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Chapter 102

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So small, the cub Xie Luan could easily pick up with one hand, lowered his head and gently licked the palm of his hand. Xie Luan was slightly startled by the warm and wet touch on the palm of his hand.

The image of a grown-up Ain, who had become accustomed to closing his eyes in the parallel world line, who was very indifferent, which was similar to that of Ya Yi and Gale in that world, appeared in his mind.

And compared to the cold look of the adult Ain, the cub who was gently licking the palm of Xie Luan’s palm seemed particularly obedient, soft and innocent in his eyes.

Xie Luan couldn’t help but sit down and hug the Wek cub like a little milk dog on his lap. Before he became familiar with the new environment, he should give the cub a sense of security.

Whenever Xie Luan came to the hall, the cubs resting or playing there would always approach him, and this time was of course no exception.

The approaching cubs easily found that Xie Luan had brought back a new companion. These cubs were not repulsed by new people and were very curious about any new companions.

As soon as the youth pa.s.sed through the hall, he attracted all the cubs in the hall like a magnet. The others in the room were no longer surprised as they had become accustomed to this scene.

At this moment, they all thought in their hearts that when the youth went to the Kalia branch this time, would such a scene also have been staged there- thanks to Xie Luan’s affinity for the cubs, everyone felt that this was really possible. They couldn’t help thinking about the expressions of the caretakers in the Kalia branch at that time.

For the cubs close to him, Xie Luan caught a few of them on his lap, and then appropriately responded to the cubs who wanted to get his attention.

“The new cub is called Ain and will live with you in the future.” According to the routine introduction, Xie Luan lowered his voice when he said the next sentence, “This baby can’t see. When he encounters difficulties, you should help him.”

Help the new companion, the young man said. Although the cubs nearby did not know how to help, but they still very obediently responded one after another.

But at the same time some cubs questioned Xie Luan.


“Huh?” The three little chubby and Riley cub had just finished playing the flying game together, and now they squatted next to Xie Luan and made a crisp cry expressing inquiries.

Xie Luan thought about what the cubs wanted to ask him, and finally said in a low voice: “If you can’t see, it’s all black in front of you. There is nothing. Ain can’t see what the surrounding things look like, like you can.”

“Chirp …… “

The crisp cries also became a little lower, although they were only cubs, but hearing the situation described by the youth they could also feel how difficult it was to “not be able to see”.

In order to express their willingness to help the cub, these three chubby cubs fluttered their wings and flew onto Xie Luan’s legs, squatted near the new companion, and straightened their furry body, “chuu chuo!”

At the beginning, it was only the chubby cubs but then the other cubs around them also began to take the initiative to get to know their new companion.

The cubs in their branch were very well-behaved.

Watching the actions of the cubs nearby, Xia Qi and others showed the gratified expressions of old mothers/old fathers.

As long as the caretakers had the motive of teaching and taking care of the cubs well, the cubs would become sensible. This was something that the caretakers of Yunbao Branch had understood through their work during this period of time.

Except for Xie Luan, the breath of everyone in the room was strange to Ain.

These different auras were recorded one by one by him using his breathing. It seemed that he did not make any action while staying on the young man’s lap, but the Wek cub actually recorded all the cubs’ auras that approached it.

After staying in the new environment for a while, Xie Luan felt that the cub on his lap should feel a little safer. He put the soft cub nestled in his lap on the soft blanket on the ground again.

“This is the hall, and it is also the place where you and other babies usually move around. Ain can try to walk here now.” Xie Luan touched the back of the Wek cub, and added in a warm voice, “I’ll be just here, don’t be afraid.”

Because he couldn’t see, this cub always had to fumble and get familiar with the environment when he got to a new place, and it was the same at the Kalia branch.

But in the Kalia branch, the cub was not accompanied when exploring the new environment. So, sometimes accidentally b.u.mping into something or tripping over obstacles was inevitable.

He originally spent about a year in the Kalia branch, so the Wek cub had become familiar with the environment, but not too long ago, the Kalia branch changed the layout of the living room which was equivalent to starting all over again for him.

Saying he was beside him, Xie Luan really followed the cub step by step.

Whenever the cub was about to encounter some obstacle, Xie Luan whispered the cub’s name to stop the other party, and then squatted down to warn him and tell him what was in front of him.

At first, he sniffed the way forward very slowly. When he found that the young man had indeed been guarding his side, the cub gradually stopped sniffing, and directly raised his front paw to take a step forward.

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This was a safe exploration, which was different from his previous careful explorations. Although there was also only darkness in front of him, this unknown darkness had become less harsh to Ain.

As if feeling the change in the youth’s mood, the Wek cub nestled in Xie Luan’s arms raised his head at this moment and looked at the place where the sound came from above.

“w.a.n.g Wu.”

Even though he couldn’t see, he was still looking towards the direction of the sound, following the breath that he had smelled, after watching Xie Luan like this for a while, the cub lowered his head to find Xie Luan’s hand and licked it gently.

After licking, the cub made a sound again as if to attract Xie Luan’s attention.

“w.a.n.g Wu–“

Xie Luan was dumbstruck for a moment, and he actually felt that this cub was comforting him.

He was rubbing against him just like a little milk dog, Xie Luan moved his gaze to meet the eyes of the cub in his arms. There was no brilliance, but he seemed to be watching him seriously.

After being “watched” by this cub several times, Xie Luan thought for a while, he picked up the cub a little more, and made the cub put a soft front paw on his face.

If he couldn’t see it, he could touch it, and then this cub would probably know what he looked like…

The claws were already retracted, and the only thing that touched the young man’s face was the Wek cub’s soft meat pads.

At first, only one front paw was attached. After a while, the cub carefully lifted the other front paw and attached it on the face in front of him.

In the next few days, Xie Luan accompanied the cub to familiarize himself with the environment in the living house. When the living house was finished, he planned to take the cub to see the other two large facilities.

“A Luan, Xiao Ain really likes you.” Looking at the cub who was sniffing the youth lightly again, Xia Qi couldn’t help but sigh.

“Huh?” Xie Luan looked down at the cub who didn’t know how many times he had sniffed his body, raised his head and issued a single questioning look to Xia Qi.

“In the Wek tribe, the first sniffing of the breath is a record. The second sniffing shows that he doesn’t hate this person. If there is more than the second time, that means he likes you a lot.” Xia Qi smiled while giving this explanation.

Seeing it every day, it was conceivable that this cub did not just like the youth, but probably had reached the level of love.

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