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Chapter 17 - Challenge! Aldas’s Crisis

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Chapter 17: Challenge! Aldas’s Crisis

Dark Moon City; Somewhere in a residential hall.

Alan listened to Ganke’s report in an ashen face and asked, “Did Athena actually say that that human is her friend?”

Ganke replied in fear and trepidation, “Yes, general! At that moment, many soldiers also saw that Athena attacked me in front of all the people. I almost lost my life.”

“d.a.m.n human! Why did Athena favor him?” Alan gnashed his teeth and felt green in envy. Athena never respected him as a sheriff, and she even didn’t even look straight at him. Now she actually called the human who she knew not long ago a friend and stood up for him. It was simply unbearable.

“Alright. Ganke, you can leave now.” Another faint voice in the hall sounded.

“Yes, Master Joseph.” Ganke’s reverence for this man was no less than his superior, Alan. He then bowed and walked away.

“My friend, I truly don’t know which part of that savage woman makes you so obsessed. If you want a woman, you can easily grab a handful. Would you like me to send you some of the best succubus slaves?” Joseph poured a gla.s.s of wine and said slowly.

Joseph had a human appearance. He should be one of the mutated bloodlines. He looked elegant and calm; it was completely distinct from Alan’s violent, martial temperament.

“Hmph, no,” Alan snorted. “Aren’t you interested in Princess Royal too? It’s just that Princess Shea is indeed beautiful, but she is as cold as an iceberg. She isn’t fun at all. I also don’t understand what makes you like her?”

Idiot, my likings aren’t the same as yours! Joseph sneered in his heart, but his face was still calm and emotionless, “Just like you. It’s just everyone has a different preference. I just returned to the Dark Moon City. I still don’t know anything about this human being called Chen Rui.”

“It’s just a trash that is extraordinarily lucky!” Alan clenched his teeth and said. “This human fell into the Demon Realm about ten days ago, and he was captured by soldiers. His name was Arthur during the interrogation; a powerless aristocrat. At that time, Master Aldas took him away as an experimental subject but in a few days he miraculously became an apprentice of Aldas, and his ident.i.ty was publicly acknowledged by Princess Shea. I really don’t know what’s so attractive about this guy. Even Athena and little princess go to him almost every day.”

Joseph thought for a while and said, “In that way, his greatest support is the appreciation from the dark elf master. I know little princess well; she’s just curious. Princess Royal must be doing this to get closer with Aldas too. However, Aldas is also helpless now. He will soon leave Dark Moon City. By then, this human will lose his value. Even if you want to cut him into pieces, Princess Royal will not stop you.”

“With that man from the capital city involves, Aldas will definitely lose,” Alan turned to joy from anger, nodded and toasted to Joseph, “You’re right. Come, let’s have a toast!”

In Aldas’s lab within the palace outer courtyard, after Alice and the girls left, there were only Aldas and Chen Rui left in the lab. The observant imp noticed that the master was in a bad mood, so he retreated earlier.

Aldas took out a few thick books, ‘Refining Essentials’, ‘Common Potions Recipe’, ‘Poison Supplementary Material’…

“Chen Rui, these books are for you.” The dark elf sighed. “Without me beside you from now on, you should study hard. Although you are the successor of the grand master, there’s no end to learning, so you should never slack off. As long as you work hard, one day, your accomplishments will shock the entire Demon Realm.”

Chen Rui said in shocked, “Master, what happened? Where are you going?”

“I might be leaving Dark Moon City.” Aldas shook his head with a gloomy face and told the reason.

The Demon Realm advocated the strong, not only in terms of strength and power. Every field of professions had fierce compet.i.tion. The rule in the pharmaceutics field was quite unique. If one wanted to be a potion master, there were two ways. The first was to go to the Potioneer a.s.sociation in the capital city and go through a series of complex a.s.sessments, including accurately brewing the highest level white potion within a specific time and also to be recognized by at least two masters.

The second way was to directly challenge a well-known master under the witness of the Potioneer a.s.sociation. If the challenge succeeded, one would be directly promoted to the master level; whereas the failed master would be deprived of the status of master and exiled for three years. After three years, one could re-challenge or retake the a.s.sessment. If the one who was being challenged refused to accept the challenge, it was immediately considered as failed.

However, the challenger wasn’t without any risk. He or she needed to lay a huge amount of money as a bet. If the challenge failed, the money would be fully owned by the master, and he or she would not be able to re-challenge within three years.

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Chen Rui finally understood that it was just like gambling. Aldas then went on to explain that money was very important for a potioneer because alchemy was a costly subject. Both pharmaceutics or mechanics needed a lot of financial support. Whether it was alchemy level a.s.sessments or learning from an alchemist, one had to pay a high price. Therefore, most alchemists would seek support from someone who had finance and influential power and served them.

However, since Prince Obsidian intended to deal with Shea, whether Aldas could stay alive during his exile would be a problem. Even if the dark elf could survive and regain the glory as a master, would Dark Moon City which was already in a crisis still be in the hands of Shea for three years?

Even Chen Rui could realize this point, Aldas must be aware of it.

Aldas didn’t say anything more. He continued to clean up his potions and books, and he was ready to leave at any time.

Chen Rui didn’t help Aldas to clean up and frowned at the side. Aldas was very rigorous in academics. Although he was a little deceitful as a dark elf, he didn’t reserve in teaching Chen Rui pharmaceutics. There was no such thing as racial discrimination. At the same time, this master was also Chen Rui’s best protection in the outside world. Whether it was for him or Aldas, Chen Rui must try to help him.

Also, the booting process of the Super System had been stagnant. This new poison by Sandro could be a turning point…

In contemplation, a bold plan gradually formed in Chen Rui’s mind.

“Master, wait! Don’t be too pessimistic so soon. We might not actually lose. If my plan is successful…” After Chen Rui pondered carefully, he smiled and said, “Maybe, we can first casually discuss the problem of the division of the money”

Those words stunned Aldas slightly and his eyes that were originally gloomy were suddenly opened wide.

At this time, within the Dark Moon Estate, under the deliberate rumor spreading, the news that the genius potioneer from the capital city challenging Master Aldas in two days went viral. It became a heated topic within the Dark Moon.

Two days pa.s.sed quickly. As mentioned in the magic summon, the party from the capital city appeared on time outside the Dark Moon City.

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