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Chapter 66 part1

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Just hug him

The battle was over, the four dangerous people with malicious intentions were bound and locked up in a small room at the village. The immobilized mukas who had been unlucky enough to go through the incident were now back to normal.

Xie Luan merely felt that they were more scared than hurt and was glad that they got there in time.

However, he found that the nox who had stayed close next to him ever since they returned to the village, following him like a little chick following their mother, seemed to still be in battle mode.

His pupils were narrowed and his handsome face slightly taut, he was still giving off the stiff and cold feeling he had in the battle just now.

This kind of feeling was not safe at all, you could basically see the dangerous signals emitting from the other's body. But although he was in this state, the nox was still staying close to Xie Luan.

Actually, Xie Luan had already noticed the state of this nox on the way back, but the situation at that time had been very inconvenient. Wanting to bring the other back to the village first, he had put it off for later.

Back in his room, Xie Luan opened his arms to the muka cub who had made a low hissing sound at him. The large cub lowered his head and lightly snuggled into his embrace once.

Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the head of the muka cub. He then patted the inside of the bed and said in a warm voice, "Nick should go to bed."

Hearing the youth's words, the muka cub responded with a very low sound from his throat. After looking towards the spot the youth had patted with his scarlet eye, the muka cub very obediently laid down on the bed.

The scarlet eyes did not make Xie Luan feel frightened in the least. When the muka cub obediently laid down on the bed, Xie Luan at once covered the cub with a quilt and gently patted and coaxed the cub a few times to close his eyes.

Finished coaxing the cub, Xie Luan directed all of his attention to Ya Yi who was standing in front of him.

The nox's current state was abnormal. In addition to appearing to still be in battle mode, from his slightly narrowed azure eyes, Xie Luan felt that this nox in front of him also seemed to be holding something back.

It was abnormal and at the same time also dangerous.

Xie Luan did not know what could have caused this situation, but he at this time chose to extend a hand and grab the nox's left wrist.

Almost at the same time, Xie Luan looked up and met that pair of light azure eyes with narrowed pupils. The two eyes who lacked l.u.s.ter and warmth were watching him with a steadfast gaze.

For a split second, Xie Luan felt like a prey being stared at by a predator.

In this abnormal state, the nox looked like a dangerous beast ready to tear out the throat of the prey at any moment. But Xie Luan continued to face the pair of azure eyes and his grip around the other's wrist did not loosen.

"Ya Yi."

Clearly calling out the other's name, Xie Luan's voice was very soft and unhurried. He was trying to appease this nox.

He could not say that he hadn't sensed the dangerous signals emitting from the other's body, but the fact that the nox had still obediently followed him all this time made Xie Luan feel like for him the danger was limited.

Hearing the voice of the youth as well as him calling his name this way, Ya Yi did not move and his azure eyes were still steadily gazing at the youth opposite him. But at this moment, the thin tightened pupils could be seen slightly relaxing.

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Receiving a reaction from the other, Xie Luan looked at the nox who seemed to have been appeased by him a bit but was still unable to completely break away from his abnormal state and simply directly stepped closer to the other.

His back was plastered against the soft bed and his waist was still encircled by the silver tail. Not at all prepared for the owner of this silver tail to suddenly push him down onto the bed, Xie Luan was now obviously stunned.

He definitely had to appease him. The current development was very unexpected to Xie Luan and the next second he felt a slightly cool and soft touch at the corner of his mouth, pausing his actions.

Xie Luan did not just feel this soft touch once, but several times in succession. Ya Yi who had pressed down the youth, was lowering his head and lightly pecking the youth's lips.

His action of pecking the youth's lips was very careful. As he kissed him, the nox also marked the youth with his scent.

It wasn't until Xie Luan reacted that the light pecking on his lips stopped. The reason he had stopped him was because he had out of the corner of his eyes seen that the muka cub next to them had at some point opened his eyes again and was now looking towards them with his scarlet eyes.

When the youth had been pressed down just now, the bed had vibrated which made the muka cub open his eyes again.

However the large cub still very obediently nestled in his original position and did not move, he just looked at his parents nearby.

The cub was watching.


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