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Chapter 68 part1

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The desire to be born

Although the place they departed from was Saina, the staff on the commercial stars.h.i.+p had still inevitably been shocked when they saw the human youth boarding with a group of muka cubs.

Particularly the image of the youth walking in front, leading, with a bunch of small muka babies and a larger muka cub obediently walking behind him.

From a distance, it looked like a group of chicks following their mother.

"Babies, come here."

Xie Luan, who was walking in front, looked back from time to time to check on the cubs who were following him. When he found their seats, he waved for the cubs to come over.

Seeing the youth wave at them, the muka cubs who were obediently following after him quickly walked over.

Once in front of Xie Luan, the cubs moved their sharp forearms and issued hissing sounds from their throats in response.

Parents were allowed to carry their cubs on the stars.h.i.+p but there were also customized seats prepared for cubs. Xie Luan bent down to lift the muka babies who were looking up at him with their red eyes and one by one put them in their seat and activated the safety mechanism.

Put in the seats that were similar to beds, these mukas cubs who were riding a stars.h.i.+p for the first time were somewhat curious of their surroundings. But when their heads were touched by Xie Luan, these muka babies all obediently nestled in their seats.

It was a long distance to travel, it took several days for them to reach Gaia. To Xie Luan's relief, the cubs didn't cause any disturbance during the journey.

There were distinct differences between Gaia and Saina. When they first arrived on this planet a moment ago, the eight newborn cubs following after Xie Luan got to experience this planet's very different environment for themselves.

"After some time, your home should also have a lot of this color. Maybe it will even have a bit more than this planet."

Xie Luan held up a green leaf that had fallen from a branch and landed on his head. Turning it in front of the muka cubs who were looking at him, he said this sentence with a slight smile on his face.

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He couldn't say when. But he believed that one day in the future, Duke and the other mukas who were working towards this would eventually accomplish it.

After giving a brief explanation, Xie Luan looked down at the muka baby who was still playing with the leaf in his arms. "The condition of this cub's body is not as good as the others'. Chris, can you see if you can make a nutritious diet for this baby and try to improve it as much as possible?"

A muka cub with bad health? This was the first time he had heard something like this. As the branch's diet.i.tian, Chris was slightly stunned for a while, he then nodded quickly.

“Ok, leave it to me."

In response to this request, Chris reached out to hold the muka cub that Xie Luan was carrying. He had to examine the cub's condition first.

To be honest, this was the first time Chris had been so close to a muka cub. It was also the first time he had seen such a small muka.

It was actually no different from cubs of other races. It was not fierce or scary, it was just a cub, nothing else.

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