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Chapter 35 part2

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With the two cubs in his arms, Xie Tao walked up to the water’s edge and gently placed the cubs in the shallow water.

Although it was just an ocean environment fabricated by an environment simulator, the mermaid cub could still not help but shake his tail lightly when he looked at it.


The mermaid cub glanced at the water and then back at the youth. He wanted to explore the waters, but he did not want to leave the youth who was standing on the sh.o.r.e. Ultimate the mermaid cub did not swim into the deepest part, but stayed nearby and tried his hardest to call out to the youth with a strong and clear sound.

“Gale, go and have fun.” After Xie Tao said this, he stood still to make clear that he would stay there and watch.

Hearing his words as well as seeing that he did not move, the cub felt rea.s.sured enough to swim and explore the depths of the sea with a sense of novelty.

For many of the other cubs, this was also their first time seeing the ocean and just like the mermaid cub they were filled with curiosity and excitement, many of them trying to enter the water to play.

Lin Yi had prepared all the shooting tools early in the morning and now directed the camera at this simulated ocean area. This was something that the staff had discussed and decided before.

They were going to introduce the new venue to the cubs and let them play to their heart’s content. In the meantime they would also take some pictures and later update their club’s official Xingyou account, taking the opportunity to make a new promotional video as well.

When Lin Yi was taking the pictures, Xie Tao lifted the round cub lying on his shoulder and held him in his arms. He gently stroked his back and touched the two small horns in his head— objectively speaking, the Knox cub should not be included in the picture.

Xie Tao believed that the wrongdoings of his race should not be put on the young Knox’s shoulders and that he shouldn’t be held responsible for their sins. The cub had still been in his egg when what happened took place, he had not done anything wrong. He was a good child.

To this day, Xie Tao still believed this. But he also knew that others did not feel the same as he did and that there would always be people out there that would act with blind hatred. Encountering them was inevitable.

Because of this, it was only reasonable to try to avoid conflict.

Even better would be if this conflict never happens, and the best way to do that right now was to keep the Knox cub away from the public’s eye.

“Meaah.” Softly licking the youth’s snow white fingertips, the Knox cub marked his scent and then snuggled into the youth’s embrace, simultaneously trying to half-hook his tail around the youth’s wrist.

Although he knew that the Knox was now a grown up, Xie Tao could not refuse him while he was in his current form and let him snuggle into his arms without any objections. It had already become a habit to let the cub be close to him.

The cub looked very fluffy and round, like a ball with two small horns on its head. His pale blue eyes were bright and pretty, and when he was happy he would unconsciously tilt his tail and make a low sound in his throat. No matter how you looked at it, it was very difficult to refuse this adorable creature.

Touching and touching, Xie Tao traced his fingers along the cub’s soft fur all the way to his fluffy little tail. It was at this moment that he suddenly thought of something and paused his movements.

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He didn’t know why, but several times before when he was touching the Knox cub’s tail, he had noticed that Zarad seemed to have a subtle look on his face.

But almost at the same time, Xie Tao found that his arms were empty.

The Knox cub was gone.

In the next second, Xie Tao suddenly felt something firmly encircling his waist, stopping his fall backward. He looked up and met a pair of cold light blue eyes with sharp pupils.

What was wrapped around his waist was…

The adult Knox’s silver tail.


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