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416 This Rubbish Card Of Yours, I'm Dying Of Laughter.

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Tian Du City.Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

Lu Ming wore an austere expression. He had never looked that grave.


This card could actually meltdown time!


A legendary, ultimate power!

"What did you see?"

Lu Ming said in a low voice.

"What did I see?"

Xiao-Xiaojian was dumbstruck.

"Time," Lu Ming hinted.

"What happened to the time?"

Xiao-Xiaojian was puzzled.

Lu Ming was speechless. "One second has pa.s.sed."


Xiao-Xiaojian looked at Lu Ming as if he was an idiot. "Scientifically, each time one second goes by, the stopwatch on the electronic clock moves forward by one second."

Lu Ming was speechless.

After a long while…

He suppressed his strong urge to beat someone up. "Do you feel like dying?"

"I really didn't see anything."

Xiao-Xiaojian felt innocent.

Time pa.s.sed by one second. Isn't that normal?!

When you raise your hand, one second pa.s.ses! Don't tell me that it stopped moving because you cast your ability?

That's ridiculous.

Lu Ming was speechless.

It seemed that testing in this way was not very intuitive.


Lu Ming gave it a special demonstration. Upholding a serious att.i.tude during experiments, he adjusted the resolution of the stopwatch to 0.01 seconds and they could clearly see the changes in time on the display now.


Come on!


Green lights flashed.

This time, Lu Ming could clearly see that the two digits beyond the second did not move, whereas the single digit displaying the second had certainly moved by one second!

It was true.

The time had pa.s.sed by one second!

"Did you see that now?"

Lu Ming was very emotional.

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent.

Moments later.

It switched on the communication device. "Xiaobai, come here. Your master's brains are leaking…"

"Get lost!"

Lu Ming kicked it out.

"You are the ones with leaky brains!" Lu Ming said unhappily.

"Your brains are not damaged?"

Xiao-Xiaojian sighed. "Where is the change in time? The time only pa.s.sed by one second but when you cast the ability, you also took one second!"

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.

Something was not right.

He had already ruled out all of this!

He had clearly seen the time moving by one second without any warning…

"Wait a minute…"

Lu Ming suddenly realized what happened.

"You really didn't see any problem earlier?"

Lu Ming looked solemn.

"Of course.

Xiao-Xiaojian was certain.

"I understand now."

Lu Ming pondered deeply.

In other words, other people could not see the effect of the card? No. It was more like the card only worked on him! The change would only apply to him!

That was right.

If Xiao-Xiaojian could sense it, this card would be able to change the entire world!

This was impossible!

At the very least…

Not at this stage!


If the changes were to apply to him only, if he could strip one second off his target…

"Help me take a video."

Lu Ming looked serious.


Xiao-Xiaojian aimed the camera lens at Lu Ming.


Lu Ming tried casting the new card again.


Green lights flashed.

Time pa.s.sed by one second again.


He played the video filmed by Xiao-Xiaojian and was shocked to discover that during the one second that had pa.s.sed, he had not moved at all!

It was true.

He was still maintaining his earlier position…

It was no wonder Xiao-Xiaojian could not tell what happened!

"What exactly did you see?"

Xiao-Xiaojian was also filled with suspicions.

"Come and try it yourself," Lu Ming said with a low voice.


He aimed the card at Xiao-Xiaojian this time.


Lights flashed.

This time, Xiao-Xiaojian also saw that unbelievable scene. It witnessed the change in numbers on that clock and was instantly stunned!

This card…

The man and the card looked at each other and said simultaneously, "What an amazing card!/ What a rubbish card!"


The man and the card looked at each other, speechless.


Lu Ming was doubtful.

How is this card rubbish when it can change the time!


Xiao-Xiaojian felt even more doubtful.

How could this weak card be considered amazing!

"It affected the time!"

Lu Ming was still stunned.


Xiao-Xiaojian was feeling contemptuous.

What kind of card is this?

A threatening card!

It might seem amazing. Look, it can influence time. However, when one takes a closer look at it… Hahahaha, tell me how useful it is?

The only function of this card is to make the time pa.s.s by one second for the target!

That is all.

What is the use of this?

What can it do?!


Wait a minute.

If this card was given to Xiaobai for her use…

Xiao-Xiaojian was tempted.

Recently, it had been tortured by Miss Xiaobai… It wholeheartedly wanted to apologize but could not find a chance. Now, its opportunity had come?!

If that card can change time…

He can create tons of it to make Xiaobai grow up faster?


This is a win-win situation for everyone!


"Let's test the logic of the card."

Xiao-Xiaojian was very excited.

Lu Ming cast a ridiculous look at Xiao-Xiaojian, who was suddenly excited.

Forget it.

He would test it.

One second…

He had some thoughts about that.

Especially, when he saw the video earlier, he wanted to know the principles of achieving that effect and the impact that it would cause!

For example…

If he were to skip a second in his life? What were the things that he would miss?

If he were to be attacked during this second…

Would he be invincible?!

Lu Ming felt thrilled at the thought of it. If he were to travel forward in time by one second…

And if he was invincible during this one second…

"Come here."

"I'll try it again."

Lu Ming said with a low voice, "This time, you will strike at me the moment I cast the card. When the timer starts ticking, strike me within this one second."


Xiao-Xiaojian suddenly felt very excited.

Every dog has its day!

This was his opportunity for revenge!


Lu Ming took a glance at it. "If you continue to be that excited, I'm going to experiment with you."

Cough, cough.

Xiao-Xiaojian's expression froze. "I-I didn't. Hehe. Come. Tell me, where do I hit you? How severe? Like Zhang Yang?"

Lu Ming was expressionless.


He wanted to personally experience the effect of this card. Therefore, he did not bother about his card.

Very soon…

The testing began.


Lights and shadow flashed.

One second pa.s.sed again.

When Lu Ming came to his senses, he was shocked to realize that he was already on the wall…


There was a deafening sound.

Lu Ming was smashed into the wall on the spot.


Trembling, a certain spirit body retracted its energy. It felt fabulous!

Lu Ming dug himself out of the wall quietly.

He would deal with Xiao-Xiaojian later. He picked up the video and took a closer look at it. Just as he cast the card, Xiao-Xiaojian began to attack him.


He was flung out.


He was blasted into the wall.



He looked at the markings on his body. This was left behind by Xiao-Xiaojian's attack. This meant that he had been injured during that one second!

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d.a.m.n it! The so-called time travel was fake!

Lu Ming sighed. "This is a special period…"


Xiao-Xiaojian circled in the corner.


It was being arrogant.

Lu Ming was helpless.

Looking at the card in his hands, he was lost in his thoughts.

The disappearance of consciousness caused the person to be in an odd and intriguing state. The body could sense the loss of the consciousness and it was motionless!

This was a very intriguing situation.


One could even treat the function of the card as the stopping of time!

A false state of the time coming to a standstill!

Of course.

As to where that one second went…

No one knew.

That afternoon.

Lu Ming tested this card very seriously.

In theory, although this card could cause time to stop for one second, this was ultimately a four-star card. Were there really no other problems?

A four-star!

It was feasible.


It was feasible.


The duration of one second had been shortened to 0.6 seconds. This was when it was cast on the beginner six-star disciples of the a.s.sociation. The timing had already been shortened by 40%!


What about on intermediate six-stars?

0.3 second!

What about the advanced six-star?

0.1 second!

As for those of a higher-level…


There was no need to continue with the testing.

It was simply ineffective given Lu Ming's current ability!


In other words, in essence, the effect of this card was corresponding to the gap in levels between Lu Ming and the enemy!

Lu Ming's energy was only at the beginner five-star level!

Therefore, the card could not unleash much effect when facing opponents with a higher energy quality level.

"It is such a pity."

Lu Ming was full of regret.

It would be great if it could be cast unconditionally.

Think about it. He could cast this card when he encountered Yan Suya and when she was releasing the Purgatory Realm…


"What are you thinking of?"

Xiao-Xiaojian looked at the sudden smile that emerged on Lu Ming's face.

"Cough, cough. A strategy against the opponent."

Lu Ming coughed. "This card is ineffective when facing peak six-stars…"


Xiao-Xiaojian was contemptuous.

You're a beginner five-star and you want to use a four-star card to beat peak six-star…

Wishful thinking.


After an entire afternoon of testing, they had obtained clarity about the function of the card.

Standard Time: One second.

The stronger the opponent, the weaker the effect.

The lines of the card were very complex and contained a number of patterns. There was no variable parameter for the one second. Therefore, Lu Ming could not find ways to modify it.

Lamination did not work and the duration was still one second.

If he wanted to cast it many times, he could only cast it one by one!


Even if he were to cast the card instantly, it would take about 0.1 second to reach the target. This meant that… when it faced an advanced peak and above…

But it was useless.

Even lamination did not work!

In order to unleash its prowess, Lu Ming might have to reach six-star!

Of course.

It was not completely useless.

Even when the consciousness disappeared, the body as well as energy in the body was still present. After Lu Ming's testing, this card was still useful in some situations!

For example…

When Elementalists cast their ability!

As everyone knows, a wizard needs to chant his spell when casting a huge move!

For our lovely Elementalist, the more powerful he was, the more time he would need to cast the move. If he were to cast this card when the Elementalist was condensing energy…


Can you guess what will happen?

Be it one second or 0.1 second, anyway…

There was a huge possibility that his move would fail!

As such…

Lu Ming affectionately named his card the Interruption Card.

There was no reading ability that one Interruption Card could not solve. If there was, he could use two cards.

From a certain perspective, this was a jinx card for Elementalists in truest sense!!! It was a card that could beat all the Elementalists into calling him 'father'!

Of course.

Having gone through the last experience…

Lu Ming kept a low profile and hid this card in his card bag.

He was keeping his contribution and fame secret.

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