Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Meng Meng - 疯狂的萌萌

Chapter 730

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Chapter 730

When the Eighth Star lit up, everyone was shocked as it was completely beyond everyone’s expectation that something so otherworldly would happen today! That was not the end as the ninth star started to light up as well!

If the great elder and the third elder were still alive, they would be terrified by this situation as showed how inferior they really were!

“Great Elder, may you never be born again!” the disciple said in awe as they looked at the eighth star that shone on the sky! The person before them was truly blessed by G.o.d! They genuinely hoped that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would be reformed and step forward to become the strongest Divine Nation in Heaven World later!

Almost instantly, Yi Tianyun’s favourability point skyrocketed. Instead of harboring hatred toward Yi Tianyun, most people from Sealing Heaven Divine Nation now wors.h.i.+ped him! Even though some of them were the Great Elder’s direct disciples, after seeing something this spectacular, they know that the Great Elder was truly diabolical!

Nevertheless, some of them still didn’t want to admit Yi Tianyun’s gretness.

Regardless of that, Yi Tianyun successfully become the only one alive who could light up the most number of stars! s.h.i.+ Xueyun stared at Yi Tianyun’s back with a smile on her face. She would be lying if she said that the scene didn’t surprise her, but compared to other things that Yi Tianyun had done before, this was a mild one!

“He actually lights up the ninth star! This is impossible! This is not the descendant of the bloodline. It might be fair to say that he is the reincarnation of Sealing Heaven Divine King himself!” a disciple said in awe as the ninth star lit up in the sky.

“You might be right! Is there any story about reincarnation in the past? This might be one of the so-called reincarnations, right?” another said with a gaze full of awe.

Everyone was shocked by the scene unfolding in front of their eyes. The stars brightly shone as if mocking everyone else’s bloodline, but none of them felt hatred or any negative emotion towards Yi Tianyun right now.

They knew that the Divine Nation in Heaven World might have caught wind of this event as spying another faction wasn’t something uncommon in Heaven World, but they knew that not all faction in Heaven World would know about this immediately. Even so, the thought of other Divine Nation knowing what was happening right now arose some worry.

Everyone was excited as Yi Tianyun seemed to be the second coming of Sealing Heaven Divine King himself! But when they thought that everything was over, the nine stars exploded, and a huge star appeared behind all of them. This star was so different from the other nine that it was apparent to a naked eye even from the foot of the mountain itself!

It was the tenth star!

This scene had never happened before as no one ever saw the outline of the tenth star! Yi Tianyun himself was excited as well! He has been building up his bloodline’s strength with the power within his body to reap the best result of this test!

With every power he drew from within his body, the bloodline stone tablet shone more dazzlingly, resulting in another star lighting up in the sky! But as the tenth star light up in the sky, Yi Tianyun himself was shrouded with a dazzling light and disappeared from everyone’s sight!

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The people who have been watching the whole scene was left stunned as they saw Yi Tianyun disappeared. The light that shrouded the Bloodline Stone Tablet disappeared, and the ten stars that shone brightly in the sky immediately dimmed and covered by the cloud once again.


“Quick! We need to have the information about the person that successfully lit up the tenth star! We have to know everything about that person!”


“We have to know everything about that child! We can’t let this child live any longer. Otherwise, our future may be in danger!”


All the leader of each Divine Nation was in a panic as they started to demand information about Yi TIanyun. They thought that the Bloodline Stone Tablet would end after the sixth or seventh star, but it lit up further into the tenth star!

Now, all Divine Nations were trying to come up with a way to get rid of Yi Tianyun from the world!

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