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Chapter 54 part1

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They had not yet applied for the Star Alliance a.s.sessment. When the staff at Yunbao Branch learned about this matter, their opinions were very unified.

Apply, ah! Of course, they had to apply.

Even if their club did not make it onto the list this time, at least they would have gotten some experience and next time they would be better able to handle this on-site a.s.sessment.

In order to apply for it, their qualifications first needed to be confirmed by audit. After a club presented the information showing them to be qualified, they would permanently retain the right to apply for the a.s.sessment.

Yunbao Branch had never before been audited. So to apply for the Star Alliance a.s.sessment, Xia Qi first summited all the information about their club through the starnet and awaited approval.

To give more clubs the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in the Star Alliance a.s.sessment, the standard of the audit had been deliberately lowered. In theory, with Yunbao Branch’s current conditions, they should have no problem pa.s.sing the audit.

However, Xia Qi was still a little nervous. After submitting the data, she periodically checked the starnet for the results.

The audit was pending for nearly two days. Xia Qi had begun to feel quite anxious when she checked the page and at last saw the bright red “pa.s.s” sign.

“Pa.s.sed, we pa.s.sed!” Although they had only earned the right to apply, Xia Qi’s face was still full of joy and she immediately shared the news with the other members of the club.

In less than half a year the club had gone from being in a terribly shabby and worn-out state into how it was today, Xia Qi was both proud and happy.

Hearing the good news, there was a trace of a smile on everyone’s faces.

Having earned the right to apply meant that the Star Alliance had acknowledged that their club measured up to their standard, there was no caretaker in the interstellar who didn’t know this.

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Therefore, to a certain extent, whether their club pa.s.sed the audit or not decided if they could hold their heads high when facing their peers.

Having watched Zarad teach the cubs basic combat and patiently instruct the mermaid in how to use his ability better, Xie Tao thought that it would be a waste to let the other go back to being a guard like before.

Under the guidance of the other, the cubs in the club had in the end learned a lot. It was quite reasonable to let the temporary tutor become the permanent fighting instructor.

As for whether the other would leave after one year’s work as per the agreement, this matter was a discussion for a later time.


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