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418 Do You Know What An Unrivaled Swordsman Ia?

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Tian Du City.Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

Lu Ming looked at a certain live stream studio speechlessly.

Qiu Shuyi!

He could not believe… that she was really live streaming!


Lu Ming sighed.

"How is it?"

Qiu Shuyi jumped excitedly. "Am I wonderful?"


Lu Ming could not help rolling his eyes. He then sighed deeply. "Senior, why did you start live streaming?"

"Because this is better."

Qiu Shuyi said happily, "I don't lack money or time. I just want some favors and help from other people.

"But I'm not very skilled at interacting with people.

"So… Hmm…

"Live streaming is more suitable for me."

She had calculated it.

Live streaming was very worth it.

In this era, many a.s.sociations used advertis.e.m.e.nts but they might be ineffective!

And live streaming…

It was very useful!

Especially since she was a grandmaster!

If she could guide some of these people, this was a huge favor! Instead of helping one genius improve, she might as well cover all the geniuses in the world!

Well, she would have many students all over the world then!


Videos of the live stream could be saved!

She had seen how it worked. Everything that she said could be replayed. In that case, many more people would benefit from it and it was better for her.

"I understand now."

Lu Ming realized something.

Senior Qiu Shuyi still had some social anxiety!

Or perhaps, she did not know how to interact with other people.

She wanted to interact with those geniuses because she wanted to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with their parents. How was she going to guide them? What if the geniuses were scoundrels? What if they were disobedient?

These were problems that could come up!

Not giving good guidance was also an issue.

For Senior Qiu who had this phobia since she was a child, this would be a disaster! In addition, given Senior Qiu's special status and almost perfect body proportions…

If she were to teach male students…

He was afraid that some problems would arise.

Therefore, live streaming was the most simple way.

"I'm giving it a try for now."

Qiu Shuyi felt somewhat shy. "I have to take social interaction one step at a time."

"I understand now."

Lu Ming was very understanding. "However, if that's the case… there may be greater problems involved…"

Qiu Shuyi did not really understand.

She was just doing a live stream. Why would there be greater problems?

"You will know very soon."

Lu Ming felt very helpless.

As a Swordsman, hadn't Senior Qiu thought of the population size of Swordsmen? It was small not only because of talent but also its difficulty!

It was difficult to join the vocation!

It was difficult to break through!

It was difficult to cultivate!

This was because all the resources were in various legacies!

This was because the Swordsmen were extremely protective of their own abilities!!!

They placed too much importance on legacy and even had a complete legacy channel and method. Therefore, any new way of entering the scene would receive a strong backlas.h.!.+

Free of charge?

It was not going to be that easy!

Senior Qiu…

She was more naive than he had imagined!


Lu Ming was suddenly excited. Since Senior was that naive, did it mean that he could easily… fool her into joining the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation?!


That did not seem to be possible either.

At this very moment…

In the Qiu Shuyi live stream.

Some people entered curiously.

Although Qiu Shuyi had introduced herself as a grandmaster, not many people would notice Qiu Shuyi amongst the millions of live streamers. After all, there were many people who were sailing under false colors. Even if one were to search the keyword 'grandmaster' with the search engine, there would be a few thousand live streamer records!

Nevertheless, it was fine. Almost everyone who entered remained in the session.


"I can't believe that this is the real grandmaster!

"Unrivaled Swordsman… I seem to have heard grandpa talking about her before! This is a true grandmaster!!"

People were stunned.


They also did not expect that a grandmaster would be live streaming!

Live streaming was a new vocation!

With the advancement in information technology, live streaming was very common nowadays and the youngsters loved it. However, the older generation of cultivators did not really understand it.

A live stream?


Was it something related to demon conjuring?


Live streamers were mainly youngsters and low level cultivators. To everyone's surprise, they encountered a grandmaster on that small live streaming platform! Her popularity increased at lighting speed and through word of mouth. A huge number of cultivators came to watch this legendary figure!

Her live streaming session became popular.

"Sister, Sister, are you really a seven-star?"


"Ah? Are you those who make up t.i.tles…"

"Sister is an eight-star~"


These little girls could not believe that this beautiful sister was actually a legendary grandmaster. She was that formidable!

"Senior, how can I marry you!"

"Senior, you're very beautiful!"

"Senior, I must marry you when I grow up!"

These were some young boys who had fallen in love with Qiu Shuyi's looks and figure.

"Senior, how do I obtain a seven-star breakthrough?"

"Senior, why is a seven-star that formidable?"


This was a peak six-star cultivator.

They had been stuck at this level for too long… even for life!


Was a breakthrough that easy?

Everyone attained a breakthrough during life and death situations.

They tried all possible ways and means but could not break through. When they visited and inquired with the seven-stars, not many of the seven-stars were truly willing to guide them.

And now…

Qiu Shuyi appeared.

She conducted the live stream with a gentle demeanor and tried her best to answer their questions.

She loved this feeling very much.


Although she felt very lazy to go out and communicate with other people, there was the internet and a screen separating them now. She could not see the person and could only see the words.

She loved this way of communication.

Ah, she was a homebody, indeed.

On the first day of her live stream, Qiu Shuyi was very excited and she replied to these people very seriously.

"What is seven-star?"

"What will a seven-star encounter during a breakthrough?"

"The common problems faced by a seven-star during breakthroughs."

"Seven-star people and things…"

"The world for seven-star and beyond…"

Wait a minute.

The next day.

There was shocking and terrifying news.

A certain cultivator watched Qiu Shuyi's late night live stream and had attained enlightenment. He went into seclusion immediately, spent one night there and successfully broke through to seven-star!!!

This rocked the world!

Even Qiu Shuyi was taken aback!

Someone achieved a breakthrough just like that?

In fact, this was a very common thing.

Too many people were stuck at peak six-star. They were only a step away from seven-star and yet, could never enter that level. Qiu Shuyi's words might have a huge impact on them.


A peak six-star Swordsman knelt in front of a seven-star Swordsman and was prepared to become a disciple.

He knew that this was his only chance!

As a peak six-star, he had already tried all ways and means over many years to attain seven-star but to no avail. He could only seek help from a true seven-star!

He was not too old! He had just reached 50 years old.

In this era, this was also considered the prime of his life. However, he could not afford to wait!

And the price he was going to pay… was a life-time of service!

It was true.

Why would a high and mighty seven-star big shot give you pointers?

It would be possible only if one was willing to cast their face and dignity aside and plead and kowtow with them. They would then give you a couple of pointers! This kind of chance…

It was one that had to be begged for!

There were too many peak six-stars who did not even have a chance to meet seven-stars!

This was the truth!


He took a deep breath and just as he wanted to bow to show his respects, he suddenly received a message and a piece of shocking information — Qiu Shuyi had begun live streaming!

An eight-star grandmaster was teaching online!

He instinctively opened it and saw the night before's video as well as Senior Qiu Shuyi's gentle answers to the questions. She was imparting her experience and knowledge patiently!


It turned out that…

This was a seven-star!

This was actually the reason that he could not attain a breakthrough…

In his muddle-headed state.

He seemed to be enlightened.

"Why aren't you kneeling?" the seven-star elder in front of him said impatiently.

"Sorry, Senior.

"I am not qualified to be your disciple. I'll leave now."

He left respectfully.

He left?

That seven-star elder sneered. Is it because of the pitiful dignity again?

That was ridiculous!

How was he qualified to become a grandmaster with such a mindset?! Many years ago, I also served someone for 30 years and was relieved of my burden only after that person died!

Why couldn't you do it?!


"Youngsters nowadays…"

The elder shook his head. "They can't endure any suffering."


At this moment.

His wristband vibrated and he was instantly shocked when he saw the news.

Give lessons?



A live stream?

"What is she trying to do?!"

The elder was furious.


This was a very special status!

It was high and mighty.

It represented the level above seven-star and a ceiling that ordinary people could not reach. Normally, ordinary people did not dare to talk about it much.

This was because this was a grandmaster!

This was because they had to maintain their dignity and respect!

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And now…

"Did I really affect the vocation?"

Qiu Shuyi was puzzled.

Lu Ming shook his head. "You're not in the wrong."

Qiu Shuyi was not the one in the wrong. Those decadent and stubborn Swordsmen were the ones in the wrong!

They were not willing to accept this new era and continued to adopt outdated and old thinking to pa.s.s down the Swordsman legacies. This was the greatest harm for the Swordsmen vocation!

"That's good."

Qiu Shuyi felt very satisfied.


"So you want to come to the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation to avoid this?"

Lu Ming suggested.

Although they were not as formidable as those Swordsmen, the a.s.sociation was closer to the police building! If they could not beat them, they could always seek the police's help!

There was a gasp.


A deafening sound could be heard from Qiu Shuyi's side.

Those people…

They were there!


Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

"It's okay."

Qiu Shuyi did not seem bothered.

"Lu Ming.

"Do you know why I'm the unrivaled Swordsman?"

Qiu Shuyi suddenly asked.

"No, I don't know."

Lu Ming shook his head.

He had always thought that unrivaled Swordsman was a form of nickname given to someone with unrivaled beauty and talent. It was to express that the person was very amazing. It seemed that… this was not the case?

"It's very simple."

Qiu Shuyi smiled faintly. "Because I killed all the genius Swordsmen in my cohort."

Upon finis.h.i.+ng her words…

Qiu Shuyi transformed into a beam of light and disappeared.




He could vaguely see sword gleams flas.h.i.+ng on the screen.

Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

He knew that Senior Qiu was very formidable. If it was a duel, he would never be worried.

The problem was…

How many people had come this time?

At this very moment…


Sword gleams rose into the sky.

One by one, people were dodging them.

Two seven-star Elementalists looked afar.

"The consequences of challenging a social system…" an Elementalist said with a low voice.

How could it be that easy to challenge the resource sharing system of the Swordsman vocation that had a strong foundation?

Free of charge?

She was courting death!

She was trying to shatter the Swordsman legacy system!


"Chief Qiu said we have to save his niece if anything major really happens, " he said with a low voice.


To his surprise, his companion was staring at the sword gleam for a long time.

"What's the matter?"

He was slightly worried.

"It's nothing."

"Perhaps we don't even need to take action," his companion said calmly.

"How was that possible?"

The seven-star Elementalist felt that this was ludicrous. "Didn't you see the number of people who came?!"

"I saw that.


His companion shook his head and looked afar with a deep and profound gaze. "Do you know something? I was once… a Swordsman."


The Elementalist looked dumbstruck.


He was silent.

It was true.

He was once a Swordsman.

He was a genius Swordsman in the same era as Qiu Shuyi!


He did not gather enough courage to fight with Qiu Shuyi. The day before Qiu Shuyi came knocking on his door to challenge him, he chose to switch vocation! He even switched to a totally different vocation!

He had also reached seven-star now.

However, he was very sure that from the moment that he retreated onwards, he would not have the courage to fight Qiu Shuyi ever again!

Qiu Shuyi…

She was the genius Swordsman of his time!

She was the one and only!!

Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

Lu Ming had been staring at the screen which had not been switched off worriedly. He could only see the sword gleams.

After a long while…

Qiu Shuyi returned and her body was full of blood stains.


Lu Ming's heart skipped a beat.


Qiu Shuyi's expression was calm. "There are nine fewer grandmasters in his world."

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