Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3045 - The Silver Scale

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Chapter 3045: The Silver Scale

The punch was simple and direct, without any fancy tricks. However, when the punch was thrown, it seemed to carry the power of the entire world, the entire universe, or even the entire cosmos. The indescribably tremendous power seemed to form a colossal curtain that unfurled across the world, sweeping towards the Rain Abbess with devastating might.

Immediately, the world rocked, and the stars trembled. Darkness enveloped Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess. The region of s.p.a.ce had completely shattered, and the huge spatial crack swallowed the two of them.

The two of them were far too powerful. Even just a movement was destructive, while a strike from them was devastating.

This was no longer in the realm of summoning clouds and stirring up the rain with a flick of a wrist. Instead, it was destroying s.p.a.ce and shattering planets with a flip of the hand.

The s.p.a.ce where the Rain Abbess and Mo Tianyun fought had already sunk into devastating darkness. The terrifying powers that lingered from their clash not only prevented the crack in the world from closing up, but it even made it wider, constantly spreading to further places.

On top of that, that was only the disturbance created when they launched their attacks. Their powerful attacks had yet to formally clash together.

In the spatial crack, Mo Tianyun and the Rain Abbess’s attacks finally slammed together violently. The surging energy around them had already engulfed them completely. From afar, they seemed like two tremendous storms of energy, slamming together with indescribably terrifying speed.


A tremendous boom immediately rang out in the spatial crack. The two cl.u.s.ters of devastating energy collided together violently. The storm of energy created was so powerful that it could no longer be described with words. All of the chaotic streams of energy and temporal vortices within several billion kilometers of them forcefully collapsed as a result of the clash.

Following the strike, Mo Tianyun drew back his fist while remaining on the spot. He did not budge at all. His white robes buffeted as he gave off an unshakeable aura that swallowed the surroundings. He gave off a dominating, invincible bearing.

The powers of slaughter coiled around him, interfering with s.p.a.ce and disrupting the flow of time.

Before him, the Rain Abbess was wrapped in the power of clouds and arin, but at this moment, a large part of the power was collapsing. It was like a terrifying force beyond what it could withstand had just impacted it, making it constantly fall apart.

She staggered backwards through the spatial crack uncontrollably. With each step she took, she unleashed a great force, constantly wearing down the momentum.

The power she had withstood was far too powerful and far too shocking. Even with her current battle prowess, she could not defend against it.

Even though she was in a disadvantaged position, the Rain Abbess did not become fl.u.s.tered at all. Her gaze instead became even colder, together with undisguised fury.

Shortly afterwards, the Rain Abbess seemed to make some kind of decision. Determination flooded her face. In the next moment, the silver scale remaining on her neck suddenly vanished.

The moment the scale vanished, the Rain Abbess’s presence suddenly erupted. Her cultivation actually broke through the limit once again, climbing to a higher level against all logic.

The height she reached had already surpa.s.sed the boundaries of mid Grand Primes, well and truly reaching late Grand Prime.

At that moment, the Rain Abbess completely seemed like she had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime whether it was her cultivation or comprehension.

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The Rain Abbess continued onwards without slowing down at all, sword in hand and wrapped in the powers of clouds and rain. She turned into a blur as she shot across the s.p.a.ce, arriving before Mo Tianyun instantly. Her sword danced about, and the terrifying pressure of the world immediately descended. She actually used a G.o.d Tier Battle Skill instantly, and the level of the G.o.d Tier Battle Skill was extremely high too.

The Rain Abbess’s current battle prowess was already shocking enough. Coupled with such a high level G.o.d Tier Battle Skill, the force behind her thrust had reached a height where even most Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Primes could only look up to in despair.

Even certain Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Primes that had reached the peak would not have the confidence to block her stroke.

Mo Tianyun became a little more serious too. “That stroke of yours is already enough to pose a certain level of threat to the Eighth Heavenly Layer. Rain Abbess, I personally believe I’m already judging you high enough, but your strength has still surpa.s.sed my expectations.”

“Nine G.o.dly Arts, Slayer!”

Mo Tianyun’s presence changed violently as if he had turned into a ferocious, wild beast in that instant. His hands turned into claws as he swung them forwards violently.

His attack this time took the form of wildness. When he swung out with his claws, it was devastating and domineering in an unrivalled manner. It seemed like a demonstration of the most vicious and most powerful attack to kill.


Within the rumble, the Rain Abbess’s G.o.d Tier Battle Skill suddenly collapsed, while Mo Tianyun’s claws landed mercilessly against the protective light around the Rain Abbess with its residual might, making the barrier shake violently.

The Rain Abbess could not help but stumble a few steps back, but because Mo Tianyun’s attack had almost run out of energy after shattering the G.o.d Tier Battle Skill, it was unable to harm her.

But soon afterwards, the sword in the Rain Abbess’s hand began to dance, drawing the trajectory of the ways in s.p.a.ce. The heavy pressure of the world descended once more as she cast another G.o.d Tier Battle Skill.

She knew many more G.o.d Tier Battle Skills, and each one was more powerful than the last. She could use them on a whim and complete them instantly, without spending any time to charge them up.

“Nine G.o.dly Arts, the Force to Suck Stars!” Mo Tianyun became serious too. He pointed high above, and an entire galaxy was conjured immediately, radiating with a vast pressure.

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