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Chapter 1162

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Chapter 1162: Defense War

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“Outside the universe is the Great Cosmological Abyss!”

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged, quietly comprehending the mysteries of the Great Cosmological Abyss.

In fact, the so-called Great Cosmological Abyss was a void with nothingness, no light, no energy, nothing at all.

Without achieving Dao Fruit, or possessing an astonishing trump card, if you entered it, you would inevitably become gradually exhausted and fall into a hopeless situation.

“If I want to send these cannon fodder to explore the Huaxia Universe, they must have at least Mental Demon Demon G.o.d strength, and they also must rely on tools…” In this aspect, the acc.u.mulation of the Creator s.p.a.ce up until now was still insufficient.

He was slightly regretting that he had not taken down that ark civilization to study it.

“However, Planet Stael can't research it purely due to technological issues. In contrast, the progress of Uyguklais has been constantly accelerating. It's just that with the resources of my current domain, it's totally impossible to construct an ark for the Great Cosmological Abyss. I need to expand my forces. Oh, Omar's original territory is very good!”

Ever since he had sealed Omar, all the planets that it had influence or control over erupted in war or rebellion.

Not only had the surrounding forces gotten involved, but the Uyguklais were also advancing by leaps and bounds, and they had occupied many resource-rich planets in strong support of Fang Yuan's wild plan.

“If I want to plunder more resources, I'm bound to become enemies with the Elder G.o.ds and the Outer G.o.ds… But this might not be necessarily certain either. Most Dao Ancestors have peculiar temperaments, and they might not care about their territory at all…”

From White Light, Fang Yuan had obtained a lot of information about the Outer G.o.ds.

He discovered that there were many monomaniacs and lunatics among the Outer G.o.ds who loved arousing the investigative desire of people. They took pleasure in allowing them to destroy themselves as they approached the truth. Even if a few planets perished, they had no qualms at all.

Some planets only picked up their firm belief in some Outer G.o.ds purely because of fear. If an Outer G.o.d occupied them, whether or not the corresponding Outer G.o.d would do anything solely depended on luck and fate.

Generally speaking, the actions of the Outer G.o.ds were similar to metaphysics and extremely difficult to predict.

“Therefore, even when the Creator s.p.a.ce achieves the Dao, it might not attract the attention of too many Dao Ancestors… To me, this is good news!”

Fang Yuan's eyes were deep.

Although he currently had the strength of two Dao Fruits, dealing with so many of the Outer G.o.ds and Elder G.o.ds at once was definitely too much.

“Hope they won't go too far. Otherwise, I'll have no choice but to release my trump card!”

Fang Yuan looked at the sea solemnly.

Within the Creator s.p.a.ce.

A white light appeared, and Clement's figure suddenly appeared at the bottom of the beam.

Presently, he looked rather miserable, with his entire body practically soaked in blood.

“Haha… Haha…” However, Clement only felt like laughing out loud. “The initial mission world rumored to have the highest newbie death rate… I've gotten past it. From today onward, I am also a chosen one…”

Because this Creator did not restrict the leakage of general knowledge, there was a lot of research done on the Creator s.p.a.ce on Planet Stael, and many youths dreamed about entering the s.p.a.ce to become an Extraordinary.

Some of the functions were already things that everybody knew.

“Creator, heal me immediately. Deduct the cost from my rewards!” Clement shouted, and almost instantly, a green beam of light descended.

The injuries on his body recovered swiftly as his complexion regained its ruddiness. He did not have a single scar on his body, and his spirit was feeling better than ever.

“The Creator's work is indeed exceptional!” Clement complimented. He quickly looked at reward points with one hundred points missing, and his heart started aching incomparably.

“Mission Rewards: During this mission, Chosen One Clement 208 obtained a total of 400 reward points (after deducting the healing cost) and one E-grade medal!”

In front of him was a light screen displaying his personal information:

“Name: Clement Onst

Number: 208

Life Value: 100 (100)

Combat Force Value: 5

“Discovered hidden gift: Touch of Light!”


“I… actually have a hidden gift?”

Clement felt as though the heavens had dropped a huge gift bag on him.

During his scavenger days, he had heard some information at various public places, and he knew that after completing the first mission, the chosen ones would receive a digital scan.

The number 208 did not mean that there were only 208 chosen ones, but that he was the 208th chosen one with the name Clement Onst, meaning that this name was way too common.

Having a combat force value of five was also normal. The average adult on this planet would have such data before strengthening, and they were commonly referred to as the combat five dregs.

But possessing a hidden gift was practically winning the lottery.

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According to the highest official authority, the chances of ordinary humans possessing a hidden gift was one in a hundred thousand. Even the number of chosen ones with hidden gifts was extremely few. In the later periods, after fully developing the hidden gift, it was definitely not any inferior to some powerful skills.

He looked at the section for strengthening and found that he was also spoilt for choices.

For example, Hetero-planet Bloodline Strengthening could allow someone to obtain tremendous strength by directly injecting the blood of species from other planets. However, maintaining human form was not guaranteed.

Or a special Profession Changing Strengthening that allowed you to change to a different profession and obtain the corresponding special ability. For example, a warrior with expertise in melee, a sharpshooter with expertise in firearms, and so on.

The last type was Extraordinary Enlightenment! It was essentially the way of the Extraordinaries that already existed on this planet.

“Too many! Too many!” Clement was dazzled by the many choices. In the end, he followed the experience of his predecessors. “Creator, please choose the most suitable Extraordinary Strengthening for me!”

“Ding! 10 reward points deducted!”

The Creator did not stand on ceremony and immediately deducted his reward points. The many interfaces cleared away, leaving behind a few choices:

“Blazing Warrior: A mighty warrior who possesses the power of flames. Proficient in using all types of cold weapons to fight and also possesses a few skills involving flames at the beginning. Requirements: 700 reward points, one E-grade medal!”

“Evil Eye Transplant: Transplant an evil eye with extraordinary power onto the chosen one's forehead. Attain extraordinary vision and some illusion skills. It is also the prerequisite for ten of the strongest eye techniques. Requirements: 1500 reward points, one E-grade medal!”

“Sun Priest: A profession that sings praises to the sun and possesses numerous buffing and exorcism skills! Requirements: 700 reward points, one E-grade medal (Detected that the chosen one possesses the hidden gift Touch of Light! Reward points requirement halved)”

“These are the three most suitable primary strengthening choices for me…”

Clement was slightly hesitant. “I really like Blazing Warrior, but I don't have enough reward points. As for the second choice… I don't want to end up as some monster or freak, so that leaves me with only the third one, the Sun Priest!”

He quickly decided, and shortly afterward, a golden radiance descended.

Seconds later, the radiance disappeared. Clement's eyes blurred, and he suddenly pointed with his finger. “I say… there must be light!”

A golden radiance blossomed from his finger.

“Haha… I'm finally an Extraordinary!”

Clement smiled widely, and when he could no longer bear it, he started laughing heartily.

“After becoming an Extraordinary, I'm now one of the higher-cla.s.s people of the ecological districts. As long as I acc.u.mulate enough travel expenses, I might be able to migrate to the other two continents… A lovely future is waving at me!”

Just as he was fantasizing about his beautiful future, a red warning notice suddenly appeared:

“Chosen One Clement 208, your next mission will be nightmare level! Therefore, here is the advanced announcement of the mission's content: Planet Stael Defense War! This mission is a real-life mission with unlimited freedom. All rewards will be calculated and issued at the end of the mission!”

“What?” Clement felt like he had fallen into the bottomless abyss again.

What he did not know was that all the chosen ones received the same mission, causing the entire planet to enter a state of uproar.

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