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Wang Yu - 忘语

Chapter 730: Subduing 2 Beastkins

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Chapter 730: Subduing 2 Beastkins

After just a few seconds, the 2 extended giant arms retracted from the cracks; each hand was grabbing a figure.

And the s.p.a.ce fissures slowly closed back after the giant’s arms retracted.

At a glance, it was Wind Beastkin and Thunder Beastkin, the 2 Celestial State beastkin cultivators, who were in the hands of the giant puppet.

The 2 were held tightly by the giant golden puppet; their faces were full of shock.

Liu Ming was shocked. Even in Middle Sky Continent, Celestial State’s cultivator was the most top-notch existence. In Taiqing Sect, there were only some grand elders that had such cultivations.

Although the Southern Puppet Emperor was a might powerhouse in the Mystic Comprehending State world, she was only a remnant soul. How could she catch the 2 beastkins with just a simple move? Wasn’t she too overpowered?

At this moment, Thunder Beastkin, who was caught by the giant golden puppet, suddenly yelled. Purple lightning flashed on his body, and a huge purple phantasm appeared behind him.

Seeing this, the Sand Clan people below suddenly burst into commotion.

“The phantasm aspect of the Celestial State cultivator!” Liu Ming’s eyes were full of wonder seeing this.

Once one’s cultivation broke through to the Real Pellet State and condensed his soul into the primordial spirit, he could reach the Celestial State. At this level, one could combine one’s spiritual power and primordial spirit into 1 and condense into an aspect.

As everyone’s cultivation methods were different, the aspects they got would also be different.

Liu Ming had also seen Thunder Beastkin’s aspect power, but only now had he fully seen the true face of this Thunder Beastkin’s aspect.

Although this Thunder Beastkin’s aspect was a bit blurry, a giant wrapped in purple lightning could still faintly be seen. It was stepping on a purple cloud and wearing a robe made of lightning.

The strangest thing was that this phantasm aspect had 4 arms, and its face was not a human face, but a s.h.a.ggy ape face.

With Thunder Beastkin’s loud shout, the purple phantasm aspect grabbed with a big hand, bursting out waves of purple lightning at the hand of the giant golden puppet.

The Wind Beastkin on the other side also released his own aspect. It was a huge monster with a bird head and human body that was wrapped in hurricanes. Not only was it clearer than Thunder Beastkin’s aspect, but its momentum was also greater than Thunder Beastkin’s aspect. It launched green wind blades at the giant golden hand.

Although these 2 beastkins were physically restrained, their aspects could still launch overwhelming attacks.

Although Liu Ming was standing on the ground, he could still feel waves of energy that were spreading from mid-air.

It was a pity that no matter how the 2 beastkins attacked, the huge arms that grabbed their bodies still retracted steadily. The 2 Celestial State aspects didn’t do any damage to the giant golden puppet at all.

“This is… a Mystic Comprehending State puppet!” As the golden arms retracted, Thunder Beastkin was shocked. He looked at the huge golden puppet in front of him in disbelief and shouted in shock.

Wind Beastkin’s eyes flickered, seeming to realize something, as he asked in horror,

“Senior, could it be that you are…”

“Yes, I’m the Southern Puppet Emperor!” Qing Ling said lightly without talking nonsense.

Wind Beastkin and Thunder Beastkin were both incredibly shocked.

The attacks of the aspects also stopped at the same time.

Thunder Beastkin quickly saw Liu Ming standing beside the giant golden puppet. His face looked ferocious, but he didn’t dare to do anything.

Liu Ming looked calm.

“You 2 broke into my s.p.a.ce treasure without permission to loot my treasures right? Now you have 2 choices, surrender to me or die!” Qing Ling said with a blank face.

As soon as she finished her sentence, the giant hands grabbing the 2 beastkins suddenly tightened slightly, and a burst of golden light was emitted.

Wind Beastkin and Thunder Beastkin snorted and spat out a mouthful of blood; the phantasm aspect on them disappeared directly under the golden light.

Thunder Beastkin was shocked.

The golden giant puppet was absolutely at the strength of the Mystic Comprehending State world. It could easily crush them together with their primordial spirits.

Wind Beastkin’s face was also extremely unsightly.

Although beastkins respected the powerhouse, both of them were the kings who had ruled the southern wilderness for hundreds of years. They wouldn’t surrender to someone so easily. Especially Wind Beastkin who was 1 step away from reaching the Mystic Comprehending State, his own pride couldn’t accept surrendering to a puppet.

Seeing this, Qing Ling smiled coldly. Regardless of the 2 beastkins’ reply, she suddenly chanted a few mysterious spells in a low voice, then she spat out 2 black rays that wrapped the blood of the 2 beastkins.

The blood was immediately absorbed by the black rays, turning into 2 black-red b.a.l.l.s. After flashing, the black-red b.a.l.l.s disappeared into their foreheads.

At this moment, the 2 beastkins who were restricted could only look at the light ball going into their heads; an extreme coldness penetrated into their sea of consciousness.

“This is my Split Demon Puppet Enchantment. From now on, you two will follow me.” Qing Ling chuckled and released the 2 giant palms, letting go of them.

The 2 Celestial State beastkins immediately made a gesture to stabilize their bodies after recovering their mobility.

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The 2 seemed to feel that the spiritual power in their bodies was still working fine. After exchanging a glance, they escaped in 2 different directions.

“My master, please forgive me. This misunderstanding is only because the master’s appearance is not very consistent with what is circulated in our clan. We are willing to make a blood oath to follow master forever.” The Sand Clan great elder said respectfully.

“Okay, very good. Get up, you are the descendants of my subordinates, you can call me Lord directly from now on.” The giant golden puppet looked eased, and it said with a chuckle.

She felt very relieved at the moment. Compared with the rebellious spiritual puppet, these Sand Clan descendants were much more reliable and loyal.

“As my Lord commands.” Sand Clan everyone responded, bowed, and then stood up.

“Congratulate senior for retaking the s.p.a.ce treasure, and you also take in 2 capable men.” Liu Ming calmed down, stepped forward to congratulate, and at the same time glanced sideways at Thunder Beastkin.

Hearing this, blue veins burst out on Lie Zhentian’s forehead. He was obviously very angry, but he didn’t dare to say anything, so he bowed his head and said nothing.

“Well, I won’t forget about the reward I promised to you!” Qing Ling was in a good mood at the moment. She spat out a black light at Liu Ming.

In the black light, a dark book could be vaguely seen.

Seeing this, Liu Ming hurriedly reached out and took it.

“This is the first 10 levels of the h.e.l.l Bone Secret. You study this technique well. Maybe I will need your help in the future.” Before Liu Ming could say thank you, Qing Ling’s voice came in his ears.

Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words; he didn’t understand the meaning of the words, but Qing Ling had already turned around now.

“Eh… little girl, you have a weird physique. It shouldn’t be a pure Sand Clan bloodline.” The giant puppet turned its gaze on Sha Chuer’, then it made a confused sound.

“Lord is right. My father is indeed not from the Sand Clan, but an outsider.” Sha Chuer stepped forward and said respectfully.

“En, I see that your talents are good and your cultivation is not low, so I grant you the position of the Saintess of the Sand Clan and I will also accept you as a write-in disciple (meaning she still isn’t qualified to be an official disciple).” Qing Ling said this after a little thought.

Sha Chuer was startled at first, but she immediately prayed with joy,

“It’s Chuer’s blessing to be able to become Lord’s disciple.”

Seeing this, the Sand Clan people at the scene looked at Sha Chuer with fiery and envious eyes.

It was obviously a great opportunity to be accepted as a disciple by a Mystic Comprehending State, even if it was only a write-in disciple.

TL: She will need Liu Ming’s help? Is she planning to go to the deepest underworld?

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