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Wang Yu - 忘语

Chapter 729: Qing Ling

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Chapter 729: Qing Ling

It didn’t take long for a wave of awe-inspiring spiritual pressure to spread from the girl puppet to the surroundings, causing ripples in the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The girl’s puppet’s pet.i.te body began to metamorph in the dazzling golden light. The hands, feet, body, and head grew larger in an instant. In the blink of an eye, she became a 199 meters tall giant puppet that emitted a golden radiance.

Liu Ming’s face turned pale facing the surging spiritual pressure. He staggered back in the air, then a great pressure pressed on his shoulders, making his bones creak. He knelt down directly.

But the next moment, he let out a m.u.f.fled groan, but he stood up again relying on his strong body. However, this almost made him vomited blood.


A soft golden light fell from above, covering his body.

Liu Ming was surprised to find that under the pale golden light, his internal and external physical injuries had recovered rapidly. Within a few breaths, his physical injuries had almost been restored.

“Thank you senior!”

Liu Ming moved his arms, raised his head in exhilaration, and bowed to the giant golden Puppet in front.

“I punish and reward fairly. That spiritual puppet betrayed me, I have to get rid of it of course. You helped me, I of course won’t forget about your merit. Also, my name is Qing Ling. Remember that.” After the Southern Puppet Emperor turned into a golden giant, her voice seemed to have matured a lot, but it was still a woman’s voice.

After the golden giant finished speaking, with a wave of its arms, a thunderous sound came from the ruins below.

The earth began to shake violently!

After a while, Liu Ming was surprised to find that the originally hard and rough black sand under his feet had gradually become soft, and the black sand had slowly turned into black soil.

Then, dense giant trees and vines emerged from the black soil like bamboo shoots growing after rain; the growth speed was magnificent. In the blink of an eye, the entire ruins were surrounded by a dense and prosperous forest.

This was not over yet. The endless black desert outside the ruins also had countless green trees and various kinds of plants popping out, spreading out toward the distance.

At the same time, after a burst of rumbling noise, the ground sank and water flowed out, turning into rivers that circulated in the forest.

Liu Ming stared at the world-shaking changes in front of him with a stunned look. The awe in his heart lingered for a long time.

It was not difficult to grow a forest in a barren land, a Crystallization Period cultivator like him could do it with a little effort.

However, what Southern Puppet Emperor did was significantly different.

Not only did she instantly turn the entire barren and desolate Odd Desert into a vibrant, lush paradise, but the spirit in the air also quickly filled up.

Obviously, only a powerful person who had reached the realm of Mystic Comprehending State could realize this kind of great power that could create a new world.

At this moment, the giant golden puppet stopped its hands, looked around and nodded in satisfaction, then it suddenly grabbed in a certain direction.

There was a sudden wave of fluctuations in that s.p.a.ce!

The next moment, a few acres of yellow clouds flashed and quickly landed on the open s.p.a.ce not far in front. As soon as the yellow light faded, those Sand Clan people who were supposed to stay in Shaman City appeared here out of thin air; the Sand Clan great elder was among them.

These Sand Clan people obviously didn’t know what happened. At this moment, except for the elders of the clan, who were slightly calm, most of the others were a little panicked.

“Wh… what happened?”

“Where is this place!”

“Why are we here?”

“This …This is the Holy Land!” Finally, someone finally recognized the place and said, causing a commotion among the Sand Clan people. Some even knelt down and kept praying.

After that, they quickly noticed the changes in the surrounding ruins and the huge golden puppets in the sky, and they were dumbfounded.

At this time, Elder Sand Clan and the other elders looked at each other.

At the same time, Liu Ming’s pupils contracted. A golden light flashed behind the crowd, and a familiar and graceful figure came into his vision. It was Sha Chuer who came here with him.

Although this woman was not as panicked as the other Sand Clan people, her face was also full of incredible expression, she was pushing away the crowd and walking in the direction of the great elder.

“Chuer, what happened here in the Holy Land?” Sand Clan great elder saw Sha Chuer coming, looked back at the giant golden puppet and asked in a deep voice.

After Sha Chuer glanced at the giant golden puppet, she glanced at Liu Ming who was in between the Sand Clan people and the giant golden puppet with her mouth opened slightly.

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She was obviously confused after being knocked out by a puppet.

These thousands of puppets of different shapes suddenly stopped at the same time, and they crouched on the ground motionlessly.

This scene stunned all Sand Clan people.

These puppets were praying at the giant golden puppets in the sky.

Only then did Elder Sand Clan understand something, he knelt to the ground at the giant golden puppet in the sky, and said “The Great Emperor” nonstop.

When other Sand Clan people saw this, they followed suit and knelt down to pray.

Seeing this, the giant golden puppet’s eyes flashed, wanting to say something, but then it turned to look at a certain direction and let out a surprise eh,

“Eh, I almost forgot that I still have to deal with these 2 guys.”

As soon as she spoke, she waved in the air with one arm. A faint golden light curtain of 100 meters emerged out of thin air. The image on it was flashing nonstop. A beastkin muscular man in a purple robe and a thin beastkin man in a green robe were trapped in a huge sandstorm.

It was Wind Beastkin and Thunder Beastkin!

At this moment, they looked very unsightly. They were using different skills to resist or evade the sandstorm.

Seeing this Thunder Beastkin’s image, Liu Ming’s face also moved slightly.

“By the way, do you know who they are?” Qing Ling looked down at Liu Ming as she seemed to notice it, and she asked faintly.

“Reporting to senior, that purple beastkin cultivator is the famous beastkin cultivator of the southern wilderness, Thunder Beastkin Lie Zhentian, but I don’t know about the other beastkin in a green robe. When entering this place, I had been hunted by Thunder Beastkin and was forced to hide in the Odd Desert. Thunder Beastkin should have entered here when he was chasing me down. As for why the man in a green robe came in, I really don’t know.” Liu Ming naturally told truthfully.

Although he had vaguely guessed the ident.i.ty of the beastkin cultivator in a green robe through the violent winds he launched, he didn’t want to make a random guess in front of a Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse.

“Oh, great. I currently lack people that I can use. These 2 people really come at the right time.”

After speaking, she opened her mouth, and the pale golden light curtain turned into golden light spots and dissipated, she grabbed in the air with both arms.

There was a m.u.f.fled sound in the s.p.a.ce not far away. 2 huge cracks appeared out of thin air. The giant’s arms enlarged amidst a golden light, and the arms extended into the cracks.

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