Demon’s Diary

Wang Yu - 忘语

Chapter 728: The Emergence of Demon Corpse

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Chapter 728: The Emergence of Demon Corpse

Facing Liu Ming’s charge, the woman in palace costume seemed to be helpless. Her expression was very gloomy. Her body kept emitting some faint lights, making the enchantment under her tremble. It seemed like she was trying to break free from the enchantment.

However, just as Liu Ming came to the side of the 2 flesh puppets, her pupils became b.l.o.o.d.y once again.

“Not good!”

Liu Ming immediately noticed the woman’s abnormality. He immediately turned his body, but it was too late.


As the woman in palace costume said a word coldly, the 2 fleshy puppets on the ground suddenly swelled; their skins split instantly; white lights burst out from them.

Previously, the flesh puppets almost severely injured Liu Ming by exploding their arms. In such a close distance, the power of 2 flesh puppets exploding together could be imagined.

He didn’t think much. He could only channel the remaining spiritual power into the beast armor to protect his upper body desperately. There were even crimsons scales covering a few vital points.

The next moment, 2 loud explosions sounded; 2 white-hot suns emerged in the hall, then the white light spread all around.

“Puff puff puff,” Liu Ming was immediately drowned by the white light. After feeling a sharp pain, his body was pushed back by a huge force.


A figure fell straight down as the white light dispersed, slamming to the ground a hundred meters away.

At the same time, a purple light flashed out of the figure’s hand and pierced into the ground beside.

It was the spirit shattering dagger!

This treasure was forged from some unknown material. It was still intact after taking the explosion damage.

On the other hand, Liu Ming’s clothes had been tattered, and the silver beast armor covering his body was also full of holes and cracks. Wounds and crimson scales could be seen from the holes.


The silver light on Liu Ming’s chest flickered, and the silver beast armor immediately disappeared. It turned back to the small pink octopus that looked dying.

If Liu Ming didn’t defend with the spirit shattering dagger at the last moment, he would really die here.

But at this moment, Liu Ming really couldn’t move.

“Eh, he is still not dead yet? Nevermind, let me end you personally. I haven’t moved my muscles and bones for a long time.” The woman in the palace costume suddenly let out a sullen smile, stood up slowly from the chair and walked toward Liu Ming.

“You…” Liu Ming tried his last bit of strength to raise his head, staring at the woman in palace costume with a surprised expression.

“Don’t be so surprised. Although I’m affected by the power of enchantment, I can still move by using some spiritual power. It’s just that I’m slow. I initially thought it would be easy to deal with a Crystallization Period junior. I didn’t expect you to force me to such an extent. I have to kill you myself now.” The woman in the palace costume said quietly. She still moved her body slowly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, then he became calm.

“Oh, do you have a way to perish together with me?” The woman in green palace costume saw this and paused slightly, then she chuckled slightly.

Liu Ming snorted, and his eyes flickered a few times. Before he could reply, there was a bang from the entrance!

The 2 huge doors seemed to be smashed by a huge force in an instant, and the fragments splashed in all directions. Along with a strong spiritual pressure, a black figure flashed in from the outside of the hall. After another blur, a gust of wind blew past Liu Ming.

The woman in the palace costume who was approaching lost her composure and subconsciously turned around to run.

Liu Ming raised his head with difficulty. Although he only saw a black figure, he was still shocked.

If he saw it correctly, this black figure was the demon corpse of the Celestial State that was taken away by the Southern Puppet Emperor not long ago.

“Junior, you did a good job in buying a lot of time for me. Leave the rest to me now.”

The girl seemed to use some kind of means to transfer her soul from the puppet to this demon corpse!

The demon corpse waved his hand behind without looking back, and the purple dagger in the ground flew into his hand.

“You’re a spiritual puppet made by me. I have always had high hopes on you, but I never expected you to betray me. Today I have to destroy you with my own hands.” After the demon corpse smiled sinisterly, his figure blasted forward in a blur.

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“No, I have my own mind and my strength is no less than you. Why should I listen to you!” After listening to the demon corpse, the woman in palace costume continued to flee backward while trembling. The moment she spoke, she turned around and spouted a green light beam at the demon corpse.

A hint of pain flashed on his face, but it was recovered after a flash of golden light.

After doing all this, the demon corpse slowly turned around and looked at Liu Ming.

At this moment, Liu Ming finally recovered some strength to move. Seeing this situation, he hurriedly struggled to stand up in fear and respectfully cupped his fist,

“Congratulations to senior for getting rid of your mortal enemy.”

“I can get rid of her and regain control of the palace because of your effort too.” The voice of the demon corpse returned calm, and he was looking at Liu Ming with a spurious smile.

“Being able to work for the senior is junior’s fortune.” As Liu Ming looked into his eyes slightly, he immediately lowered his head and said respectfully.

“Hmph, you are quite capable, but why are you so timid? You are really boring!” The demon corpse saw Liu Ming’s expression of fear in his eyes, and he snorted coldly with a hint of displeasure.

Liu Ming felt relieved when he heard the words. He smiled awkwardly without speaking.

The demon corpse lifted up with one hand, and a golden light rose from his hand. After the light faded, the pet.i.te girl puppet was revealed.

The next moment, a ball of golden light emerged from the demon corpse, and the golden light flashed and went into the forehead of the girl puppet.

As the golden light entered the body, the girl puppet opened her eyes suddenly; 2 golden lights of 10 meters shot out from the eyes.

Then the girl changed her gestures and launched symbols at her own chest. A rumbling sound came within her body. Simultaneously, countless golden runes roamed around like snakes, emitting bursts of dazzling golden light.

The golden light on the girl’s body became more and more dazzling, and it gradually flooded, shining the entire hall beautifully, and her thin body slowly floated off the ground, and after a while, she floated in the hall out of thin air. In the midair.

Just as Liu Ming was surprised, the girl in mid-air flashed suddenly and disappeared without a trace.

Liu Ming saw a flash of golden light, then the surrounding scenery became blurred. When he regained his vision, the black palace became a ruined wall.

Liu Ming was shocked. After taking a clear glance, he found that he was above the giant palace. The girl was suspended in the air above him. The runes flowed around her while emitting a dazzling golden light.

TL: Can Liu Ming finally get out of this place now? Btw, where did Sha Chuer go?

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