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Chapter 122.1

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Chapter 122.1

The Star Alliance soldiers on the Ark s.h.i.+p had a lot of mysteries in front of them that they had to pay attention to. This mystery had been drawn out as a thread in front of them, and it seemed that as long as they pulled at it, they would know the truth.

The truth would be unimaginable to them, the soldiers on the Ark had this strong premonition.

This surprise attack was not completely ineffective. Taking advantage of the enemy’s non-preparation for their attack, the Star Alliance easily sank several batches of the enemy wars.h.i.+ps but was helpless in front of that black wars.h.i.+p who in a short while was able to replenish its troops.

How many troops had still not been deployed by this monster-like behemoth? This was something that the Star Alliance troops were reluctant to imagine.

Even with Gaia’s firepower coverage, the Star Alliance was not finding it easy to deal with ordinary enemy wars.h.i.+ps, and it was still very difficult for the front line to regain the advantage from their suppressed state.

It would be great if there were more than one “Gaia”…

Witnessing the power of this Ark s.h.i.+p with their own eyes, many Star Alliance soldiers couldn’t help but have this idea at this time.

Gaia almost gave an output equal to the total of other Star Alliance wars.h.i.+ps when it came to attacking and blocking attacks. In terms of performance, even the latest type of wars.h.i.+ps of the Star Alliance could not be compared with this Ark s.h.i.+p.

But this Ark s.h.i.+p turned out to be the result of the development done by the nox race many years ago.

If there was one more s.h.i.+p, the war would definitely not be like this now.

At this time, the second attack of Gaia’s core weapon once again successfully hit the black wars.h.i.+p. Ya Yi aimed the impact at the same position as the previous attack. This attack suddenly penetrated the wars.h.i.+p’s several layers of protective s.h.i.+eld.

In the chaotic scene, it was undoubtedly extremely difficult to accurately attack the same part of a moving object, especially since it was the first time this core weapon had been used on the Ark by him.

It was just that Xie Luan couldn’t help but whisper, “In the end…”

The overall capabilities of this black wars.h.i.+p was excessive, and the technological level of manufacturing wars.h.i.+ps was obviously different, thus the Star Alliance side had been at a great disadvantage from the beginning.

Only Gaia’s performance could be compared with it, but there was only one Gaia, and there was a unique limit to who could operate it.

How many layers of s.h.i.+elds did this black wars.h.i.+p have? If Gaia was used as a reference, there were probably more than five layers.

The black battles.h.i.+p changed its shape slightly and everyone was caught off guard, and then a dazzling beam of particles swept away all the Star Alliance stars.h.i.+ps in front.

Gaia didn’t evade, the energy s.h.i.+eld opened to absorb this attack.

“After so many years, the only thing with which this universe can compete with our Serra race is still the nox race. You have been fighting for more than 30 years, why do you still have no progress.”

It seemed that this question had really puzzled them. The Serras who successfully connected to the Star Alliance communication network expressed their doubts in the video.

The Serras said this deliberately with contempt, as they often used other people’s emotions as nourishment, they had a rich understanding of the emotions of other living ent.i.ties, and they knew how to undermine the morale of the opposing army.

In fact, the Serras were very clear about how much progress the other races in this universe had made. It was precisely because they understood this that they could not allow the peace brought by the nox race to the world to continue. After the plan went wrong, they wanted to correct it for the first time.

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For the Serras, not only was the nox race itself threatening, but the way that race bought time to create peace in the universe had also planted seeds that could threaten them.

Things were connected together to build a complete truth. They were too unprepared for this truth, and everyone accepted it dumbly.

They believed that the nox was a race that almost harmed others because of their own selfish desires, but the fact was that this race gave up its racial power to protect their world.

In other words, more than thirty years ago, the noxes protected them from this powerful enemy.

However, as the protected, they added unnecessary infamy on the other, and they were not friendly to the last and only surviving member of this race.

The feeling of guilt, or rather shame, spread in the hearts of everyone who knew the truth, and this emotion made them lower their heads slightly.

Among the only people who were not surprised by this truth were probably Xie Luan and the Saens who had just arrived on the battlefield.

Xie Luan was the first to learn the truth, and the latter believed Xie Luan’s words.

At the moment when everyone’s emotions were in turmoil, this momentary gap was exploited by the enemy and used.

“I’m not trying to protect the world.” Ya Yi’s reaction to the truth was still very small, he just said so to the young man next to him.

He knew the sacrifices made by his race, but unlike his race, Ya Yi did not want to protect the world because of a sense of belonging, but because the youth lived in this universe.

Xie Luan also hugged the nox’s tail, and at this moment, he replied in a warm voice: “But from the point of view of everybody else, you are protecting this world.”

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