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Chapter 80.1

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Chapter 80.1

The mermaid cub held in the arms of the youth was very close and dependent on the latter . Even though the youth had taken him out of the pool, the little mermaid with the ice-blue tail no longer panicked from the fear of leaving the water . Instead, his tail seemed to lightly sway in joy as he nestled in the youth’s embrace .



When with the youth, the mermaid cub really liked to utter these two syllables, probably in order to attract the attention of the parent .

And the youth holding this little mermaid responded patiently every time . After answering, he would also lift his hand and touch the little mermaid’s soft blond hair, or lightly touch the ice-blue scales on the small tail .

When the mermaid cub slapped his tail on him, the youth would often even take the initiative to move his hand over and let the little mermaid’s tail gently slap the palm of his hand .

This mermaid cub was so, so… cherished and doted on .

“Ting-ting-ting . ”

A tinkling sound . When the small and beautiful spar fell to the ground, a gentle sound was issued as it hit the floor .

The round spar bounced a few times due to the force when it fell to the ground, and finally rolled to a stop in the open s.p.a.ce around him .

Although there was no expression on his face, the transparent tears that appeared on the adult mermaid’s cold face were nevertheless real . This sudden scene dumbfounded nearly everyone in the hall .

They couldn’t believe it .

This scene was too shocking for those who knew how callous the mermaid was when dealing with the enemy… even his allies were treated with the same indifference . Some of the soldiers present were now stunned, their mouth foolishly agape .

What kind of situation was this?— Confronted with this situation which was abnormal to a certain extent, the young man who had previously been accused of being noisy now completely restrained his carefree att.i.tude and became vigilant .

Perhaps he had underestimated the intruder because the person had already been captured; moreover, once he learned it was a human, he had not taken him too seriously . Now it seemed the intruder had enough weight on him to make them treat him with caution .

But as the young man prepared to personally detain the intruder, he heard the mermaid, not far away, say something he did not expect .

“Release him . ”

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Azure eyes fixedly reflected the person in front of him . This exceptionally good-looking adult mermaid said this in a cold voice to the two soldiers who were restraining the youth .

The little mermaid had heard Zarard’s words and thought he would not want him . At that time, he truly spoke for the first time, shouting ‘Papa’ and his falling tears pitted-pattering as he cried for him .

There had been two wet traces left on the delicate little face of the mermaid cub . The azure eyes had become moist, and the eyes were also slightly red, looking especially pitiful and adorable .

When the cub cried, you had to coax him, and when the cub grew up and golden beads fell… Then you still had to coax him .

He tried hard to blink, and before his field of view went completely dark, Xie Luan raised his right hand and placed it on the nearby mermaid who only looked at him but did not call out to him .

He could feel the warmth coming from the youth’s palms . The indifferent mermaid slightly froze once again . He could not move, he could not resist the youth’s touch .

It turned out that having his hair stroked by the youth was like this… In the memory he read, he saw the scene of the youth stroking the short light golden hair of the little mermaid . Now that he had experienced it himself, he finally knew what kind of feeling it was .

It was a feeling as warm as the heat transmitted through his palms . A warmth that you couldn’t bear to part with .

The mermaid, who had grown up, also had soft blond hair . After Xie Luan stroked it twice, he moved his hand down to the mermaid’s ear fin at the side .

In the humanoid form, the fins on both sides of the cheeks near the ears were the characteristics of the mermaid race . It was also a place that only people close to them could touch .

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