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Chapter 99

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The little fat cub who was still thrown a tantrum just now became obedient after being coaxed. He no longer fluttered his wings in a struggling manner, and did not make a cry of resistance, which was completely different from his state a minute or two ago.

It was rare to see this cub in his arms being so well-behaved. The caretaker who took care of this Kuhti cub just looked down and was too relieved. He stared blankly at the cub squatting in his arms. The light red cub, in less than ten seconds, was fluttering his wings, flew into the arms of the youth in front of him.

Flew back again.

Not only the caretaker, but other people who watched this scene nearby also felt very surprised. The air in the room suddenly became quiet for a few seconds.

To this Kuhti cub, the youth should be a stranger no matter what, but this cub actually took the initiative to fly towards the other side.

Xie Luan did not expect this development but bowed his head to meet the little fat cub squatting in his arms with inquisitive black eyes. The cub was looking up at him. Xie Luan decided to temporarily continue to hold the cub.

If it wasn’t for the adults in the living room who knew the real situation, they would almost think that Xie Luan was the caretaker who usually took care of this cub.

Just squatting in the arms of the young man, he didn’t move much. The Kuhti cub, who had a temper from time to time, looked good at this time.

“Tweet.” With its downy plump body squatted like this, the little fat cub looked even more fluffy, while the Kuhti cub chirped crisply to the young man holding it.

Hearing the chirp, Xie Luan raised his hand and arranged the feathers on the cub that were a little messy because of it flapping wings just now. After doing this, Xie Luan clearly felt the cub moving his body closer in his arms.

Seeing how this cub was able to get close to the young man easily, the few caretakers who usually took care of this Kuhti cub were all taken aback.

Affinity, there was such a scoring value in the grade a.s.sessment of the caretakers, and this value of the young man in front of them may be a perfect score.

In fact, among his peers, the popularity of the youth was not low.

Many people in the branch knew the fact that a young human named Xie Luan worked as a caretaker in a cub raising branch, and now he had become the president, and had developed the Yunbao branch very well.

They had been surprised that the other party was a human and still willing to be a caretaker. Now that they saw the outstanding affinity of the youth, the caretakers of other races present had to admit that the other party was indeed qualified for the position of a caretaker.

But they didn’t know why, so far, it seemed that the youth had not yet partic.i.p.ated in the grade a.s.sessment of caretakers.

In fact, the level of caretakers was a.s.sessed once a year. Xie Luan came to the world just not long after the a.s.sessment, and he was busy developing the Yunbao branch last year and did not have free time to do this.

Xie Luan was considering this year’s a.s.sessment.

He could feel the cub in his arms actively getting close to him just now, so Xie Luan stretched out a finger and touched the sharp, light-colored bird’s beak.

The youth touched the bird’s beak with his fingertips and it moved his wings slightly. Then, under the eyes of everyone, the little cub touched the pointed bird’s beak to the young man’s white fingers and gently rubbed it.

For the cubs of Kuhti, Cotto and Kuwei races, if the beak was touched by someone, they were not willing to be close to, the person who touched it usually ended up being pecked.

Even the caretakers who usually took care of this Kuhti cub never touched the cub’s beak. One could imagine the impact of this scene on these caretakers.

After calming down a little bit, the caretaker who had let the cub fly away from his arms walked up to Xie Luan and humbly wanted to ask for experience, “How did you manage to calm the cub so quickly? This cub usually has a temper from time to time, and it is not easy for us to coax him each time.”

Affinity was part of the reason, but it was certainly not only because of affinity, there must be other factors.

Xie Luan lowered his head to take a look at the light red cub who was squatting obediently in his arms, then raised his head and responded: “This cub doesn’t like messy feathers on his body. You should tidy up his feathers for it more.”

Xie Luan didn’t discover the reason at the beginning, but he habitually arranged feathers for the cub, and discovered it based on the cub’s emotional response in the process.

“When tidying up, try to keep the movement as light as possible. This cub should be a little more sensitive to feathers being touched than other cubs.” After saying that, Xie Luan raised his hand and gently touched the Kuhti cub in his arms. The response was that the cub gently rubbed the pointed beak against his finger.

After touching the back feathers, Xie Luan went to touch the cub’s tail feathers.

The s.e.x of the cubs of the three races with similar shapes was distinguished by their tail feathers. Females had longer tail feathers than males, just like the little fat cub Xie Luan was holding now.

This was a beautiful baby girl.

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“Tweet, twee, twee!”

There was basically no difference in the design of the cub activity area. He didn’t see the last activity area. Xie Luan thought for a while and decided to go and take a look.

Although there was not much difference, since he was visiting, it was good to visit everything.

Xie Luan walked to the last activity area in the living room with the idea of finis.h.i.+ng everything. There were also a lot of cubs in this activity area, and many caretakers could be seen taking care of them.

Xie Luan moved his gaze to look around, he turned his vision was from left to right, and his gaze suddenly stopped at a corner on the right.

In that place, there was a cub with a cream-colored fluff. It was small in size like a little milk dog. This was the cub form of the Wek tribe.

The Wek cub lowered his head slightly and seemed to be sniffing something on the ground, but he didn’t know why, Xie Luan felt that the cub looked a little confused.

When sniffing the ground, the small tail behind the Wek cub was hanging on the ground, but now he lifted his body, and slowly started backing away.

But there was a small step behind him-without thinking too much, Xie Luan ran quickly and moved closer.

Just when the Wek cub had already stepped one foot back, Xie Luan took the cub into his arms in time before the cub fell to the ground.

He was hugged into a warm embrace when he was about to step on the air and fall. The Wek cub didn’t seem to react right away. After a while, he reacted, carefully sniffing the body of the person holding it.

It was an unknown breath, but this person protected it.

Although the cub was very careful when sniffing, Xie Luan still felt it. He looked down at the Wek cub but was stunned when his eyes were lowered.

He saw a pair of s.h.i.+ning eyes.

The cub’s eyes could not see the world…

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