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Chapter 51

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I know that these dots might seem ominous, but don't worry, it's a long and complete chapter. I just wanted to say, for those who missed my posts about it, my site is nonfunctional due to some problem with my backup plugin, which occurred after my host fixed a server issue. I have contacted them but I haven't received a response yet (what they did seem to have messed things up for a lot of people). Fortunately, I have this wattpad account so you can still read it here. Enjoy~

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The sparkling and translucent pendant put on by the youth gently rested against the mermaid cub's skin. Its cool touch made the cub nestled in Xie Tao's embrace like it very much.

The feeling was like touching the sea and the mermaid race had a natural love for water.

Xie Tao stood in front of the two graves for a while. Because of what he had just said, the mermaid cub he was holding was now looking at the two pictures embedded on the gravestones in front of him.

The stones couldn't speak or move, there were only silent photographs embedded on them.

Looking at those photographs, the mermaid cub nestled in Xie Tao's arms instinctively hugged and snuggled into the youth's embrace.

Although he did not know what those standing stones were, the little mermaid instinctively wanted to express his dependence on the youth who held him and at the same time seek security from him.

"Gale, be good."

In response to the cub's dependence, Xie Tao hugged the little mermaid closer.

To Xie Tao's surprise, he saw the Knox lower his head a bit. He did not know if it was intentional or not, but the small horn on the left got closer to the mermaid cub's hand.

Xie Tao watched as the mermaid cub nestled in his arms reached out and grabbed the Knox's horn. After the cub had successfully grasped it, Xie Tao touched the cub's head again and soon the cub's tail fin was back to gently swaying back and forth.

As he was coaxing the cub, Xie Tao glanced over at the Knox whose horn was being gripped by the cub. He was actually quite amazed. The Knox had let the little mermaid grab his horn. To some extent, it could also be considered as coaxing the cub....

All the planned trips on Hailumite had been completed and the stars.h.i.+p tickets had been booked. That evening Xie Tao boarded the s.h.i.+p together with the cubs.

Several days later, they arrived at Gaia. The first thing Xie Tao did when he returned to Yunbao Branch was to take out the small bottle he had filled with holy spring water and sit down on the carpet-covered floor in the living room.

The cubs who had just received basic combat training from Zarad were now sitting in rows around Xie Tao. He had temporarily stopped several cubs from trying to climb onto him and gently asked them with a warm voice to be good and sit down first.

The water in the transparent bottle was sea-blue. Xie Tao began from the left and one by one smeared the holy water on the cubs' fluffy foreheads.

Not all foreheads were fluffy, such as the Moye cub. When Xie Tao reached out his finger towards him, the cub hummed and shook his pointy tail behind him.

While Xie Tao marked the other cubs heads, the huge Muka cub waited a bit away, at the very edge of the group. When it was his turn, because of the cub's height and position, Xie Tao stood up.

Vertical scarlet pupils stared at the close by youth. The Muka cub had a dreadful appearance which could easily be frightening. If it was a normal person, they would most likely not dare to move when faced with those fierce and cold eyes.

Although he was still just a barley one year old cub, this Muka cub was much taller than the average adult humanoid and his huge body made this scary Muka cub seem even more aggressive.

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However, Xie Tao calmly stood in front of the Muka cub, raised his hand and patted the cub's sharp forearm. He then extended a forefinger wetted with holy water towards the cub.

Xie Tao took a closer look at the fang he had suspected was about to fall off. Having confirmed that it could fall off by itself, Xie Tao nodded to the Muka cub.

Seeing the youth nod, the dangerous creature with the dreadful appearance closed his mouth and motionless stared at the youth silently.

This was actually a docile gesture. The Muka cub had completely dropped his sharp forearms, indicating that the cub was very submissive to the youth in front of him.

Mukas were a natural fighting race and their bodies had evolved to adapt to combat.

The race's appearance had its roots in a very distant era, but it was first after a long time that it had evolved into what it was today.

Getting their second set of teeth was a sign that a Muka cub had become a qualified hunter. In this race, because living resources were precious, even cubs needed to improve their fighting ability as soon as possible.

"When the other tooth starts to fall off too, come to me so that I can have a look."

Xie Tao met the two scarlet eyes and said this sentence slowly.

He had drawn this cub in the other world. When he drew the Muka cub, Xie Tao had made him into a chibi, the cub had become very adorable in the picture.

The cub's actual appearance looked quite dangerous, but Xie Tao knew that this Muka cub was actually very obedience and, just like the other cubs, was a good baby.

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