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71 The Whispering Caves Part-2

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Zeus wore his armor as h studied it, in traditional sense his armor could be categorized into Medium category armor as he waited for the remaining of his remainder of his team as one by one everyone arrived except Sylphy who was not present there as Azi spoke impatiently, "Where is Sylphy she is late?""I am here", came a bored voice followed by heavy footsteps as they looked they saw a figure clad in heavy armor heavier than even Tarsque's armor a large shield almost as tall as her chin along with a broad sword.

The Zeus and his group were taken aback as Sylphy spoke in an annoyed tone, "What?!"

Zeus shook his head as he spoke, "I thought you were an archer or thief by the weapons you used?"

The woman scoffed at that as she spoke, "I did not trust your group as such I dressed as such to dupe you all in case you decided to betray us and if you cannot understand from the looks of my armor I am a tank."

Zeus waved his hand as he spoke with a small smile, "No need to worry about that, but I am glad that we have at least gained some form of trust.", while inwardly the trio simply sighed as they thought, 'This girl has issues.'

Zeus then turned towards others as he spoke, "Well let us leave I do not wish to make teacher wait for too long."

As they reached the courtyard, he found his teacher waiting for him on a carriage as they arrive his teacher gave a kind smile to him causing him to feel fear as she spoke, "Well please board the carriage we are late."

The word 'late' send shivers down his spine he knew something bad was about to happen as he was prevented from boarding the carriage, as Vessha turned towards him she spoke with a smile, "I hate being late child and you are late by a whole minute, something I will not tolerate, now for your punishment you will run behind us along the journey and if you thing you can weasel out of this punishment you will have another thing coming, now MOVE!!!!"

With that the carriage lurched forward as it moved a message flashed in his HUD.


Fly you Fool: Run after the carriage and run fast or else you will get lost in the desert and die.

Reward: Safely reach the quest area

Failure: a) Failure to keep up will lead you get lost in the desert leading to possible death.

b) Used as a living bait by Vessha ]

Zeus let out a startled cry as he ran after the carriage as the loud insane laughter of Vessha could be heard.

Azi approached Vessha as she spoke, "Excuse me commander, but aren't you a bit harsh with him?"

Vessha looked at her confused as she spoke, "No I am not, and in fact I am thinking about uping his training."

Everyone looked flabbergasted at that as Tarasque spoke, "But he will not survive it."

Vessha shrugged at that as she spoke, "Well then I will give you bronze coin to pay for his burial service."

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BlizzardQueen: "With all respect to you commander why are you pushing him so hard? Is he in some kind of danger?"

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