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Chapter 71 part1

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Stress response

Hearing the unexpected reply, Xie Luan didn't speak for a while. Mainly because the little cub's reaction made it a bit hard for him to say the following sentence,

"The club is of course able to adopt the cub."

Taking his eyes off the cub, Xie Luan finally nodded his head to respond to the other's question.

Xie Luan meant that they could adopt the cub and let him stay there for free. But at this moment, Morrison lowered his head to glance at the laili cub who was hugging his left leg, he then looked up and said, "I will pay the fee. You can contact me as well when it needs to be paid in the future, so please treat the cub the same as the other cubs."

He did not lack money. The salaries of the Star Alliance special forces were very high, moreover, each time they completed a mission, they would receive a considerable bonus.

For someone like Morrison, who usually did not have any unnecessary expenses, the number in his crystal card account had over the past several years only increased, not decreased. It was just a little more than a year ago that an exception had started to show.

Xie Luan opened his mouth, but swallowed the words as soon as they reached his lips.

The last part of the other's words sounded like it was to ensure that the cub would receive normal treatment at the club.

Actually, there was no difference between their club's treatment of adopted cubs and the cubs whose parents paid for them to stay there. However, the other was showing consideration for the cub, thinking that this might make the other feel a bit more rea.s.sured, Xie Luan decided to not say anything more.

The procedure of adopting a cub into the branch was not complicated. With the approval of Xie Luan, the acting president of the branch, they only needed to make a few routine registrations for the cub sent to the club. Xie Luan handed the task over to Lin Yi.

As the matter was progressing smoothly, Morrison bent down and lightly pushed the laili cub, who was still hugging his leg with his small wings, intending to make the cub let go.

At this moment, Morrison discovered that the cub had his head down. Thinking that the cub might not have adapted to the new environment yet, he reached out once more out of habit and patted the cub on the back.


Issuing a sound with a young and tender voice, the laili cub, still with his head down, very obediently let go and lowered his wings.

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"Go ahead."

Even though he was not the parent, he should have the right to visit the club on the weekends.

At the youth's nod, Morrison didn't say anything more, he merely turned around and walked towards the door.

The other did not look back at the cub. As the man's figure disappeared out the door and walked away from the house, Xie Luan saw the nearby laili cub immediately waddle towards the door, following the man. He followed him for a long distance, but finally stopped in front of the door.

"Guu…" Lowering his flippers, the laili cub looked up at the door. His small little tail was also quietly and motionlessly resting against the ground. [1]

Xie Luan bent a finger and lightly tapped the knuckle against his forehead.

He left in such a blunt way, leaving the cub feeling wronged. Not even looking back or coaxing… Xie Luan thought somewhat helplessly.

[1] – Penguin tail:

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