Demon King already. In a certain sense, master is a…”

Royce shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything. Arux, who was drinking wine on the sofa, suddenly replied tacitly, “Monster.”

The people around him nodded in unison. Seeing that Athena was also following suit, Chen Rui was even more speechless.

Soon, two shadows with flapping wings rose in the night sky and flew out of the city quickly.

Upon reaching the Blue Lake, Chen Rui found Paglio.

Paglio examined Athena who came with him, and he grinned, “Not bad. You brought along your family this time.”

Initially, Athena was awkward because the poison dragon lied that he poisoned them. Yet, as soon as that was spoken, she immediately blushed and half of the grievances in her heart disappeared.

The poison dragon added, “If Chen Rui dares to bully you, tell me, I’ll help you beat him. Later, I’ll teach you how to hide your breath and skills to control your combat power.”

Athena’s affinity toward the poison dragon skyrocketed from “general” to “friendly”.

Chen Rui showed his middle finger at poison dragon disdainfully: Aren’t you just finding a reason to bully me? I guess I have to please the silly Athena.

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Paglio took over the wine from Chen Rui and asked, “Is there something for both of you to come here?”

“If you remove your seal with the Eye of Sauron, the secret treasure wouldn’t be damaged right?”

“It won’t. I’m only using the Eye of Sauron’s spiritual power to shake up the .”

The poison dragon looked indifferent, “If you want, I can give it to you, but you have to exchange it another treasure!”

“Such a stingy guy! By the way, is there any requiem fruit among your treasure?”

“Do you think I’m a gardener? Not to mention that item is rare and the growing conditions are harsh. I don’t know even know where…”

At that time, Athena interjected, “Chen Rui, the two friends you said to go to Silent Night Wetland with must be Delia and Roman! I haven’t seen Delia for a long time. You have to bring me along to the Silent Night Wetland this time!”

“No, there are dangerous Dragon Inscriptions everywhere. Also, even Paglio doesn’t remember how many traps he laid.” Chen Rui shook his head resolutely, “I’ll be fine myself. You stay in the Dark Moon City.”

Athena thought of the scene of getting the devil fruit in the black rainforest and her mood was down suddenly, “I think you’re just afraid that I’ll burden you.”

“What are you saying? You’re my woman. There is no such thing as burdening.” Chen Rui took Athena’s hand, “It’s just that Delia once said to me that if you go to Silent Night wetland, she’ll truly break things with you. Besides, there is something important that you have to help me with. No one can do it except you.”

Athena blushed. She wanted to break free, but Chen Rui held her hand tightly. The poison dragon didn’t realize he was third-wheeling; he was looking at the intimate two with great interest.

Athena’s emotions finally calmed down and she asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Rui shrugged his shoulders and kissed on the back of her hand, “As the future lady of the sheriff, you have the right and obligation to act on behalf of the sheriff.”

When Athena heard the word “future lady”, her heart was sweet. However, she was even more embarra.s.sed of him showing off in front of the poison dragon. She almost gave him a shoulder throw.

Unfortunately, the third-wheeling dragon beside even added inappropriately, “You guys can go on. Just pretend that I don’t exist.”

Hahahaha ?, Paglio was really good in messing with others.

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