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Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

A S-rated childcare worker appeared in StarCraft, this news soon fermented and appeared on StarNet, and even the Yunbao Club had become one of the hot topics on StarNet.

The topic’s popularity did not diminish over time but had instead been on the rise for the last two days.

This was because after the last Star Alliance a.s.sessment, many parents wanted to send their cubs to the Yunbao branch to live in as it was now clear that a S-rated childcare worker had appeared in the Yunbao branch. In just a few days, queries about the enrollment quota had filled the information list of the Rainbow Club.

Now, whether it was for peers or parents from all races, Yunbao Branch had become a branch which could not be ignored.

The club moved in a new batch of cubs today.

Xie Luan took the cubs who were quite energetic to the hall. Fortunately, these cubs wanted to be around him spontaneously, and some were even crawling on him, which made Xie Luan breathe a sigh of relief.

The number of childcare workers in their branch was a bit insufficient, and new staff was needed to be recruited quickly.

“How about the recruitment notice sent yesterday? Are there many applicants?” Xie Luan swept the cubs crawling on him into his arms and touched the backs of the cubs that were round in shape. After patting and coaxing the fluffy cubs, he raised his head to ask Xia Qi.

Xia Qi nodded and replied: “It’s quite a lot. Most of them can come for an interview tomorrow and can join the job right away.”

There were more cubs in the branch, and indeed the manpower needed in all aspects had increased. It could not be handled by the existing staff, so the recruitment of new employees had to be put on the agenda immediately.

Xie Luan said that he knew and lowered his head to continue to look after the cubs around him.

Although they were newly settled cubs, these cubs seemed to adapt well to the environment and people, and they were willing to get close to him soon after getting along.

At the moment when the branch did not have sufficient manpower, these cubs were being so obedient, this was equivalent to saving them a lot of work.

“The only person the new group of cubs is willing to get close is you, president.” Zheng Zhou said this, and the others nodded.

So far, they had not seen any cubs who would not approach the youth after initial contact.

It seemed that the cubs of all races would behave well when they were carried by the youth, and they could see the youth surrounded by a group of cubs every day.

Now they only needed to recruit new staff, but the cubs’ living room did not need to be expanded for the time being.

During the last expansion, Xie Luan had the foresight to directly double the s.p.a.ce. The empty s.p.a.ce that was created after the expansion was now available to be filled.

There were many aquatic races among the newly arrived cubs. The little mermaid and Moyu cub would now have more playmates even when they played in the indoor pool or ocean simulation hall.

He gave the other cubs to Zheng Zhou to handle first. Xie Luan himself picked up the few cubs belonging to aquatic races and walked to the indoor pool.

“We have an indoor pool and an ocean simulation hall in our branch. Now I will take you to the pool first. The babies can move around in these two places freely in the future.” As he walked, Xie Luan lowered his head to the three cubs in his arms and spoke to them gently.

Two of them were cubs of the Soi clan, and the other was from the Doldo clan.

Although the former was an aquatic race, it was unexpectedly fluffy like most terrestrial races. If Xie Luan was asked to describe it, he could only say that it resembled an otter, and the cubs of the Doldo race were very similar to little dolphins.

Most of the cubs of the aquatic race had a common characteristic. They could not leave the water for too long during the cub period, and the cubs were relatively incapable of moving on land.

There were some exceptions, such as Moyu cubs, who were not restricted by this feature.

Xie Luan walked to the indoor pool holding the three cubs, and from a distance, he could see the small head with light gold colored hair emerging from the pool, followed by an immature but clear voice.


He was particularly happy to see his parent. The mermaid cub used his hands to lean on the edge of the pool and looked at the young man approaching him with his blue eyes. His icy blue fish tail swayed gently under the water.

Of course, Xie Luan heard the call. He first approached the pool and put the three cubs he was holding into the pool, and after freeing his hands, he rubbed the soft blond hair of the little mermaid leaning against the edge of the pool.

While his short light gold hair was gently being touched, this mermaid cub held Xie Luan’s trouser legs tightly. This was actually a manifestation of the cub’s dependence on his parent.

Seeing that the cub wanted to get close to him, Xie Luan stretched out his hand to pick up the little mermaid from the pool, wrapped it in a towel and wiped off the water on the cub’s body, then took the mermaid cub into his arms.

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The parent-child bonding activities of each race were different. For example, the parent-child activities of the Kuhti tribe involved the parents flying the cubs in the sky, and the parent-child activities of the mermaid tribe was the parents singing to the cubs.

Therefore, the two syllables made by the little mermaid referred to the person mentioned in Xie Luan’s words, but Xie Luan did not realize this and only responded smoothly when he heard it.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan responded softly.

When thinking, he unconsciously bent his finger and tapped it on the armrest of the wicker chair. Xie Luan caught a glimpse of the ring he was wearing on his ring finger, and suddenly had an idea in his heart.

Otherwise… let’s give back a ring to the other party.

He was the only one who wore a ring which was not very good, so he ordered a ring with the same shape so that it looked like a pair of couple rings.

There were still more than ten days before Ya Yi’s birthday, but there was no time to be wasted if he wanted to get a customized ring.

After making up his mind, Xie Luan went out on the same day to a well-known jewelry store on Gaia Star to choose a customized service. Before the specified date arrived, the jewelry store sent a staff member to personally deliver the customized ring to Xie Luan.

Xie Luan opened the box and inspected it. From the appearance, this ring looked almost exactly the same as the one he was wearing, and it was difficult to see the difference.

The reason why he couldn’t say it was exactly the same was because the gemstones and other materials used in this ring in Xie Luan’s hand were very special. It was probably the materials that only the nox race knew how to produce.

It should be okay to use this ring as the compensation…?

Xie Luan remembered that when he was on Lise Star, he went to kiss the nox without letting the other move. At that time, the nox watched him with his cyan eyes, obediently and patiently without even moving his tail. And he even let him continue to kiss him.

Looking back on this incident, Xie Luan couldn’t help but feel that he was a little too much, and the subtle guilty feeling in his heart at that time had now surfaced again.

Putting the ring box into his clothes pocket, Xie Luan coughed and waved away the subtle feeling.

Then after a few days of waiting, Ya Yi’s birthday arrived.

For the nox, in countless worlds similar to this but with completely different endings, this was the first time that there were people…and so many people, with tender and beautiful feelings towards his birth who wanted to express their happy wishes on that day.

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