Death Sutra

Bing Lin Shen Xia - 冰临神下

Chapter 882 - Hunting

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Chapter 882: Hunting Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Jade City belongs to the night.' Both the killers in the stone castle on the mountain and revelers in southern Jade City at the foot of the mountain shared this opinion. 'People who live in northern Jade City on the mountainside and who work during daytime and sleep at night are the real freaks."

Standing on the high boundary wall separating southern and northern Jade City, a man glanced at northern Jade City and felt disgusted. Rich and weak people lived there like cowards, squandering money. When they had nothing left, they would end up being dumped in southern Jade City and eaten by beasts with sharp claws and teeth.

Compet.i.tion was always cruel, and people should risk their lives to partic.i.p.ate in it as early as possible instead of trying to hide from it with illusions.

He then glanced at southern Jade City, quietly savoring the pleasure of superiority over all those people. For him, those numerous casinos, brothels and taverns were merely bait that served the sole purpose of luring over fat prey from all places.

Southern Jade City was a hunting ground and the most exciting thing was that he was not the only hunter.

n.o.body made a cuter couple than someone killing and someone being killed. At the thought of the fact that there might be someone staring at him from the dark, he became extremely excited.

For prey which was unaware of the hunter's presence, there was no order in killing. Like tiredness, death usually happened to someone inexplicably.

In the eyes of always vigilant hunters, things were quite the opposite. They felt that the chaotic southern Jade City was in exceptional orderliness. Different hunters prefer different areas and different routes.

Newcomers would often choose streets and alleys where there were a lot of taverns. People coming out of those taverns were limp and stupefied. Usually, they either hurriedly went to casinos to try their luck or brothels to seek pleasure. They were the easiest prey and more than enough to offer a newcomer a satisfying first kill.

He had pa.s.sed this phase a long time ago.

A more experienced killer would choose Retention Alley or a large casino. In this city where the strong preyed on the weak, those with the best kung fu skills also got rich the easiest. They were eager to squander their money by sleeping with women who charged the highest price and gambling with the highest stakes. There were always groups of people with greedy eyes around them, hoping to get a piece of the pie.

It was rather difficult to someone of this kind. A small mistake would lead to failure and the would end up becoming a tread-stone of some famous sabersman. But if the would also get a greater satisfaction if the was successful.

He had pa.s.sed this phase a month ago.

Smart would gain extremely sharp eyes during this process and lose interest in defenseless prey. Normally, they would transfer to hunting in the sabersmen villages on the periphery of the city.

These villages were full of people from all kinds of backgrounds. There were failed sabersmen, mediocre sabersmen, ignorant sabersmen, and also newly arrived sabersmen. Occasionally, there would be a true sabersman among them. This kind of sabersman still maintained his self-control and vigilance. He never too drank much, and women only caught his attention when his s.e.xual needs got intense. No matter where he was, one of his hands was always ready to whip his saber out.

The capability of a sabersman of this kind was in-between that of prey and that of a hunter. With a mere change in his mindset, he might switch ident.i.ties from prey to that of a hunter. A successful of a sabersman of this kind was not only a success but also a kind of glory.

He, who was standing on the boundary wall, had just finished this phase. He disdained his compet.i.tors. These cowards had entered sabersmen villages, but the only people they dared to were alcoholics who were leaning against walls and vomiting. They drastically degraded as hunters.

Tonight, he changed his hunting ground again, now planning to other hunters like himself.

Ordinary prey could no longer make him feel excited.

This was a brand new phase. He could feel the nervousness and excitement that he had once felt on his first hunt by merely standing in this area.

It was still too early, so he waited patiently for some other hunters to pa.s.s by after conducting their b.l.o.o.d.y Meanwhile, he allowed himself to spare some attention to imagine the final phase of this

There was a group of brutal G.o.ds living in this hunting ground. They made the rules and manipulated people's destinies. Mortal human beings were like lambs, these G.o.ds were like magnificent hawks living on the top of a cliff, and the hunters were like a flock of venomous snakes that were quietly climbing the cliff, whose final goal was to devour those G.o.dly hawks.

Sabers and swords, courtyard walls, bodyguards; the stone castle and the surrounding armies were like cliffs, each higher than the previous one. However, they did have a height, and the snakes that had already finished half of their journey wouldn't ever stop. For their stomach, mortals' bones and flesh were already digested and could no longer satiate its ever-growing appet.i.te.

It wanted to devour G.o.ds. It wanted to become a G.o.d.

He slowly crouched down on top of the wall. Before becoming a G.o.d, the venomous snake still had to hide in the dark.

A carriage rattled through those cluttered streets and alleys in southern Jade City, progressing straight towards northern Jade City. The clatter of horse hoofs was drowned out by apoplectic noises, but he, who was lying prostrate on the boundary wall, could hear the clatter distinctly.

The gate of the only pa.s.sage connecting southern and northern Jade City had been closed for a long time. Those who were able to enter northern Jade City under these circ.u.mstances must be people of high status - people like "G.o.ds." They were also excellent bait that could lure other hunters.

He was not the only venomous snake that was climbing upwards. Other hunters' levels were also gradually rising. This was the real reason why the frequency of had been slowly lowering. It had nothing to do at all with the armies stationed outside the city.

For this moment, he had already been observing for several nights, and he was positive that a highly skilled compet.i.tor would make their move on the border between southern Jade City and northern Jade City. He hadn't caught sight of this compet.i.tor yet, not even a vague outline in the darkness, but he was absolutely sure of this person's existence.

The carriage was driving on the border bridge and it didn't slow down at all. The gate guards clearly had been informed in advance that an honored guest would come to the gate at midnight, so they opened the gate and stood respectfully on both sides of the road. They didn't dare to check the security pa.s.s of the pa.s.senger.

Compared to war, how negligible an was! There was neither deafening drumbeats nor valiant yelling; there was no dust filling the air or b.l.o.o.d.y carnage. And it would never last from dawn until dark. An happened in the twinkling of an eye. It gave the target no time to prepare, and neither did it gave onlookers any impression. The glory in it was usually acknowledged afterwards.

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'But a great can also bring about great impact.' On the border wall, this was his last idle thought. And then, he removed all thought from his mind, leaving only a ruthless killing intent. Concentrating was the right thing to do for pract.i.tioners of any profession.

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