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Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

In fact, many races had the ability to distinguish people by their breaths, but among them, the Wek tribe was the most proficient, and their perception of breath was more acute than all other races in the interstellar.

Many races would sniff the breath of adults when they were cubs. After they grew up, they didn’t have this habit anymore, and their ability to sense breath also weakened in adulthood.

In the Yunbao Branch, apart from the staff, many cubs who liked to surround Xie Luan had discovered that the aura of the youth had changed.

“Did you learn from Ain…” He didn’t know why these cubs were smelling him today, Xie Luan picked up the cub who had put his front paws on his legs and gotten close to him to smell him. He felt a little helpless while doubting what was going on.

Although the act of sniffing the breath had no special meaning for the cubs outside the Wek tribe, the breath of the adult who was close to them had changed, so the cubs repeatedly smelled it in order to confirm it.

It was not just Xie Luan who felt puzzled. Now other adults in the room who saw this picture also felt the same. They didn’t think about the change of breath or any other aspects. Xia Qi just said at this time: “Maybe these cubs looked at Xiao Ain smelling the breath on you every day, so they are also interested in doing this today.”

Xie Luan was also inclined to think so until Ya Yi approached.

Almost not long after Ya Yi approached, the Wek cub, who was sniffing his breath in Xie Luan’s arms, moved his body and left Xie Luan’s embrace, and then turned to sniff the breath on the nox. Then he made a sound in another second.

“w.a.n.g Wu.”

This connection made Xie Luan think of something, the cub’s voice was very low, and he was humming, vaguely, Xie Luan was a little aware of why this Wek cub always sounded off when sniffing him today.

There were breath marks in many alien races. This behavior was to confirm the possession towards a partner.

There were many ways to leave a breath mark. Ordinary contact, such as touching and kissing, could also leave their breath.

It was just that such a breath mark was relatively shallow and could be retained only for a short period of time. It usually dissipated almost after a day. If you wanted to continue to retain the breath, you needed to keep marking repeatedly.

There were also ways to leave a long-term breath mark on their partner, as long as one was possessed in the true sense, the breath of the dominant party would remain on the recipient for a long time.

This consciousness made Xie Luan’s expression unnatural for a few seconds, especially when he saw the silver tail behind the nox, he couldn’t help but conceal his awkwardness with a short cough.

This tail… the thought of this silver tail tightly wrapped around his waist last night, controlling the up and down movement of his body, Xie Luan couldn’t help but look away immediately.

The other aura that had become obvious in the youth was recognized by the cubs who knew how to perceive the aura in the Yunbao Branch.

The cubs of the mermaid clan couldn’t smell the breath, but Gale already originally thought that the young man and the nox in front of him were in partners.h.i.+p. The little mermaid, who was carried into the hall by the caretaker, looked at the latter with clear blue eyes. When he opened his mouth, he uttered syllables to Ya Yi that made everyone in the room stunned.


The mermaid called out this name in a tender but clear voice, as he with his short light gold hair swayed his tail fin present at the end of his little fish tail, while his blue eyes looked brightly at the nox.

Except for the person involved, the other adults in the room were not able to react for a long time.

The little mermaid’s “Papa” to Ya Yi was too shocking for the others in the room. All of them now looked dumbfounded, such that the dumb expressions were frozen for a few seconds before they could react.

Although the current relations.h.i.+p of Xie Luan and this nox was already known to them, but the first time they heard the mermaid cub use this name for the latter, everyone still couldn’t immediately adapt.

But it seemed that this name should indeed be used… After finally reacting, everyone in the room thought about it, and reluctantly allowed themselves to accept this fact now.

The cubs were actually very sensitive to the emotions expressed by adults, and realizing the silent environment after his words, the little mermaid instinctively stretched out his hand to gently grab his parent’s clothes.

“A?” A single tone representing a question was made very lowly, and the speed of the mermaid cub’s tail fin swaying also slowed down slightly.

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“Gale didn’t call it wrong.” Xie Luan glanced at the nox, who was standing nearby. He condensed the slightly unnatural look on his face and lowered his eyebrows at the mermaid cub who was watching him.

Knowing that Xie Luan had always been worried about this mark on his body, Ya Yi took the young man’s hand to touch his neck and pecked at his fingertips: “There is no effect.”

Fingers were very sensitive to touch. Being pecked at the fingertips, Xie Luan inevitably trembled, and at the same time felt helpless at his obvious reaction.

Whether it was his gaze or kiss, Xie Luan thought that the face in front of him was too handsome and beautiful, and the nox, who he found too beautiful with blue eyes, was committing more and more fouls against him.

The problem was that this Knox seemed to know more and more how to use these advantages of his, and at certain times put forward certain requirements towards him which Xie Luan often agreed to and did not realize he was fouled until it was too late.

It was fine if there was no effect.

Yunbao Branch had now developed very well. The cubs who would join Ya Yi’s army to destroy the world when they grew up in the parallel world lines were now being taken care of.

In the parallel world line where Xie Luan arrived via the huge clock, unknown enemies were still hidden in the future. Xie Luan returned to this world before he saw that opponent appear.

Many things had changed in the world line where he was now. At present, there was a peaceful scene in the interstellar, and everything was developing for the better.

Xie Luan couldn’t help but wonder if this enemy would not appear in the future.

This idea was the best prediction. When thinking about this matter, Xie Luan always didn’t want to think about things going in the wrong direction in the future.

But the fact was that one change could cause many incalculable variables, and this variable was even big enough to catch everyone by surprise.

The entire interstellar s.p.a.ce was still presenting a peaceful scene. But above the capital star where the nox race was destroyed i.e., the s.p.a.ce above the Attia star, a twisted fissure that tore through s.p.a.ce and time was expanding.

This fissure tore apart the gloomy sky of this planet. In the fissure, the demon who was trying to pack this world into a bag like other worlds was slowly stretching out its hands along with its minions.

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