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Chapter 73.1

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Chapter 73.1

Everyone at the military department knew the reason why the battle of Kesou was able to end so quickly . Morrison had been the head contributor at this military campaign .

For this war, the military department had in addition to the standing army also dispatched special forces and Morrison had volunteered for the mission .

The standing army first rushed to Kesou to provide a.s.sistance . By the time the special forces were put into action, the situation on Kesou was already dire .

The large scale and vicious attack took place in the urban area of Kesou . The city sky was lit up by raging flames and thick black smoke rose from the widespread destruction . The sounds of the bombing and blasts hardly stopping for even a moment .

For the time being, neither side had the advantage . The battle had come to a deadlock . The city was suffering . In just a short few days, the city had already been destroyed beyond recognition .

When arriving at Kesou and witnessing how it had been reduced to this devastating state, even the soldiers, with their st.u.r.dy psyche, could not help but slightly change expressions . If the enemy was not annihilated as soon as possible, the number of innocent lives lost in the city would rapidly increase at a terrible speed and the enemy trying to create terror in the interstellar would have achieved their goal .

After familiarizing himself with the battle situation, Morrison decided, based off of the intel, to lead the special forces in a sneak attack coming up from behind the enemy .

As one could well imagine, it was a rather risky operation . However, according to the intelligence they received, the leader of the enemy would be at the rear at that time and with the main force of the enemy army temporarily restricted by their side, Morrison did not hesitate to go through with the operation .

The special forces was an elite group . All members of the group possessed variant abilities . With the help of another member’s one minute invisibility ability, Morrison at last suppressed his breathing and stealthily snuck into the room the enemy leader was in .

Tightening his grip on the dagger in his hand, Morrison waited for the others to draw the firepower outside and lure some of the guards away from the room .

After sneaking into the room, Morrison’s invisibility was already down to the last seventeen seconds .

But his comrades did not fail him . Seconds after he got into position and was prepared to the leader, a commotion could be heard outside the room .

Five seconds .

He was nearly at his limit . Aiming at the neck of the man in the chair, Morrison found the largest gap between the remaining guards in the room and rushed forward in a fierce and swift manner akin to a cheetah .

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The air he had been holding in until now escaped his lips and in an instant, the prey’s throat was slashed by the dagger in his hand . The next second, Morrison inserted the blade of the dagger into the other’s heart .

But things didn’t always go as planned .

“Gu… Gu-Ji, Gu-Wu…” While dodging bullets, he heard some weak and tender cries coming from his left . Morrison looked for the source of the sound and saw a laili cub trapped in a narrow s.p.a.ce under the rubble of a destroyed building . The cub looked very scared and helpless . At this moment, the baby was instinctively calling out .

But apart from Morrison who was pa.s.sing by at this time and his dying mother who was lying not far away, no one was paying attention to this cub’s cries .

To save or not to save .

If he didn’t take the cub away now, the cub would either be trapped alive and die in that small s.p.a.ce or possibly be killed after discovered by the enemy .

But to save the cub, he would need to be ready to directly face the pursuers .

Although he was ponding over it, Morrison still acted before thinking . Changing directions, he approached the destroyed building .

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