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Chapter 43 part2

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It seemed that they had gotten hold of the right person, it was just that… Xie Tao pulled Zarad aside a bit and lowered his voice, “Taking a person like this…”

“Legal, it’s legal.” Before the youth could finish, Zarad repeated it twice and gave the other a rea.s.suring look in pa.s.sing.

The investigators and interrogators were silently watching this scene. Even though they were unable to digest the fact that their previous direct superior was now volunteering to be a gatekeeper at a nursing club, they couldn’t even speak a word about it to anyone.

It was no wonder that some people in the army had forwarded a video of a cub raising club before, it turned out that it was out of kindness as a favor for the general.

“You said you would not let the Houdie take revenge on me, you must keep your word.”

After receiving the money, Ogie had done the shameful deed and then quick left to hide away on another planet. Included in his agreement with the Houdie family’s master was that he would never set foot, or fin, on Hailumite again.

Now that he had been found, there was no way he could simply speak about this matter without first getting some rea.s.surance.

“All right.” The person who had earlier been in charge of the interrogation said these two words and immediately silenced the other.

With a witness to back up their claim, their stance in this matter would be absolutely reasonable. Xie Tao now felt very secure and calm.

They had long predicted that the other side would most likely try to use the law to take the cub back. It therefore did not come as much of a surprise when they a few days later received a notice from the Supreme Court of the Star Alliance.


Today he hadn’t seen his parent at all. When Xia Qi walked over to feed the two cubs in the indoor pool, the mermaid cub swam up to the edge and issued this sound in a questioning tone.

The mermaid cub’s little tail swayed under the surface. His blue eyes moved back and forth, trying to look behind the person in front of him.

Xia Qi temporarily put down the nutritious meals in her hands and squatted down to touch the mermaid cub’s soft blonde hair. “Papa had to do something and is not here. He will be back soon.”

Getting this response, the cub lightly issued a sound again.

Xia Qi gave him a gentle smile and patted his head. She was thinking about resuming the original task but when she moved her hand away, the mermaid cub unexpectedly solidified a tiny ice flower with his powers and held it up in front of her.

“… So good.” For a split second, Xia Qi even felt her eyes get a little wet. Naturally, she immediately accepted this gift.

How could anyone want to abandon such a good cub, Xia Qi could not understand.

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The Supreme Court of the Star Alliance was situated on s.h.i.+lolin, which was also where the Star Alliance headquarters was located. Zarad could not be more familiar with the planet.

The jury was seated around them in a circle, elevated slightly higher than the platform in the middle.

Having confirmed that all personnel was present, a glimmer pa.s.sed across the sky above as the open circular building was enveloped by a transparent barrier. Thereafter a clear sound came from the recording system. It echoed throughout the Supreme Court of the Star Alliance.

This sound represented the formal beginning of the trial——


Translator’s note:

The trial is finally beginning!! I can’t wait to see those Houdie people get publicly shamed and punished for their crime, hehe… (creepy laughing)

Btw, I really loved this chapter, not only have they now secured a witness, we also got to witness Xie Tao’s hilarious exchange with Zarad! There is also the interrogators and investigators reaction to Zarad’s new ident.i.ty and, as usual, the moe gifted by our precious little Gale~

Here is a quick drawing I made of it:

I’m really craving fan art so I’m hoping that me putting my elementary school level drawing here will give you guys courage to draw your own. (☆_☆)

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