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Chapter 127.1

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Chapter 127.1

After Yunbao became the number one cub nursing club in the StarCraft, the ranking did not change in the next Star League a.s.sessment, so the Yunbao club had continued to rank first.

At the end of this year’s a.s.sessment, Xie Luan received an invitation.

It was an invitation from Senna Star, and the signature was Duke’s, who invited Xie Luan to visit Senna Star again.

It had been several years since he last went to Senna, so Xie Luan could not help running away a little while holding the specially handwritten letter from the other party.

Senna… this planet, don’t know what it was now?

When he went a few years ago, Xie Luan and the Muka tribe on the planet planted many small saplings in the wilderness.

The saplings of Darrow Tree had a high adaptability to the environment and were very easy to grow. By this year, they should have grown up.

Speaking of which, the Muka cubs staying in the Yunbao Club had not returned to their hometown for several years. After receiving this letter of invitation, Xie Luan soon had an idea in his heart.

“Nick still want to visit his hometown again?” Xie Luan walked to the Muka cub who was staring at him with scarlet eyes not far away and raised his hand to touch the sharp forearm of the Muka cub.

After asking the cub, Xie Luan turned his head slightly to look at other Muka cubs who were a little smaller, but already taller than him, and asked softly, “Do you want to go back?”

The Muka cub who was questioned by Xie Luan quickly responded with a low hiss from his throat. Nick lowered his head in front of Xie Luan and arched into Xie Luan’s arms while making a hiss.

Even if he couldn’t see the expression, Xie Luan could feel the emotions of these Muka cubs. When he finished speaking, the Muka cubs in front of him showed a happy mood.

Xie Luan talked about this with the others in the branch and booked a flight ticket to Senna Star for two days later and the return ticket also on the same day.

Unlike the scarcity of flights a few years ago, all major Star Airlines companies now had flights to Senna, which was now no different from other planets.

Duke, who sent the letter of invitation, said that he would pick them up at the airport that day. After thinking about it, Xie Luan gave up the idea of using the Ark s.h.i.+p.

Since the Kuhti’s technical department developed a new type of commercial stars.h.i.+p last year, all major star airlines had basically started using that commercial stars.h.i.+p this year, and the travel time to each planet could be almost reduced by several times compared with the previous years.

It was not too slow to take a business stars.h.i.+p now, so he won’t use Gaia anymore.

“Let’s go out.” Looking at the outdoor weather, Xie Luan beckoned to the Muka cubs who had come out of the bedroom early today and was waiting for him in the hall.

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Xie Luan told these Muka cubs yesterday that they were going to Senna Star today, so these Muka cubs woke up very early. Before Xie Luan came to the living room, they had already consciously got up from the bed.

The nox cub, whose horns were touched by Xie Luan lightly, whispered, and slightly squinted their round blue vertical pupils when Xie Luan was touching the horns.

When Xie Luan finished coaxing them like this, these fluffy and round nox cubs removed their bodies, which actually didn’t have much weight, from Xie Luan’s shoes.

Xie Luan finally stretched out a finger to these nox cubs. After each of these cubs circled their plush tails around his fingers, Xie Luan stood up.

After several years of development, Gaia Star now had an airport not far from the Yunbao branch. They didn’t even need to ride a suspended vehicle and could reach there after walking for ten minutes.

The phrase Xie Luan just said, “Let’s go” was not only to the Muka cubs waiting for him in the lobby early in the morning, but also to Ya Yi who had gone to the living room with him.

Now coming out of the gate of the Yunbao Branch, Xie Luan was followed by a total of nine Muka cubs and an adult nox, which could be said to be very eye-catching.

The attention of pa.s.sers-by and tourists was mainly on the nox next to Xie Luan, with silver hair and cyan eyes, and the iconic silver tail behind him-this was currently the only adult nox in the interstellar. Of course, he would attract everyone’s attention.

But the nox, who was at the center of attention, did not change his cold eyebrows at all, and his gaze stayed on the young man next to him.

The sights cast from the surroundings were all friendly. Xie Luan had a soft expression on his face because he understood this. Now this nox didn’t need to hide his ident.i.ty when he went out, and he could go wherever he wanted to go with a lot more openness. There was no need for him to go back into a cub shape and attach a small cloak to avoid troubles as before.

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