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Chapter 120.2

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Chapter 120.2

This was what happened on a morning in Gaia’s winter. The morning that should have been calm and tranquil had not pa.s.sed. But in the middle of it, the sound of sirens sounded around the entire planet which interrupted all tranquility.

“This is… the alarm sound of the planet entering the first level alert——” Hearing this special alarm sound, the few people who had smiles on their faces suddenly froze. In addition to the stunned expression on their faces, it was inevitable that they were all a little fl.u.s.tered.

The first level of alert was the highest alert mode for a planet. It only appeared during wars. This alert mode represented that the planet was about to face extremely high threats.

Everyone didn’t know what happened suddenly, but reacted to the resounding siren, and the childcare staff of Yunbao Branch immediately began to appease the cubs in the branch.

Xie Luan reacted most quickly. He squatted down to pick up a few cubs who were obviously frightened by the sound and showed fear, soothed them by touching their backs, and gathered the other cubs in the hall to his side as much as possible.

“The sound will stop soon; babies don’t need to be afraid.” Xie Luan soothed softly. He remembered that the planet’s alarm sound should only last for half a minute.

These cubs didn’t know what the sirens meant; they were just startled by the sudden sound. As long as they were picked up and coaxed, they would almost all calm down.

After Xie Luan, the other childcare workers in the hall also began to calm the cubs’ emotions. The planet’s alarm stopped after half a minute as Xie Luan had expected. At this time, it became easier for them to comfort the cubs.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on, how did Gaia Star activate the first level alert?!”

Serious things of this level could not be accidentally done. The planet had activated the first level alert mode, but as residents of this planet, they still didn’t know what had happened.

Xia Qi quickly turned on the light brain among the voices of the people. At this time, because the number of visits was too large and too concentrated, even the star network showed a slight slowdown in response.

As soon as she opened the star network, there was no need for Xia Qi to search for anything. Now the star web pages were overwhelmed with the same information-

Hilorin Star, the location of the Star Alliance headquarters was suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy, and within a short period of time, the Star Alliance turned out to be at a disadvantage.

Including the weapons used by the enemy, everything about the enemy was completely unfamiliar to the Star Alliance and all other races in the interstellar world.

There were soldiers of different races on that terrifyingly large black battles.h.i.+p, but none of these races were known to them. These enemies all called themselves “Serra”.

It was an intruder from an outer domain, and in a very short reaction time, the Star Alliance had only had time to come to this conclusion.

The Star Alliance headquarter was severely attacked, and such news had spread throughout the interstellar within a few minutes.

They understood that this incident was unimaginably serious. Almost every planet that confirmed the information had turned on the highest level of alert mode for the first time and entered a state of preparation.

The Star Alliance was at a disadvantage in this battle, and this kind of news made it unacceptable for many people who learned the news.

The Star Alliance had an elite force composed of elite personnel of various races. The Star Alliance had a fairly high prestige in the current interstellar s.p.a.ce, especially the Star Alliance Army Department was a place where countless military aspirants from different military academies were eager to enter.

In the past few years, no matter what forces attempted to disturb the peace and tranquility of the interstellar, as long as the Star Alliance sent troops to completely suppress it, the suppression speed was so fast that even the people of the affected ethnic groups did not feel any panic.

It was equivalent to the fact that the rioters did not have time to actually do anything. The Star Alliance army had rushed to suppress it, but the Star Alliance army, which had always played the role of a peacekeeper or protector, was now in a difficult battle.

What did this mean?

The answer to the question caused panic to spread in everyone’s heart almost instantly.

“Why, how could it be like this…” Xia Qi showed an expression of extreme astonishment and disbelief. She could hardly believe her eyes, and extremely doubted whether the words she saw on the star network were true.

There was no time for people to prepare. In the first minute, they even took care of the cubs in the branch as usual, but now they said that their planet… and even the entire interstellar was facing an enemy that even the Star Alliance couldn’t deal with.

Was this a joke, how was this possible- not only Xia Qi, but almost everyone else in the room found it equally unbelievable.

But the overwhelming unified information on the star network was undoubtedly true, and the planet’s alarm had just sounded shortly after, so however much the people in the house doubted this fact in their hearts, they could not logically deny the authenticity of the matter.

“Then what are we going to do, what are we going to do now…Should we take the cubs in the club to escape?” He was born in an era of peace. War was too strange to the younger generation. Zheng Zhou obviously asked this as his mind was in a state of chaos.

“You don’t need to do anything.” Zarad replied in a deep voice, and continued to state, “The planet is now closed.” It was impossible to take the cubs to escape. There was no place to escape, and everyone was gradually coming to realize this in panic.

“It’s okay.” Xie Luan accepted what Zarad had said, trying to maintain a steady voice.

Among the people, apart from Zarad and Morrison, who had experienced many wars, Xie Luan was the calmest one.

But only he knew that under the calm surface, Xie Luan had already set off a stormy sea in his heart.

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Just as the president, he couldn’t show it when he should be playing a leading role.

Without refuting Xie Luan’s words, Ya Yi suddenly looped his silver tail around the young man’s waist, and after using the tail to pull the young man back into his arms, he lowered his head lightly against Xie Luan’s left shoulder and said in a deep and pleasant voice: “A Luan. I said this world is beautiful.”

These words were not meant to express anything, but because of Xie Luan’s infection, this nox gradually understood what Xie Luan meant by “there are many beautiful things in the world”.

And Ya Yi wanted to protect this world that was considered beautiful by the youth in front of him, and there was still the youth in this world, which was also the reason why he must protect the world.

“Is it possible to use that Ark s.h.i.+p to jump directly out of the planet’s internal blockade.” Although it was a questioning sentence, Zarad used a declarative tone. “I’ll go with you.”

When talking about this topic, they avoided the cubs in the branch. After a round of comfort by the caretakers, the cubs in the hall continued to play as usual.

“The tutors are going out for a period of time. Babies don’t need to take the basic combat course these days, but it’s better to go to the combat room to practice every day and not slack off.” Xie Luan squatted down and warmed the cubs around him with his voice as he said, “I want to go out together, as before, I will be back in a few days.”

Knowing that the cubs in the club liked to surround him, so every time he went out, Xie Luan would definitely comfort the cubs well, otherwise some cubs might make trouble after he went out.

The youth often went out because of something that must be done. These cubs could accept this thing very well. Every time Xie Luan went out, they would continue to behave well, and they would be praised when Xie Luan came back.

Xie Luan said that and the cubs in the hall quickly responded, especially the three cubs crouching on his head and shoulders responded by tweeting several times.

Utilizing the Ark s.h.i.+p’s leaping ability and invisible force field, Xie Luan and the few people left Gaia star without triggering the alarm, with a clear goal to continue to leap to Hilorin star.

In just a few days, the war seemed to have reached a white-hot stage. Even though the various races could now be regarded as working together to fight the enemy, the Star Alliance army was still suppressed. This situation had made every race in the interstellar afraid.

And just at the stage when the overall morale of the Star Alliance army was slightly and inevitably depressed because it had been suppressed, the Ark s.h.i.+p appeared. Although it was smaller than the black wars.h.i.+p, the Ark s.h.i.+p that could be regarded as a behemoth in the eyes of the Star Alliance army appeared in front of everyone.

At the beginning, the appearance of this Ark s.h.i.+p almost caused the Star Alliance forces to despair, whose morale had already been lowered. They thought that this Ark s.h.i.+p was also Serra’s battles.h.i.+p, but it turned out not to be so.

This Ark s.h.i.+p came to a.s.sist them, and the owner of this Ark s.h.i.+p, was someone no one on the Star Alliance side could have guessed

It was a nox.

Probably also the last one in the entire interstellar.

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