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Chapter 69 part1

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Xie Luan helped the muka cub blow out the candle and cut the cake. Having taken the number of cubs in the club into consideration, he had made a very big birthday cake with three layers.

"Like it?" Finished feeding a slice of cake to the muka cub in front of him, Xie Luan asked the same question as he had when he had given the cub a milk candy.

Just like Xie Luan, the muka cub's reaction was also the same as at that time. The thin vertical pupils stopped in place and he remained motionless as he experienced the burst of sweetness. However, after hearing Xie Luan's voice, the cub obediently issued a low response from his throat.

The adults in the room began giving cake to the rest of the cubs. Towards the end of the party, Xie Luan cut a piece of cake for himself and sat down on the soft rug-covered ground. Xie Luan lifted the nox, who had been lying quietly on his shoulder and took him into his arms, he then raised his fork with a bit of cake on it and brought it to the nox.


As if not expecting Xie Luan to do this, the nox, who looked like a little round ball while in cub form, made a low sound.

"We will also celebrate your birthday like this next January."

Saying this, Xie Luan added after a second, "We will celebrate every year."

Following Xie Luan's words, the fluffy tail behind the nox nested in his arms gradually rose. Finally, the tail tipped left and half hooked around Xie Luan's wrist.

After finis.h.i.+ng the cake, Xie Luan saw that the birthday boy was still wearing the little triangular hat on his head and he continued wearing it throughout the day. He looked like he was cheris.h.i.+ng that little hat.

That night, the muka cub used his forearm to carefully carry it with him to bed and as he fell asleep he was still protecting it in his arms.

Pa.s.sing by and seeing this scene, Xie Luan bent down and kissed the cub's hard forehead. After the good night kiss, he went back to his room.

Xie Luan did not bring the baby mermaid with him to sleep together. Not this time. The little mermaid had already been on land for a long time during the day and had now returned to the pool to rest.

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Putting the nox in his arms down by the pillow, Xie Luan sat down on the bed. At this moment he suddenly remembered that he had still not taken out the things he had put into the s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton on Saina.

In order to make it easier for Xie Luan to see his eyes, Ya Yi did not make any other unnecessary movements. After pulling him close, he motionlessly gazes at him, only the silver tail behind him would still react to Xie Luan's line of sight.

Like a beautiful and dangerous beast showing a docile att.i.tude, making it possible to approach and touch. When using this kind of att.i.tude to get close to people, it was usually very hard for others to refuse.

This statement was truly not false. Xie Luan at once found it hard not to touch the silver tail that behaved so obediently, it was also hard not to let it encircle his waist.

The last Xie Luan remembered was planting a goodnight kiss on the nox's forehead. That night, he was half encircled by the nox's tail and like this he gradually fell asleep.


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