Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3046 - EaChapter With Their Own Abilities

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Chapter 3046: Each With Their Own Abilities

When Mo Tianyun unleashed his strike, it seemed to possess the great power to create a tremendous sea of stars and mobilise the endless might within the sea of stars.

Immediately, the stars twinkled, and the terrifying power drew closer. The Force to Suck Stars unleashed from within Mo Tianyun’s Nine G.o.dly Arts slammed against the Rain Abbess’ G.o.d Tier Battle Skill with a devastating pressure.

A powerful storm of energy erupted within the spatial crack once more, sweeping through the several billion kilometers of s.p.a.ce with enough destructive power to destroy all.

Mo Tianyun maintained the upper hand in this clash. As the sea of stars slowly vanished, his lofty figure remained on the spot without budging at all. He was like a demon G.o.d, giving off an undefeatable feeling. When the storm of energy swept over, it automatically split apart, rushing past Mo Tianyun.

As for the Rain Abbess, the power of rain and clouds shook violently around her. A power of slaughter containing the power of stars weaved with the energy around her, constantly eating away at the Rain Abbess’s protective energy.

Mo Tianyun was far too powerful. Even when the Rain Abbess had already used the silver scale’s power, pushing her cultivation from the Fifth Heavenly Layer to the Seventh Heavenly Layer, she still struggled to gain the upper hand before Mo Tianyun’s Nine G.o.dly Arts even when she used G.o.d Tier Battle Skills.

The residual power of stars finally shattered all of the energy around the Rain Abbess with the power of slaughter that was about to subside, completely exposing her. However, she immediately condensed a powerful shield of energy, and only then did she completely stop Mo Tianyun’s attack.

“Rain Abbess, your strength has swelled dramatically, leaving you unimaginably powerful, but defeating me in your current state is still impossible.” Mo Tianyun did not continue with his attacks. Instead, he stood there and stared at the Rain Abbess sternly.

He was not underestimating her at all, as only he understood that he had merely gained the upper hand in his battle against the Rain Abbess. With the Rain Abbess’ current strength, even if she could not defeat him, the difference in their strength was not as great as it seemed.

“And I can sense that you have to pay quite a heavy price after using this power. The longer you maintain your current state, the heavier the toll will be,” Mo Tianyun continued.

However, the Rain Abbess remained as cold as before, completely unfazed. She snorted coldly and swung out with her sword again, using the Laws of s.p.a.ce.

She had used another G.o.d Tier Battle Skill, but this time, it clearly belonged to the Laws of s.p.a.ce.

On the outside, the Rain Abbess’ Laws of s.p.a.ce G.o.d Tier Battle Skill did not create an alarming disturbance as expected, but on the other end of the attack, it was completely different for Mo Tianyun.

In Mo Tianyun’s eyes, the world where he stood had changed in an overwhelming manner. The G.o.d Tier Battle Skill created an illusionary world in that instant. As the Rain Abbess swung down with her sword, the entire world erupted with blazing light. Endless spatial blades shot over from all directions, layering and surrounding Mo Tianyun in a rain-like barrage of attacks.

Perhaps this G.o.d Tier Battle Skill was nowhere near as disruptive as the ones used earlier, but in terms of might, it was far greater than all of the G.o.d Tier Battle Skills she had used in the past.

“Nine G.o.dly Arts, the Power to Grasp the Moon!” Mo Tianyun did not panic in the face of danger. He used a secret technique, and the endless galaxy appeared again. However, compared to the glorious illusion conjured by the Power to Suck Stars, the Power to Grasp the Moon produced a huge, circular moon within the starry sky.

The Power to Grasp the Moon was clearly even more powerful than the Power to Suck Stars. It increased the might even further on top of its original foundation.

However, when they clashed, the Rain Abbess failed to gain the upper hand yet again. Her G.o.d Tier Battle Skill was dispersed by Mo Tianyun’s Nine G.o.dly Arts once more!

“Nine G.o.dly Arts, the Power to Melt the Sun!” Suddenly, Mo Tianyun took the initiative to attack. His presence surged as his battle intent rose. Behind him, a colossal sun appeared in the illusionary sea of stars, radiating with its rays.


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The perfect fusion of the three abilities, the three powers, suddenly pushed the ninth technique of the Nine G.o.dly Arts to an all-new height, changing in terms of quality.

As Mo Tianyun unleashed the Power of Galaxies, the Rain Abbess’s expression finally changed. She became unprecedentedly stern.

In that instant, she experienced a colossal threat!

But soon afterwards, the Rain Abbess made up her mind about something, and her presence suddenly changed. A profound will immediately engulfed her.

“The Ways are in Heaven…”

“And I Stand in the World…”

“For I am the Heavenly Ways…”

The Rain Abbess called out. When she voiced that final phrase, the world immediately began to rock, and the ways resonated together. It was as if a paramount force had suddenly descended with the intention of judging all evil in the world.

The Rain Abbess had already vanished. A colossal, black figure replaced her, like an indomitable demon G.o.d, radiating with a supreme, divine might. Afterwards, it extended its colossal hand.

The palm strike seemed to contain the limits of all powers in the world, yet it also seemed to replicate the complete ways of the world. As the hand extended itself, all of the orders in the surroundings had been rewritten, giving birth to new laws.

Mo Tianyun’s Power of Galaxies that even made the Rain Abbess feel threatened directly collapsed before the huge hand.

All of the laws behind the technique had been rewritten. All of the energy had been thrown into disorder. It collapsed on itself.

Mo Tianyun’s expression had never become so stern either. He immediately bellowed out, “Nine Arts as One, World of the Primordial!”

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