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Chapter 61

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Like you

Fortunately, mukas had stronger survival capabilities than other races and this even applied to their eggs which had much stronger eggsh.e.l.l than ordinary eggs. These eggs had been severely impacted by the accident and had been buried when the mountain collapsed, yet there was no damage to the sh.e.l.l.

But this didn't mean that there were no internal injuries. The most direct indicator was the weakened life response.

Xie Luan slowly covered the egg he was holding with a little of his spiritual power and as gently as possible reached out to the consciousness within the egg.

The muka cub who followed the youth into the room saw the eggs lying in the bed as well as Xie Luan holding one of the eggs in his arms. At this time, the muka cub made a low hissing sound and obediently stayed still to the side.

Vaguely aware that the life response of these eggs was a little weak, the muka cub knew that Xie Luan was currently taking care of these eggs. He therefore quieted down after the low hiss.

Slowly increasing the spiritual power guiding the consciousness, Xie Luan raised his hand to lightly touch the egg held in his arms while continuing to call out to egg.

Even though it had yet to hatch, the cub could feel the unknown tender call. After being called for some time, the egg with weak life response instinctively responded to the spiritual power that was guiding it.

Although the response was too small and weak to be easily detected, Xie Luan could feel that the baby had already put in great efforts to respond to him.


Confirming the response, Xie Luan gently put the egg in his arms back on the bed, he then picked up the egg next to it.

Repeating his actions with the remaining seven eggs, he one by one called out to and properly conducted spiritual guidance. Once done, Xie Luan pressed the s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton and took out the nutrient solution he brought with him from the branch.

In fact, it was not only the nutrient solution, Xie Luan had also brought a heat preservation device. Although eggs of the muka race did not need to stay in a heat preservation room, Xie Luan had stuffed all kinds of possibly useful equipment into the s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton before leaving.

Seeing Xie Luan pick up all of the eggs in the room and then put them down again, the muka cub who had so far been standing to the side walked a bit closer.

The muka cub lowered his head to look at the eggs on the bed, he then issued a low hissing sound at the nearby youth.

"These babies are hurt. Nick also looked like a little gray ball before you hatched, they are just like you."

Xie Luan tiptoed to touch the head of the big cub. After saying this, he heard the cub issue an even lower sound than before. The muka cub looked at the eggs lying on the bed very seriously.

It was easy to see that the muka cub showed concern for the eggs."These babies are all good and will be born safely just like Nick did," Xie Luan slowly said.

Indeed, they were all very good. When Xie Luan called out to these eggs with his spiritual power, every one of them had obediently responded.

Xie Luan had already done a very skilled job of smearing nutrition solution on the eggs, which was done in no time.

After applying the nutrient solution, Xie Luan set up the heat preservation device on the wall of the room and adjusted it to the appropriate temperature so that the room became a temporary heat preservation room.

Completing these things, Xie Luan only then walked out of the room with the muka cub beside him.

"Is it..alright?" When the youth came back to the living room, Duke nervously asked this question.

Xie Luan did not nod. The current situation could not be regarded as good, he replied, "The guidance was successful, but the life response of these eggs has not stabilized. I will need to take care of them for some time," he paused.

"I will stay here for a while. If possible, I would like to stay in the room where these eggs are. It will be easier to take care of them and more convenient that way.

Thinking it over, Xie Luan took the initiative to suggest this.

Almost immediately after he finished speaking, Xie Luan saw the mukas in the room nodding at him. The several adult mukas then hissed to express their approval of what he had just said.

One of the adult mukas stepped closer and Xie Luan saw a small virtual panel appeared in front of the muka. After two second, a word appeared on the virtual panel, "Good."

The mukas couldn't change into a humanoid form like the other races. So in order to communicate with another race, the adult mukas would wear a kind of device that allowed them to "talk".

It turned what they wanted to say into writing and then displayed it on the virtual panel. The language on the panel was the universal interstellar language. These mukas usually used the simplest sentence patterns to express what they wanted to convey.

Like this, it was decided. Xie Luan would temporarily lodge in the room at this house.

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Just finished with the spiritual guidance for the eggs, Xie Luan had nothing to do. So he talked with the muka cub next to him and humored the big cub who had obediently been standing to the side while he took care of the eggs just now.

The left wooden plate was adorned with many kinds of fresh fruits, while on the right wooden place there were meat, baked food, and vegetables.

Although it was not complex cooking, the meat on the right plate was cooked well, without any burned places. The seasoning sprinkled on top of it made Xie Luan who smelled it feel that it was still quite appetizing.

The two adult mukas came over and place two wooden plates in front of Xie Luan, they were followed by several other mukas. Together they made some low hissing sounds at Xie Luan.

Actually, mukas didn't normally eat food like this or pay much attention to it. They wouldn't prepare several kinds of fruits and when eating meat, they seldom sprinkled seasonings and carefully cooked it.

But this time, the youth who came to help them save the eggs was a human who could not eat food that was not cooked and tasteless. So these mukas had specially prepared this food for Xie Luan.

At the sight of these two wooden plates filled with food, Xie Luan was slightly shocked.

To mukas, living resources were very valuable. It could be said that two wooden plates filled with food represented the att.i.tude these mukas had towards him.

The adult muka at the front was responsible for speaking for the group. On the emerging virtual panel, just like when typing, Xie Luan saw the text appear on the screen letter by letter.

「Thank you.」

「Thank you.」

「Like you.」


Translator's note:

Ugh, my poor heart can't handle all this sweetness. ><

[1] – "Sit in a row and eat fruit" is from a nursery rhyme, is a link to the lyrics, and is a link to the song.

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