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Chapter 80.2

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Chapter 80.2

CRA Chapter 80 – part 2

The beautiful ice-blue ear fin quivered slightly when Xie Luan touched it with his fingertips .

As his field of view became darker and darker, Xie Luan had to squint his eyes slightly .

Normally, you couldn’t see any expression on the delicate face of the mermaid cub . But from the little mermaid’s lightly swaying tail and the cub’s eyes when gazing at him, Xie Luan could at once tell if the cub was happy .

In the same way, Xie Luan’s ability also applied to the now grown-up mermaid in front of him .

He should be a little happy, right?

The moment he finally relaxed a bit, Xie Luan’s field of view completely plunged into darkness .

After Xie Luan regained consciousness, he found himself lying on a soft bed .

This was not the treatment of an intruder .

He was not locked in one of the ark battles.h.i.+p’s many phase cells . Xie Luan sat up from the bed and knocked his knuckles against his forehead . He wanted to make himself more clear-headed .

Xie Luan was no longer someone who knew nothing about abilities . Recalling what happened before he fell unconscious, he could more or less guess that Gale had most likely read his memories using a mental ability .

A series of things happened too abruptly, Xie Luan had too many things he needed to ponder over, so many he didn’t even know from where to start .

Xie Luan was now certain that he had been transported to another world line because he had touched the saen race’s large clock, and this parallel world line was set in the future decades later .

According to what Xia Zuo had said, this was one of the futures doomed to lead to destruction… He didn’t know what the specific path for the future of this world line was like now . Before losing consciousness, Xie Luan saw what could be considered a large-scale army crops on the s.h.i.+p, this ark battles.h.i.+p seemed to have become a real fortress of war .

“Beep . ”

The sound of successful verification to the room’s door . The clear beep fell, then, a second later, Xie Luan saw the door being pushed open .

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The one who came in was a certain good-looking adult mermaid . The mermaid was carrying food in his hands and directly walked over to Xie Luan after entering the room .

This was the place where the youth’s memories began, and, at the same time, it was also the place where everything in the two worlds began to differ .

In this world, there was no one who would intentionally work hard to clean up the small pool for him . Who, when he found out that the cub was afraid of leaving the water, would afterwards make sure he could immerse his whole body into the water . A man who would then even apologize in a soft voice because he felt he had not given him a good enough living environment .

But for a mermaid cub who had been living in a small wooden barrel until now, such a small pool was already equivalent to the sea .

There was no dissatisfaction .

This was a world line without him . He didn’t know what the cubs in this world had experienced . In Xie Luan’s heart, there was one point he had been hung up on from beginning to end .

“Why is there no mark here?” He had been concerned about this since earlier . Xie Luan raised his hand and touched the forehead of the mermaid next to him, at this place, there originally should have been a pale golden mark .

From the moment it appeared, the mark of the Houdie family would accompany each mermaid cub throughout their life, and would not disappear even as the cub grew up .

Why did he not have it…?

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