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Chapter 92

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After experiencing the parallel world line, Xie Luan knew that the normal healing ability was a light attribute.

The treatment device simulated the healing power of the light attribute through complex principles, so that it produced similar effects when used.

So, when Xie Luan wanted to use the treatment equipment to heal Oni’s wounds, Ravi would tell him that she was repelled by the attribute.

The wound healed by the healing power would feel a little itchy when one first received the treatment, but Xie Luan silently completed the whole treatment process just now.

With a high-level mental power, Xie Luan was more sensitive to abilities than most people. He could feel that the abilities used by the old woman who healed his wounds were different from the ordinary healing abilities.

It was this difference that made Xie Luan chase after her.

He could not let go of this possible opportunity.

The two branches were on the same planet, and it didn’t take much time to go back and forth. They easily crossed several cities on the floating train. Xie Luan brought the people back to the Yunbao branch.

Leading the way, Xie Luan walked straight in the direction of the living room as soon as he walked into the door of the branch.

When describing the situation, Xie Luan only said that it was a wound caused by a special weapon.

Although the other party had already agreed to his request, Xie Luan actually had the mentality of giving it a try as to whether the other party could cure Morrison.

“A Luan, you came back so soon…” Seeing the young man walking into the living room, Xia Qi showed a surprised expression. She thought Xie Luan would not be back until at least the afternoon.

Seeing the person coming in behind Xie Luan again, Xia Qi asked: “This is?”

“The person who came to try to treat Morrison’s injury.” He did not want to waste any more time, so he did not add anything to this phrase.

Hearing that Morrison was in the outdoor courtyard, Xie Luan asked Lin Yi to help call him to the lounge, and he first took the people behind him to the lounge.

In order to reach the lounge, they had to pa.s.s outside the hall. When Xie Luan led the people behind to this position, a little fat chubby cub jumped from a distance and flew into his arms accurately.

There had been many similar situations previously, so Xie Luan reflexively raised his hand and hugged the cub.


Two small claws stomped on the young man, and the Kuwei cub squatted in Xie Luan’s arms and raised his head to make a particularly crisp sound to Xie Luan.

The crisp cry seemed to be louder than usual. Xie Luan lowered his head and saw the little chubby fluttering the little wings that were twitching behind him but still moving slightly under his gaze. He couldn’t help but let out a single tone: “Huh?”

The raised tail sound was representative of questioning. Xie Luan could find that the cub’s black ink eyes were lit up, and when he pressed the downy plump body against him, the chirps had become louder again.

Feeling that this cub should want to tell him something, or want him to see something, Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the soft chubby back feathers of the little bird, and slowly promised: “Now there is something to be done. I’ll come over as soon as I’m done in a while.”

“Tweet.” He touched his back feather, and the Kuwei cub raised his head and tweeted. The light in his eyes didn’t dim at all. They were still s.h.i.+ning, and the little fat man flew from Xie Luan’s arms to the side shelf.

After watching the youth’s gentle att.i.tude towards the cub, Bella’s favor towards the young man in front of her naturally improved a bit.

The other caregivers in the hall also looked very attentive when taking care of the cubs. In this point, this cub nursing branch should be better than many other branches.

Xie Luan went to the lounge first, and it didn’t take long for Lin Yi to help him call people over.

Not only Morrison, but Zarad, who had just finished his exercises, also came to the lounge, but of course he gave up the seat that was convenient for the other party to treat and sat down in the back position.

Knowing Morrison’s situation, Zarad was not very optimistic about this treatment. After all, this was something that even the medical department of the Star Alliance Army could not solve.

Many of the people gathered in the medical department were among the best in the Physician’s Guild. The reason why Zarad did not mention this when Xie Luan released the employment information was to prevent the other party from thinking too negatively like him.

The gray-haired old woman wore a pair of reading, and when Zarad looked at the other party observing Morrison’s injured arm with half-squinted eyes, the more he looked, the less optimistic he got.

According to the regulations of the Physician’s Guild, given the age of a doctor, the other person should have retired for many years.

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A skill would become unfamiliar if it is not used for a long time, and Zarad was not optimistic about the treatment but he kept silent.

The young man’s tone was very sincere, and Bella also put aside the trace of foreboding she was just about feeling. She nodded to Xie Luan, “Just after the initial treatment, it will take two more times to be completely cured. The prognosis is good.”

Hearing these words, all the people in the room were beaming with joy.

It was also healing. The biggest difference between the life ability and the ordinary healing ability was to describe it by a.n.a.logy. The ordinary healing ability was filling and repairing, while the life ability was direct reshaping.

This reshaping ability was not unlimited, things like restoring an entire arm couldn’t even be done with life abilities.

But it was a blessing to be able to heal the wound completely, and Morrison didn’t want to ask for more.

After finis.h.i.+ng the matter on this side, Xie Luan immediately followed his promise and went to the Kuwei cub. As soon as Xie Luan came over, the little fat man who was still waiting in the original position immediately fluttered his wings and flew in front of Xie Luan.

Xie Luan followed the Kuwei cub to the hall. At this time, the other caretakers were also there. Xie Luan watched the little fat cub fly to a relatively empty spot in the hall.

“What does Ravi want me to see?” Xie Luan stood here very cooperatively and asked the cub in a gentle voice.


Hearing two clear chirps, Xie Luan saw the Kuwei cub dropping a small paper box the size of a cigarette case to the ground from the side, and then the cub also landed on the ground covered with a soft blanket.

Standing like a little chicken, this little Kuwei cub spreads its small wings and made two flapping movements. With the flapping of the wings, a mini hurricane whose shape was like a small spinning top could be seen. In the same way, the paper box that fell on the floor was also rolled up.

The small spinning top-like mini hurricane rolled the carton back in the low air two times, and finally it fell back to the ground with a snap.

It was the wind power- and before he even had time to think about it, Xie Luan heard the little fat cub standing on the ground tweeting to him.

“Tweet, twee–!” He lifted his head and looked at the young man with bright black eyes. When the latter looked down at it, the Kuwei cub puffed his small chest towards Xie Luan.

Obviously, this was a cub waiting to be praised by the adult.

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