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Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

After the war got over, the enemy was also surely eliminated. Starcraft, which was in a period of peaceful development before the Serra’s invasion, had experienced the incidents that took place against various races. Now it had truly ushered in the “golden era” that originally existed only in the imagination of scholars.

In an environment where there was no war, the various races resumed development, and the development speed was much faster than before.

If they continued in this state, everybody believed that within a short time, all races could achieve their expected prosperity.

The nox race still had close to a hundred surviving cub eggs, and the fact that these cub eggs were transferred to the Yunbao Branch to take care of was now a well-known thing in the entire interstellar.

There were so many cub eggs, this race that made them deeply guilty and grateful would not go extinct, and its blood would continue to thrive.

This was great news for all races in the interstellar world.

The nox they thought of as the last before was also in this cub nursing branch called “Yunbao”. Almost not long after the news spread, Xie Luan received various anonymous grants one after another.

This part of the donation was used by Xie Luan to further improve the living environment of the cubs. There were so many cubs in the branch at once, and objects such as bed and nests also needed to be purchased.



Nox cubs, who had just been barely born, surrounded Xie Luan with round eyes, with two small horns on each head. The fluffy tail behind them seemed to want to touch Xie Luan at all times.

The cub eggs that were brought back to the holding room of the Yunbao Branch all successfully hatched in the next three months. Xie Luan had checked them. Every nox cub born from the hatched eggs were healthy and had very active life response.

They just didn’t know why, as long as Xie Luan was in the holding room, nox cubs who had just been born without exception would drill into his arms, arch their body into his arms or rub their small horns against his head. All of them, from the very beginning, showed close dependence on Xie Luan.

It was the first time that so many nox cubs were seen in the current interstellar s.p.a.ce. It was an amazing miracle.

Looking at these special cubs with two small horns on their head, as well as round as marble blue vertical pupils, plus the small plush tails that were constantly trying to touch the youth, the other caretakers watching by the side couldn’t help but pause for a while as they saw Xie Luan being surrounded by the cubs.

The cubs of the nox race were a bit too cute. As they continued watching, Xia Qi couldn’t help but think so.

There were too many cubs who wanted to get close to him, even if Xie Luan hugged them one by one, it would take a long time to finish coaxing all of them.

But there was no other way, in order to make these cubs happy, Xie Luan could only do this.

There was clearly an adult nox beside Xie Luan, but although these nox cubs were obedient to Ya Yi, they still preferred to get close to Xie Luan only, unless Xie Luan was not there, then these nox cubs would choose to be close to Yayi, who was in second place.

Xie Luan picked up a nox cub that was closest to him and was waiting obediently for him to hold him. After picking it up, he touched the cubs’ round head with his fingers as he did to Ya Yi at the beginning when he only had a small horn.

“Huh.” As soon as the young man touched his horns, the cub made a low whine. The nox cub arched into Xie Luan’s arms first, and the fluffy tail behind him tried to touch Xie Luan’s finger.

Because Xie Luan and Ya Yi were the first to find these cub eggs on Attia star, and Ya Yi happened to be an adult nox, these nox cubs who were born shortly after, actually saw the young man and the adult nox next to him as their parents.

Seeing that little fluffy tail trying to touch his finger, Xie Luan laughed for a moment, and quickly stretched his finger over.

He didn’t know if it could be said that it was an inherent characteristics of the race. This nox cub could originally only touch Xie Luan’s fingertips with his tail. But after a few touches, he learned to use his tail to half-hook Xie Luan’s finger.

Ya Yi, who was next to him, glanced at this scene, but made no sound, and put the silver tail behind him around Xie Luan’s waist.

There was still a place in his arms, Xie Luan simply hugged two more nox cubs, and the three pairs of round blue vertical pupils looked at Xie Luan’s face together.


Being held by the young man, these nox cubs looked particularly obedient as they nestled in Xie Luan’s arms.

The cubs of the nox race looked a little round, Xie Luan looked at the eyes of the few nox cubs in his arms, and then turned to look at the adult nox who was wrapping his waist with a silver tail and couldn’t help reaching out to touch the corner of the adult nox’s eye.

This nox’s eyes were so round when he was a cub, and they became particularly beautiful when he grew up.

These cub eggs hidden in the underground s.p.a.ce and surrounded by special devices were the last move of the nox for the continuation of their race, and one of their last hopes.

The pa.s.sage in the underground s.p.a.ce could only be opened when it sensed the arrival of the same clan. The removal of the protective device did not only require a nox to drop blood into the groove of the console, this nox must also be of the royal family.

The other royal families of the nox were sacrificed in the fight against the invading foreign enemies. Although it had not been born yet, they could already be regarded as leaving the most powerful cub egg behind.

In the very short time before the big bang, apart from moving nearly a hundred cub eggs into the underground s.p.a.ce, they also successfully protected the cub eggs. This was the other half of their race’s hope.

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The royal family should shoulder the responsibility of protecting the people. If it were not for this disaster, this cub egg should be the prince of their race after it was born.

After going through hards.h.i.+ps and after such a long time, these cubs had finally ushered in the opportunity to be born out of their

This in itself was like a miracle. All races in the interstellar hoped that this wonderful miracle would continue. Like Xie Luan, they looked forward to the healthy growth of these nox cubs.

When it came to the fact that there were so many nox cubs sticking to Xie Luan during this period, did it affect Ya Yi?

Of course, the answer to this question was yes, and it was in a way that neither of them expected.

After taking the cubs to the bedroom at night, except for the staff on duty, all the other staff would return to the staff dormitory to rest.

Xie Luan also went back to his room, given that he had been too tightly glued by the group of nox cubs who had been wooing him during the day. At night, the big nox who slept in the same room with him seemed to be trying to get something back, not to mention that he kept him surrounded with his tail, many times he would een toss him until the middle of the night.

Being approached by this adult nox with only a silver tail, Xie Luan gave up resisting as usual. Anyway, even if he resisted at first, this nox lowered his head to kiss the tip of his ear and used his eyes, and he had no will power. In the end, he would definitely agree.

Xie Luan’s earlobes were a bit sensitive at first, so he had to wait for this nox to stop kissing the tip of his ears. Xie Luan was also prepared that the other party would not let him go to sleep so easily.

But just when the soft touch reached the side of the neck, both of them heard the sound of the room door being opened with an ability.


They sniffed the breath as they entered into the room, led by a nox cub who had just awakened his abilities, followed by several plus.h.i.+es with two small horns on their heads. After confirming the target, the nox cubs gradually entered the room, and the round cyan vertical pupils stared at their two parents.

He could feel that Ya Yi, who was half pressing down on him, had stilled. Xie Luan saw the nox slapping the quilt with his silver tail in a rarely seen manner, showing a subtle expression of emotion. At this time, he couldn’t help but hang a hint of smile on his face.

With a low cough, Xie Luan got up and carried the nox cubs to the bed. Fortunately, not all of them came, otherwise the bed would not have enough s.p.a.ce.

Although his face was indifferent, Ya Yi didn’t make any comments on the youth bringing these nox cubs to bed and accepted it by default.

Even if he wanted to educate these cubs not to sneak out of the bedroom by themselves, it was something he could only be done tomorrow. Xie Luan let these nox cubs sleep in the middle. After lying down, Ya Yi, who slept on the outermost side, used his silver tail to half-circle him and the cubs.

The few nox cubs sleeping in the middle quickly closed their pupils with peace of mind. Xie Luan touched the silver tail that was cold to the touch, closed his eyes after putting his hand on it, and gradually lowered his breath.

There would be good dreams tonight too.

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