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Chapter 59 part1

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The one making the request arrived as Xie Tao was inspecting the teeth of the muka cub. He looked like a dusty traveler, seemingly hurrying over from some distant place.

The muka cub in the club had been in the process of changing his teeth earlier and now that he was done, Xie Tao was checking whether the cub's new teeth had come in well.

The youth did not have any fighting or even defensive ability. Because he belonged to a natural battle race, this muka cub knew that his teeth could easily pierce the youth's skin.

The finger touching his new teeth was soft and fragile, therefore this muka cub stayed completely still while the youth touched them.

No matter if it was the new teeth or the former milk ones, the teeth of the muka cub were undoubtedly very sharp. Xie Tao touched a tooth of the muka cub who was obediently opening his mouth for him, confirming that the smaller of the new teeth were also stable.

It could be seen from just looking at them that the new teeth of the muka cub were even more dangerous. They were much sharper than the previous ones and had a terrifying bite force, they could easily piece the body of the prey and tear it to shreds.

If a regular person was to see someone touching the pointy teeth of a muka cub with their very own fingers, they would probably think that person either did not feel fear or was mad for doing this kind of courting death action.

However, Xie Tao not only touched it, but also examined it very carefully. After checking it, he lightly patted the muka cub's forearm.

The unexpected visitor walked in just in time to see Xie Tao move his finger away from the cub's sharp teeth. Because of this scene, the young man's eyes lit up with some hope.

The man was brought over by Lin Yi. Xie Tao felt that the young man appeared quite exhausted. He first went to the table not far away and made a cup of tea for him.

“Calm down first.”

Seeing that the other seemed full of words he wanted to say, Xie Tao handed over the cup, intending to let the other calm his nervous energy first.

As the warmth of the cup pa.s.sed to the palm of his hand, Duke's taut mind relaxed a little. After taking a sip of the tea, he opened his mouth and looked at the youth, his eyes calmer this time."Thank you…"

Xie Tao nodded to accept the other's grat.i.tude, his eyes indicating that they should leave first. There were too many cubs in the living room, it was not convenient to talk about things here.

Squatting down, he coaxed the fluffb.a.l.l.s who were already trying to climb up his legs, asking them to play on the ground next to him instead.

As for the Knox who had been lounging on his shoulder since the beginning, Xie Tao continued to let the other stay there.

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"What's the matter?" Already aware that this young man had come to ask for help, Xie Tao took the initiative to ask this question once they had entered the reception room.

After describing the matter, the request was quite clear. In a very low pleading tone Duke said, "I hope you can send a caretaker who can call and guide the eggs with spiritual power to Saina with me. Those eggs really need the help of a caretaker."

He was very nervous. If he were to be rejected again, Duke did not know if there would be enough time to ask another club for help.

Personally, he was willing to go on asking for help, but the eggs on Saina couldn't wait that long.

A second later, he heard the answer.

“I’ll go with you.”


Translator's note:

It will be exciting to see the muka race's planet. From the descriptions we have gotten so far I kinda picture a nuked earth where everything is dead, the only thing left– c.o.c.kroaches. Then some thousands of years pa.s.s and voila~ The fierce muka race and a barren, hard to survive on planet.

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