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Chapter 30

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Will new cubs come?

The ident.i.ty of the person who had posted this message on Xingyou was not fake. The thank you letter had indeed been written by that Kuhti cub’s parents, but they had thanked someone completely different from who everyone had expected. This made those who thought that they had already figured out the truth behind the matter, feel caught off guard.

Yunbao Branch…?

Not Ary Branch???

Repeatedly reading the name to which the thank you letter was addressed, most of the people who had followed the popular topic were now completely stunned. This unexpected change was too sudden… Their brains struggled to take in this new piece of information and unable to react, they could only stare blankly at the unfamiliar name at the top of the thank you letter.

In the letter, the cub’s parents expressed their sincerest thanks to every staff member at Yunbao branch. Just by reading the text, one could feel the joy and genuine grat.i.tude behind it.

It was easy to see from the writing that the cub’s parents had been very affected by the event and had been emotional when writing the letter.

This had also indeed been the case. Fuya had written the letter when she had first learned that the cub could fly. It had been a very sudden but nice surprise and her heart had of course been full of unspeakable excitement at that time.

Originally, she had intended to post the thank you letter on Xingyou right after writing it, but she had changed her mind after recalling the upcoming flying compet.i.tion.

It could be said that Fuya strived to give Yunbao as many benefits as possible. At that time, she had not thought that her cub would win first place, but she had felt that it would give more momentum if she published the letter after her cub appeared in the contest and showed his newly developed flying ability.

Fuya wanted to earn some fame for Yunbao branch.

However, although she was very grateful, it was not all about thanking them. It had now been decided that her cub would permanently stay at the Yunbao branch, so of course she hoped for the Yunbao branch to develop better.

As for the recent discussion on Xingyou and Ary branch getting credit, Fuya had not antic.i.p.ated this, but it did not affect the plan she had concerning the thank you letter.

By now, almost everyone who followed the topic on Xingyou had already read the thank you letter. In the letter, the cub’s parents said that the ‘Yunbao’ cub raising branch was very attentive to every cub’s need and provided the best care possible within its ability.

The parents particularly thanked Yunbao branch for the psychological support given to the cub, saying that it had made the cub more energetic and confident.

Speaking of vitality and self-confidence, many people could not help but recall how the three cubs, who previously had been held by that youth, had stood on that podium with their chests raised high up in the air….

This scene, which was still fresh in their memory, clearly showed that the content written in this thank you letter had not been diluted with water.[1]

They could also especially sense the parents’ serious att.i.tude when they read the last sentence in the letter.

In the name of the Leicester family, I would like to express my cordial grat.i.tude to Yunbao branch.

This thank you letter had been written by the Kuhti cub’s parents and they had even used their family name to thank them. They could no longer doubt the letter’s authenticity…

The reality of it was that it was real and that despite this, nowhere in the letter, from beginning to end, was Ary branch mentioned… The many people who had previously agreed with the public opinion were now very embarra.s.sed.

Many sneaked back to silently delete their previous affirmative remarks, then went to compliment this letter, pretending like that they were not a part of what had happened earlier.

“I mean, it was more than a half year since the cub left Ary branch, the fact that he can now fly, how can it possibly have something to do with them?”

The person who sent this message had not long ago agreed with the public opinion, but as soon as things started to turn around, he had folded like a dinner table napkin.

There were many people who took similar actions and because of this, the new public opinion spread very rapidly and before long, the name “Yunbao branch” gradually started appearing in public discussions as they gained more fame.

On the other hand, those who had previously tried to s.n.a.t.c.h credit now wore an ugly expression.

“I told you not to do these kinds of things, but you still didn’t listen.” At Ary branch, a staff member frowned at her colleague, both her words and expression were full of dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, their club’s official account was not managed by the other and he had only been able to toss around his own private account, otherwise this mess stirred up by the other would have been much bigger.

Hearing his colleague’s reprimanding words, Seaver’s expression immediately became even more unsightly.

It was completely true that the Kuhti cub had stayed at their club barely half a year ago, it was also true that their caretakers had used their spiritual energy to guide the cub every day. He had not put a single lie in his comment, so how could it be regarded as foul play?

But now that things had turned out like this, he could not confidently refute and could only hold back his words.

Before, Seaver had felt that it would be an easy feat to help his club claim credit for making the Kuhti cub fly. After all, that so-called Yunbao branch was clearly a club without fame or strength.

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But who would have thought that just as he was about to succeed, something like this would happen?

Under this comment, another quickly followed.

“I saw a Muka cub in the picture, I think this club must be very compa.s.sionate and loving.”

The Muka race’s status in the interstellar could best be described as awkward. The Muka cubs were not in the scope of nursing a.s.sociations compulsory adoption, so generally speaking, there was no branch in the interstellar who would adopt a Muka cub.

In the photo, everyone could see that the Muka was resting in a specially customized large cub bed. Just from that, it was easy to see the att.i.tude Yunbao branch had towards the Muka cub.

This Cub Raising branch, which had been forwarded by a Star Alliance general, let a Kuhti cub who could not fly— learn and master it, and even voluntarily cared for a Muka cub, was undoubtedly commendable.

Although the living environment provided by the club could be improved, it was pa.s.sable, and the care and love they showed for the cubs could also be seen as to add points to the club.

Due to this, when the name “Yunbao branch” came into public view for the second time, it officially entered the range of clubs that some parents considerate sending their cubs to. It had truly begun to stand out amongst the numerous nursing clubs in the interstellar, reaping its first piece of fame.

At this moment, Xia Tao had just returned to Yunbao branch with the four cubs and when he met the others’ cheerful expressions, he still had some doubts.

Xie Tao’s first reaction was not to be happy or to celebrate, but to want to understand the cause and the effect it would have on the public.

Would they really have new cubs coming soon?


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[1] – It had not been diluted by water, means that it had not been exaggerated.

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