Carefree Path Of Dreams

The Plagiarist - 文抄公

Chapter 1161

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Chapter 1161: Creator

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Year 501 of the Black Iron Calendar.

On the White Continent, Clement stared enviously at a recruitment poster in his hand.

“As long as you are one of the Creator's chosen ones, you will be able to serve the company, receive an ecological district villa, and enjoy preferential treatment… Unfortunately, I'm not a 'chosen one' but merely one of the ordinary scavengers!”

He looked into the distance.

The boundless continent was only black and white, with no signs of life or energy.

Only in the ecological district behind was there a bit of greenery that was pleasant to the eye.

Unfortunately, only the upper cla.s.s could enjoy such beautiful scenery.

A lowly scavenger like him could only wander the Ruined Continent like a mouse, searching for useful items in ruins to exchange for clean water and food.

It had been a hundred years since the Outer G.o.d invasion.

But for the White Continent, this was merely the start of the calamity.

The saline soil soaked in a large amount of seawater had spread to the majority of the continent, causing agriculture to see a substantial drop in crop yield. And seaports were destroyed, so imports and exports became an extravagant hope.

What followed was natural disasters, turmoil, wars, and death.

More devastating was the fact that the tsunamis caused by the Son of the Deep Sea were not ordinary seawater, but they had contained extremely minute contamination.

Even after years of reclamation, the saline soil still could not restore to its former state. On the contrary, it even produced many bizarre and demonic heterogeneities.

The humans of the White Continent had completely retreated, and they could only build tall walls and ma.s.sive fortresses within a few ecological districts, like sparks of civilization on the primitive continent.

It was a truly lamentable story. After the disaster, the most civilized and technologically advanced White Continent fell so far that the Black and Yellow continents had overtaken it in every aspect. It even had the synonym 'Ruined Continent'.

The ecological districts were the last arks of civilization, like oil lamps in the darkness that could extinguish at any time.

“I've heard that there is a vast continent br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality on the other side of the ocean… Too bad I have no way of migrating. Besides, that place doesn't accept ordinary people from the Ruined Continent and treats us like demons!”

In fact, even if they were more receptive, it was almost impossible for the people of the other two continents to reach the White Continent.

This was not due to the regression of shipbuilding technology but mainly because of the increase in the number of demons in the ocean, turning all of the original ocean-going vessels into waste.

Only a few maritime fortresses alongside a large number of Extraordinary guards could risk the enormous dangers of the ocean and possibly succeed in crossing it.

However, the cost of doing so was much more than manufacturing an airship.

Therefore, there was very little interaction between the continents, let alone trade.

Clement mocked himself as he carried a broken sack and entered some ruins. “If I want to change all of this, I must become… one of the Creator's chosen ones! While the two continents on the opposite side don't welcome us 'mutants', they're more than willing to open the doors for the chosen ones!”


This inexplicable existence had appeared after the great catastrophe, and rumor had it that it was a huge ball of light. Like a rigid intelligent computer program, its only job was to choose humans from Planet Stael and send them into the Endless World to experience adventures.

Some people claimed that this was the gift of the G.o.ds, while others claimed that this was the temptation of the devils. Even so, n.o.body had the power to reject.

Therefore, currently, the belief in the Creator had already surpa.s.sed that of the Black Iron G.o.d. In fact, it was the primary belief in the other continents, becoming the biggest faith on the planet.

And the scope of the chosen ones was constantly expanding.

It was a pity that little Clement had yet to be noticed so far.

“Although the mortality rate in the Endless World is high, I still hope to go there. At the very least, there would be hope…”

Clement held a wooden stick and carefully rummaged for something that he could exchange for clean water and food. His stomach had been rumbling for a long time.

The various resources within the ecological districts were in extremely short supply. For a wanderer like him, he was naturally not going to receive a fixed share. If he did not complete his work for the day, he would have to go hungry for the day.

And now, Clement had been hungry for two days, and his eyes were growing slightly blurry.

“No… I can't fall here. Otherwise, when the other scavengers see me, I will definitely… be eaten!”

Clement clenched his teeth and supported himself with the stick toward the other end of the ruins.

It looked like a church, in which the majority of the religious insignias had fallen to the ground and been dusty for a long time.


Suddenly, the wooden stick made a soft sound, and Clement hurriedly bent over to pick up a piece of metal. Delight flashed across his face as he tossed it into his bag.


When he looked up, he saw a pair of feet and became startled.

“You… What on earth are you? Monster? Heterogeneity?”

Clement focused his eyes and clearly saw the person's figure.

This man was tall and extremely filthy. An unknown rag covered over his body, and his hair was as messy as a chicken's nest.

He looked just like a loner on the wasteland.

“Hi! Happy to meet you!” Clement patted his own cheek, trying to smile a little more and appear friendlier.

“Dead… All dead… All my fault… Sun…”

After coming closer, the tall figure constantly emitted a foul smell and seemed to be muttering something.

“Who are you?” Clement held the stick with both hands.

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“I-I am the sun!!!” the tall figure screamed before holding his head in his hands and running out of sight. With that speed, Clement could do nothing but watch his dust.

Because he had no experiences for reference, Fang Yuan could only pave a way himself.

“The Creator developed to the peak could perhaps achieve the Myriad Worlds Dao Fruit? Or the Creator Dao Fruit?”

The feeling of cultivating a Dao Ancestor was indeed unlike any other.

Furthermore, this was not all to Fang Yuan's plan.

After nurturing a Dao Fruit, he could get the other party to break through according to the direction he wished and evaluate the good and bad.

The various practical data would naturally become a guide for his future Dao path.

“Once the Creator Dao Fruit is on the verge of completion… there are bound to be attacks from the Outer G.o.ds!”

He looked into outer s.p.a.ce with a serious expression.

The chosen ones within the Creator s.p.a.ce had to go on expeditions, and the destination was naturally the other planets of this universe!

And in order for Creator s.p.a.ce to grow, it had to plunder other planets!

Among these planets, some were under the power of the Outer G.o.ds, and some were even the nests of the Elder G.o.ds. The danger was at least at the nightmare or h.e.l.l level.

Fang Yuan's unbridled acts would definitely offend many forces at the same level as him.

In the past, perhaps because of the excellent Dream World method, some Outer G.o.ds had not noticed him. But after a hundred years, everything on Planet Stael would still be revealed in the end.

In addition to the Creator s.p.a.ce that would soon achieve the Dao, he would undoubtedly attract the attention of many of the Outer G.o.ds and even the Elder G.o.ds!

“Am I finally going to experience the peak Outer G.o.ds of this universe?”

Fang Yuan smiled, and his gaze seemed to cross over Planet Stael and arrive at the closest planet with life on it.

At this moment, the planet had completely transformed into a fortress of war, like an interstellar insect nest, and sp.a.w.ned a large number of warriors.

Light flashed!

Over a million chosen ones were simultaneously transferred over, and a red notification appeared in front of them:

“Main Mission: Destroy the Insect Nest!

Difficulty: Purgatory!

Mission Explanation: …”

All kinds of fierce battles, including battles of wits and bravery, immediately occurred on the planet.

And all of this was merely an experiment with his cannon fodder.

Fang Yuan could sense that the tentacles of the Outer G.o.ds would descend at the very moment the Creator Dao Fruit reached completion!

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