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Chapter 104

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Xie Luan always felt like he was teaching the cubs badly if he was too intimate with the nox while he surrounded him with his tail, next to the two cub eggs, but he couldn’t refuse Ya Yi kissing his lips.

When he was about to be bitten on his Adam’s apple, Xie Luan held his breath in advance.

But when the breath of this nox was so close that he couldn’t get any closer, Xie Luan suddenly heard a crisp sound.

The two cub eggs in front seemed to have agreed with each other, and a small crack opened in their at the same time.

After the first sound appeared, similar crisp sounds quickly sounded one after another, and the newborn cubs in the eggs tried to move their bodies to break the eggsh.e.l.l.

Now the two people in the holding room stopped their movements. Ya Yi glanced at the two cubs who were trying to break their next to him, and slightly loosened the tails around the young man.

His attention s.h.i.+fting to the two cub eggs, unable to help the cubs break the, Xie Luan could only stare at the process of the two cubs breaking the

The cracks in the eggsh.e.l.l were more and more obvious from the inside. The lighter cub egg on the left was arched and cracked open a small hole, continuing to damage the place that had been broken a little.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, Xie Luan finally saw a cub with a frosty white tail raise a front paw from the cub’s egg on the left, and slowly get out of it.

This was a cub of the Takira race.

Xie Luan saw the cub of this race in the club soon after he came to Yunbao Club. The form of the Takira race in the cub period looked like cats, and this newborn cub, of course looked like a white cat[1].

Although it was a race that was withdrawn by nature and didn’t like to be close to others, this frosty white fluffy cub with a little bit of egg liquid stuck to it, after getting out of the eggsh.e.l.l, began to work hard to tell the youth nearby that it had been born through soft cries which were similar to meows.

Xie Luan wiped the cub with the towel prepared early in the morning. The soft towel was stained with a little agent for newborn cubs who were born after breaking their, which could clean up the cubs well. The towel made the cub’s fluff clean.

After the fur became clean, the Takira cub looked fluffy. Because the Takira race’s fur in its original form was extraordinarily rich, this cub even looked like a small ball of hair now.

A cub was born after successfully breaking its sh.e.l.l, but the cub egg on the right seemed to have encountered some difficulties. The arching movement of the top sh.e.l.l continued for a period of time and then slowed down, and the movement gradually became smaller.

“The baby work harder and you will come out soon.” Xie Luan held the cub egg from the soft cus.h.i.+on, looked at the crack in the eggsh.e.l.l that was not too small, and slowed down his voice to encourage the cub in the egg.

The life response had not decreased, and it was still safe for the time being.

The cub seemed to be tired, so it stopped attacking the sh.e.l.l. But in order to avoid the situation where the life reaction of the cub might become weak, Xie Luan used his mental power to cover the cub egg and hug the cub egg with a light blue pattern. While stroking the eggsh.e.l.l, he continued to warmly encourage the cub.

As if influenced by the encouragement of the youth, the cub egg moved again, and the cracks on the eggsh.e.l.l prolonged and expanded with a slight intermittent noise. Finally, when Xie Luan stroked the cub egg for the third time, the cub in the egg broke through the eggsh.e.l.l.

There were two obviously hanging long ears. This cub looked like a rabbit but had small deer-like horns on its head. It looked like a very magical creature.[2]

A cub of the Chero tribe, this race had an alliance with the Sevilla race to which Xia Qi belonged, and their capital star was on a planet not far from Gaia.

Without parents, the young man in front of him was the first person they saw after the two cubs were born, and they were picked up by the youth for the first time as well. These two cubs naturally became dependent on Xie Luan.

The news that the two cub eggs in the incubator had successfully broken their was soon known by all the people in the branch. Looking at the nest in Xie Luan’s arms, where putting the front paws on the small bottle, the two cubs were obediently feeding, Xia Qi and several others who ran to the holding room to check the situation all showed relief one after another.

There were two more cubs in their branch, and these two cubs were still new lives safely born in their branch. The event of welcoming the birth of life was really touching for them as caretakers.

Under the care of Xie Luan and other caretakers, the two newly born cubs pa.s.sed the period of danger in the holding room. By the full moon, these two cubs were also round, fluffy and looked very bright.

After taking care of these two cubs till they were one month old, there were still about three months for this year’s caretaker level a.s.sessment.

This year’s place for the caretaker level examination was set up in Lissing. If you wanted to take part, you had to go to Lissing’s application site to submit your personal data and collect your registration proof.

The a.s.sessment of the previous year was missed directly due to time constraints. This year’s a.s.sessment Xie Luan did not plan to let it go, so Xie Luan set off for Lissing after the two newborn cubs were a month old.

Taking the Ark s.h.i.+p could save several days of sailing time. He had experienced the speed of the Ark s.h.i.+p. Xie Luan was also lazy and didn’t book a ticket this time. He let Ya Yi start from Gaia, and the Ark s.h.i.+p opened the invisible force field and easily jumped all the way to Lissing.

This was also a planet with a peculiar sight.

Lissing did not have continuous continental plates like Gaia or the Earth. This planet was full of huge islands, some existing on the sea and some floating islands suspended in the air.

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Each island represented a city on this planet.

Xie Luan turned around and walked a few steps back, looking in the direction of the shadow, he saw a baby dragon with its dragon wings hanging down on the ground.

It was black, not because the sky was a bit dark, but the scales of this young dragon were black. This was a baby black dragon.

The cub didn’t know why it was in this place. The dragon wing on the left could be seen to have been scratched with a wound, and the bleeding had not completely stopped.

The young dragon was moving, but probably because of the wound on the dragon’s wing, the black dragon could not fly and could only move its body slowly.

It was not that there were no other giant dragons in humanoid form around, but none of these adults had gone to help this cub, and they had obviously seen that this cub was injured.

“Hey, don’t…” Someone who saw Xie Luan approach the black dragon cub, reached out to Xie Luan and tried to stop him, but couldn’t do so.

As the dragon’s wing was injured, it was not moving fast, and now the young dragon seemed to have stopped because of the pain. Xie Luan quickly approached the cub.

The injured dragon’s wings were hanging down, and Xie Luan approached and saw a baby black dragon with its head hanging down.

Being approached by a foreigner, it was probably a little vigilant. When Xie Luan wanted to take a step closer, he heard the young dragon raise its head and make a threatening sound at him from his throat.

It had amber vertical pupils, not golden ones.

When the cub raised its head, he saw the color of the opponent’s vertical pupils. Oni’s eyes were golden. It seemed that this baby black dragon was not the black dragon he had met in the parallel world line… even if it wasn’t, seeing this cub was injured, Xie Luan couldn’t leave it alone.

Dragons should all like beautiful gems. Without stepping back from the threatening sound of this young dragon, Xie Luan flipped through the s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton and finally found an emerald gem.

Kneeling down, Xie Luan shook this small gem in front of the young dragon’s eyes, and asked softly, “Does the baby want this gem?”

“Hey…” The vertical pupil stared at the gem, and only after staring at it for a long time, the young dragon made a low voice.

Xie Luan gently put the gem over, the black young dragon quickly hugged the gem with its two front paws, and then pressed it under his body.

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