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Chapter 90

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Once the trip to Chronos had been finished, Xie Luan became more concerned about the totem-like black mark on Ya Yi.

After experiencing the parallel world line for a short time, what Xie Luan got to know was that this mark could be said to be connected to the heart of the nox.

The darker the mark, the more negative emotions in Ya Yi’s heart. The only thing that made Xie Luan more at ease was that the small cut-off mark exposed on the lower side of the nox’s neck was still light in color.

In this state, Ya Yi basically won’t lose control. And if the state was a bit wrong sometimes, Xie Luan could comfort him.

Xie Luan came to the conclusion that even if this mark could not be eliminated, as long as the status quo was maintained, there was no problem.

In the nox’s heart, there was a darkness that existed objectively. This darkness could not be erased and did not need to be erased. Xie Luan could accept such a Ya Yi.

“If there really is an unknown enemy, this enemy can’t be any known race.” After listening to Xie Luan’s words to him, Zarad remained silent for a while, and finally responded to this sentence in a declarative tone.

The time they had been getting along was not short. Zarad was very confident in his ability to recognize people. He knew that the young man in front of him was not a person who talked casually, so he also believed in everything that Xie Luan said, including the story about parallel time and s.p.a.ce.

But the amount of information received was too great and it sounded too unbelievable, so it took a long time for Zarad to digest it before reluctantly accepting it.

At the same time as accepting, Zarad realized that he might have come in contact with a terrible fact.

The Interstellar s.p.a.ce had already pa.s.sed the original exploration period, and the races that existed in the interstellar were now known even if their ethnic group was small. If the enemy was not a known race, then this enemy might have… come from another universe.

He could only think of such a guess. Zarad’s eyebrows couldn’t help but jump a few times. He even hoped that his guess was not true.

Knowing that there was an enemy but not knowing who the enemy was, this led them to be in an unfavorable pa.s.sive state, and although Zarad believed in the things that Xie Luan said, other people would only regard this as fantasy or crazy talk.

To Zarad, it was clear that the Star Alliance would never act on things without any actual evidence.

The only good news was that Ya Yi had retrieved an ultimate weapon that only he could use from the Saen tribe. The Ark s.h.i.+p that could make the Saen tribe’s engineering team fearful and amazed might become a key force in the future.

There was not much that could be done in such a pa.s.sive state. Telling all these things to Zarad, who could think about this situation objectively and would also trust him, Xie Luan returned to his normal state of mind.

It didn’t make sense to think too much now, he still had to continue to worry about the development of the Yunbao branch.

In the room the next day, before walking to the living room to take care of the cubs, Xie Luan first checked the black mark on the lower side of the nox’s neck beside him.

Recently, the nox and him slept on the same bed and he no longer traced back to the cub form and nestled next to his pillow but slept next to him in his adult form.

The beds in each room of the staff dormitory were single beds. The size of the bed was more than enough for one person to lie down as it was quite s.p.a.cious. It was also okay for one person to sleep with two cubs. But there was basically no extra s.p.a.ce if two adults slept on it.

Because of this, Xie Luan did not bring the mermaid cub to the room to sleep together during this period. In order to solve the problems of various parties, he ordered a double bed from a company on Star Channel.

When Xie Luan got closer to look at the black mark, Ya Yi did not move.

After the inspection, Xie Luan raised his eyes to see the beautiful pair of horns that the nox had not hidden yet, and he was attracted and wanted to kiss the hard horn on the left again.

When Xie Luan looked at the horns, Ya Yi had already lowered his head to Xie Luan. When there was a kiss in the corner on the left, the nox also circled his cold silver tail around the youth’s waist.

Kissing the horns, this was not the first time Xie Luan had done this. The shape of the nox horn was really beautiful.

Whether Xie Luan kissed or touched the beautiful horns, the nox in front of him always showed a docile att.i.tude towards him.

He clearly felt his body being surrounded by a tail. When Xie Luan finally touched his lips to the end of the horn, he was attracted to unconsciously lick the tip of his tongue on the hard and beautiful horn.

The horns were very sensitive parts for Ya Yi.

Before Xie Luan realized what he had done, his vision suddenly turned upside down, and his back hit the soft bed.

Xie Luan was stunned for a second when he faced the pair of blue vertical pupils with their pupils shrinking slightly.

It was normal to have instinctive desires for the person you like who was also your partner. Every time the young man kissed his horn, Ya Yi wanted to leave a new breath mark on the young man who was kissing him, confirming that the young man only belonged to him.

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Ordinary physical contact such as kissing, licking, etc. could leave breath marks, but such breath marks could only last for a limited time. Ya Yi wanted to find a way to make a longer mark.

“That’s good.” Xia Qi nodded in response.


The fluffy cub of the Laili species approached Xie Luan’s legs. The cub raised his head and opened the small fins on both sides of his body. It seemed to be depressed to Xie Luan.

The cub came to look for him, Xie Luan quickly adjusted his mentality, knelt down to touch the cub’s hairy body, “Laili?”

Xie Luan whispered the cub’s name in a questioning tone, and soon he was hugged by the Laili cub with its pair of small fins.

The Laili cub hugged his trouser legs and pulled him forward. Of course, he couldn’t pull him, but at least Xie Luan knew that the cub wanted him to go somewhere.

Xie Luan signaled that he would follow behind and watched the Laili cub spread its small fins and slap forward.

“Hey, hey–“

The Laili cub led Xie Luan to Morrison. He was in the lounge in the living room. Xie Luan saw the person sitting on the fabric sofa and checked if his face was awkward.

Morrison took a look at the Laili cub next to Xie Luan’s leg and then at Xie Luan, and he knew it was the cub who had brought Xie Luan over.

At the latter’s inquiry, he said that the wound on his left arm was still painful. Morrison added: “The old problem is no longer a problem.”

Although it was painful and he couldn’t easily get used to it, Morrison was determined. He also exercised his endurance, but the wound was getting more and more painful recently, and it was a bit hard to ignore it, so Morrison went to the rest room to take a break.

It didn’t seem like it was okay. Xie Luan looked at the other party’s pale face and raised his hand to try to help him.

Spiritual energy could only relieve pain but could not actually treat Morrison’s wounds caused by special weapons.

The cub was watching. Even if the symptoms were not the root cause, Xie Luan had to pretend that he could cure Morrison.

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