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Chapter 36

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Ice crystal

Most of the others were filming near the water and taking care of the cubs. n.o.body noticed the little incident happening at the back.

Xie Tao, who found himself encircled by a silver tail and firmly held by the other, did not respond for a while. As a result, Xie Tao remained in the other's grasp, floating over the steps.

As the youth in his hold did not move or speak, Ya Yi lowered his eyes a little and continued to quietly hold him in place.

However, thinking of the sudden panic that had appeared in the youth's eyes just now, he lightly tightened his silver tail around the youth's waist to silently show that he was safe.

When Xie Tao finally reacted, he reflexively reached out to grab onto the silver tail around his waist. Feeling the cold surface against his palms, he completely returned to himself and saw the current situation clearly.

“…Put me down.” With a low cough, Xie Tao said this with a subtle expression on his face.

He wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was embarra.s.sed. When the other had been in his cub form, Xie Tao had touched and hugged him, and once, in order to appease him, he had even planted a kiss in the other’s fluffy forehead.

Xie Tao subconsciously felt that there was nothing wrong with the Knox being close to him while in his cub form, and although he was conscious of him while in adult form, the familiarity in his heart weakened this feeling.

After Xie Tao uttered these words, he soon felt solid ground under his feet. The only thing was that… the silver tail was still half encircled around his waist.

Unlike the small fluffy tail while in cub form, this furless silver tail had a cold metallic texture. It almost looked like a tail belonging to a mighty silver dragon, and it seemed very aggressive.

The tail was not wrapped around his waist as firmly as before and was only partially circled around it. It reminded Xie Tao of how the Knox liked to hook his fluffy little tail around his wrist when in cub form and suddenly he could understand and accept the current situation better.

Without much thought, Xie Tao reached out his hand to touch the silver tail half encircled around his waist.

The cold was very distinct. Recently the weather had warmed up and when standing under the sun during the day, it even got quite hot. This heat made it almost unbearable for Xie Tao, and so he could not help but touch a few more times.

Naturally, Xie Tao eventually restrained his hand. After touching the silver tail for a while, he lightly pushed at the tail, indicating that he did not need to hold onto his waist anymore.

This powerful and dangerous silver tail placed around the youth's waist seemed unexpectedly meek. It could even be said to be submissive when touched by the youth, and the owner of this silver tail was the same.

The silver tail had not left the youth’s body this whole time, but once pushed by the youth, it quickly obeyed the youth’s request. However, the silver tail seemed to droop a little after returning to its normal position.

Xie Tao had found that one could read the Knox's mood from his tail. Although there was no expression on the other's face, it was easy to identify how the other felt just by looking at the tail.

When he raised the tip of his tail, it meant that he was happy, the same went for when he lightly brushed it against the back of Xie Tao's hand. Drooping his tail like that, on the other hand, was certainly not a good sign.

Light colored, cold eyes, moved and stopped on his hand. Xie Tao stepped closer and touched the adult Knox's silver hair, just like he would a cub.

“Be good.”

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As he raised his hand to touch him, Xie Tao’s eyes rested on the silver tail behind the Knox. As expected, the tip of the tail turned up slightly.

What exactly is it? Xie Tao decided to carefully investigate it later, possibly even ask Zarad. However, Xie Tao hoped that his intuition was wrong.

Seeing that the youth's eyebrows were still not fully relaxed, the Knox subconsciously moved his tail behind him and then returned to cub form, swiftly jumping into the youth's arms.


The fluffy cub stroke against the youth's chest several times, seemingly trying to attract the youth's attention. He then lightly touched the youth's palm with his two small horns.

Feeling the two small horns, Xie Tao at last temporarily put his worries aside and looked over at the group of cubs who were curiously exploring the new place.


Translator's note:

I did say that I would try my best to do a whole chapter this week, but ultimately I only made it 65% through. But not to worry, I will publish the remaining 35% tomorrow. Since there is so little left I will put it in the same post, however I will update my blog with a note so that my followers will get a notice when I publish the remaining part.

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I tried hard to not cut off at a cliffhanger this time. However, even though the chapter is now turning its focus away from Ya Yi and the black mark, there is still more to look forward too. Just read the t.i.tle and you will know that there is another important event coming up. ^ ^

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