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Chapter 43 part1

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Surpreme Court of the Star Alliance

For the time being, the “villain” in the cub’s eyes had been driven away, but the people at Yunbao branch could not relax just because of this. They all knew that the real storm was still ahead of them.

They didn’t know what kind of means such a big family would use, but they had made a decision and everyone now held the same mentality.

When Zhao Chuan had been dismissed by the new vice president, Lin Yi actually wondered whether it would be his turn next.

The work att.i.tude he had shown at that time was because of the salary being what it was. He had basically only done what he was supposed to do and nothing else.

But despite this, he had not been dismissed. Lin Yi actually felt that it was quite unexpected.

Afterward, he had continued to stay and work at the branch. He watched as the club gradually developed and he clearly felt that the cubs in the club became much happier and more comfortable than before.

The colleagues around him very attentively and diligently cared for the cubs every day. Influenced by this atmosphere, Lin Yi became more serious and had during this period developed a sense of belonging towards Yunbao Branch. Just like everyone else, he did not want to give in this time.

“Where we go from here is for you to decide.” Being informed that the person sent by the Houdie family had been driven away, the president simply nodded and with one sentence handed over the decision-making power to the youth in front of him.

Subjectively, the president approved of not letting the cub go back to a family who had deliberately abandoned him. But he would never be able to be as unwavering as the youth if he was to handle this matter himself.

The president was already quite old and was always feeble when it came to managing the branch.

In the Yunbao Branch’s most difficult time, Xie Tao had appeared. Seeing the other’s contributions to the club, the old president now regarded the youth as his successor.

When the time was right, he would consider handing over the official position as the president of Yunbao Branch to the other.

With the old president’s words, Xie Tao erased the last worry in his heart. Before the storm reached the sh.o.r.e, Zarad finally managed to get hold of a person who could turn the tide in Yunbao Branch’s favor.

This man had actually been caught two days ago, but it had taken some time to pry open his mouth and to bring him from another planet.

Six people walked through the front gate of the club. Except for the cowering anxious man in the middle, the other five people surrounding him had an att.i.tude similar to that of a guard. Standing with straight waists, they seemed very organized and disciplined.

Seeing such a group of people, Xie Tao could not help throw a slightly inquiring look towards their gatekeeper.

Although these people had normal clothes and were all dressed very casually, the discipline nature shown in their actions made it a little hard for Xie Tao to ignore.

“These are all friends I used to work with, there is no need for politeness.” As he said this, Zarad gave the group a meaningful glance and waited for the leader to report the results.

The former Supreme Commander of the Star Alliance’s United Army described them as his friends. Even though they knew that it was to cover up the situation, the people who entered the room were still flattered.

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It was important to know that this general had once been their immediate superior, although that was no longer the case, they still had the utmost respect for the other’s outstanding achievements. In addition, their current superior was a comrade-in-arms and had a life long friends.h.i.+p with the other. They needed to show him immense respect.

But as the work of prying people’s mouths open was not their specialty, they had s.n.a.t.c.hed over a few people from the army’s interrogation department and dumped the task on these colleagues.

The army’s interrogation department was usually responsible for interrogating the most iron-willed people. Now that they were dealing with an ordinary person, the most mild means were sufficient.

Half a day later, the other was spilling his guts about the matter, telling them everything. They also managed to make the other nod and promised that, if necessary, he would testify against the Houdie family.


Translator’s note:

I am very curious what this “mild” entails. (>_>)

Considering that the club is like a kindergarten, this is actually quite hilarious. Well at least someone hasn’t forgotten, the two first paragraphs in the next part is basically Xie Tao pulling Zarad aside and →

Xie Tao in a low voice: “This… ‘Taking’ a person like this…”

Zarad with a poker face: “Legal, it’s legal.”

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