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Chapter 130.1

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Chapter 130.1

When the eggs of the nox cubs brought back to the Yunbao Branch were all broken, and while he was busy taking care of these newborn cubs, Xie Luan still thought of the grown-up cubs in the parallel world line and Ya Yi in that world from time to time.

Even if he touched the huge clock on the capital star of the Saen tribe, there would be no reaction. Xie Luan wanted to go to the parallel world to see if the grown-up cubs were doing well now. It was impossible— –

Theoretically so.

But just as Xie Luan lowered his head slightly for a moment, he found himself entering a s.p.a.ce that was not unfamiliar, and then he saw the golden ball of light after a long time.

“Xia Zuo?” Xie Luan was stunned. He thought that the golden ball of light had completely disappeared when he finished guiding him, but now the other party appeared in front of him again.

It seemed that he could see what Xie Luan was thinking, and the golden light ball quickly conveyed his voice to Xie Luan’s mind: “In order to establish a link between you and this world and successfully deceive the rules, I did almost completely disappear. This ball of light is the last consciousness I split off, so I will of course also disappear after this.”

“But it seems that the G.o.d of luck favors me, and I can still appear here. In order to thank you for saving this world, I am here to help you complete a wish.” The other party said.

In line with Xie Luan’s previous conjecture, Xia Zuo was indeed a member of the Saen clan. The other party was supposed to be the successor of the Prophet Klay, but because he saw the ending of the world, he sacrificed himself to change the ending.

There were three prophets in the Saen tribe, and when the previous prophet reached a certain age, he would start to train his successor.

Choosing a point in time, returning to the past briefly, and being able to peek into the future with subjective consciousness were all Xia Zuo’s personal abilities. In the Saen tribe, Xia Zuo was recognized as a genius.

But now no one in the Saen tribe remembered Xia Zuo, and there was no trace of the other party in the current world. This was the sacrifice, or the price, that the other party paid to change the ending.

Just like last time, Xia Zuo was still pressed for time. After responding to Xie Luan’s conjecture, the other party immediately began to act.

Xie Luan was still thinking about what the other party meant by helping him fulfill a wish, and the scene in front of him changed completely in the next second.

“Hmm…” The slight dizziness he felt made Xie Luan raise his hand to rest on his forehead. After a while, he could really see the surrounding scene clearly.

Not only the sight in front of him, but also the silver tail wrapped around his waist and the cub whose flapping wings slammed into his arms made Xie Luan slightly stunned.

Here was…


He suddenly arrived on the ark s.h.i.+p again, and this time it wasn’t just himself who was sent over, but Ya Yi and the other five cubs also came together.

Sometimes being able to fly was an advantage. The chubby cub with goose-yellow feathers and the black dragon cub flew into Xie Luan’s arms one after another. At this time, the Wek cub was leaning against Xie Luan and the small mermaid was grabbing his trouser legs with his hands, while the Muka cub obediently stood beside Xie Luan.

Although he didn’t know what happened to this sudden teleportation, as long as the young man was by his side, these cubs were not panicked and afraid of this sudden happening but were instead very relieved.

As long as the cubs were close to their parents, they could feel at ease without thinking too much. Ya Yi immediately wrapped his tail around Xie Luan and included the other cubs into the protection circle.

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Although there were familiar buildings in front of him, it was true that this ark s.h.i.+p was Gaia, but this nox was also keenly aware of some subtle differences.

“Is it…” He didn’t feel any hostility from the invaders, so Ravi, who stood up, said in a low voice. The few people around who heard him whispering didn’t speak, but their attention was obviously focused on the virtual panel in front of them.

The soldiers on the ark were ordered to immediately bring the invaders to the main hall. If the invaders were a black-haired human youth, they were not allowed to use any force.

For this somewhat strange order, except for the soldiers who newly joined the legion who didn’t understand what was going on, most of the soldiers in the legion understood the reason and immediately became more cautious in their actions.

Not surprisingly, when Xie Luan walked out of the room with the cubs and a nox, he encountered a group of soldiers with beam weapons in that pa.s.sage again.

Sure enough, he had come to this world line again – after it was really confirmed, Xie Luan’s mood at this time became very complicated and unspeakable. Of course, he was very happy, and he wanted to see the few people he was worried about in this world soon.

The soldiers who came with weapons did not raise their weapons at first because they considered the youth they might encounter, and their muzzles were all facing the ground.

These soldiers were not stunned when they saw Xie Luan. But when they saw the adult nox standing beside Xie Luan, they stood stunned on the spot.

They just… didn’t they meet the leader in the main hall?

Did he come here first with s.p.a.ce abilities? Soldiers could only think of this explanation.

“They are not the enemy, this is…” Xie Luan gently pulled Ya Yi who lived next to him, but he didn’t know where to start, so he had to say first, “You should understand when it’s over.”

The youth didn’t come to their ark alone this time and had instead brought several cubs. For some reason, the soldiers who were leading Xie Luan always felt that these cubs gave them an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

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