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Chapter 54 part2

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In addition to recruiting the three personnel just mentioned, Xie Tao originally also planned on hiring a cook in order to fulfill his promise to the staff. But in the end the cook was provided to the club by the two adopters of the two small fluffb.a.l.l.s in order to avoid the spread of recipes.

According to the previous agreement, Xie Tao had provided the recipes and the adopters of their two cubs shared the profits with him in return.

The first month, there was not much, but by the end of the second month, Xie Tao found that the number of credits in his crystal card had increased significantly, totaling at no less than 50,000.

There were more cubs in the club than before. In preparation for the future, Xie Tao thought it through, then asked Xia Qi to go onto the starnet and add recruitment information for caretakers as well.

Two B-level caretakers were recruited. To recruit an A-level they first had to have enough income. Otherwise, with the A-level caretakers' salary of hundreds of thousands a month, even if Xie Tao could go from his original world to Yinshan, there would still be a day when the money runs out.[1]

This time a lot of people were to be recruited at once, and naturally it also meant that more people needed to be interviewed. Xie Tao did not have Xia Qi do it all by herself, but also sat down next to her in the office as an interviewer.

Xie Tao first and foremost valued the personality of the applicant and the att.i.tude the other had towards the cubs. After observing and screening out those he felt were not qualified, Xie Tao gathered the resumes of the remaining people into a pile.

“I will read through them, then tell you which ones I’ve chosen. If you feel like there is no problem, we will hire them.”

Thinking about how he let the other handle this matter all by herself last time, and how busy she must have been, Xie Tao decided to take this remaining task on himself and waved to the one sitting next to him, indicating that she could leave first.

He had sat in the office and interviewed for a long time, all the way from early morning to afternoon. Now that everyone had left, Xie Tao relaxed into the back of his chair and could not resist covering his mouth with his hand, yawning.

As a result of this yawn, Xie Tao's eyes turned red and some tears came out. At the same time, he heard a sound coming from his lap.


While the youth was interviewing people, he was quietly resting on his lap. Because there was a desk in front of him, the interviewees had not been able to see the knox.

Feeling this round knox move closer, Xie Tao reached out to stroke the knox's back and then kneaded the two small horns on the knox's head.

Allowing the youth to touch and grab the horns on his head like this, the knox continued to move closer until he was contently settled down, nestled snugly against his warm body. Only the ears next to the horns moved occasionally.

Very cute.

Seeing the ears twitching slightly every time he touched the horns, Xie Tao could not help thinking this.

"When you are big, you don't have these two little horns…" Thinking of this knox's humanoid form, Xie Tao was unable to resist saying this.

Still touching the small horns of the knox, Xie Tao said this sentence for no specific reason. He had only said it casually, but what happened next was completely unexpected.

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All of a sudden the weight on his lap disappeared and a figure appeared in front of Xie Tao. His hand was then grasped.

This reaction… It also seemed quite adorable.

Thinking this, Xie Tao's eyes could not help turning to the silver tail behind the knox and observing the cold silver tail's subtle movements.

Xie Tao was watching the tail, what he didn't know was that the knox was observing him as well.

After looking at the silver tail for only just a few seconds, Xie Tao saw the silver tail move from behind the knox to within his reach.

I will let you stroke it.

Although the knox did not speak, the silver tail close to Xie Tao had clearly expressed the meaning in place of its owner.


Translator's note:

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[1] – Yinshan can mean silver mountain or money mountain. I am not sure if it is a place from some story or if it just means coming over a mountain of riches.

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