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蝶之灵 - Die Zhiling

Chapter 433 - Meeting

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Chapter 433 - Meeting

Xiao Rou heard the gentle voice in her ear and her entire body froze. The smile on her face was gone and she was pale like she had seen a ghost.

The earpiece that Shao Qingge handed her was part of the Voice Headset card that Xiao Lou had activated. Shao Qingge also wore one in his ear so he could hear what Xiao Lou had said. Just now, Xiao Lou said, “Sister, I am Xiao Lou. I want to see you.” Unexpectedly, the princess’ expression became so ugly. Wasn’t her reaction too strange?

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes and carefully observed the woman in front of him.

Xiao Rou’s ability to control her emotions was first-cla.s.s. She soon calmed down and said to Shao Qingge, “Chief Shao, I am very happy to meet you. Thank you for giving me the necklace. If Chief Shao is willing to stay on Azure Planet for two more days, I will find a chance to entertain both of you. It is too late today. My husband will be worried if I go back late.”

Shao Qingge understood her meaning and respectfully saluted. “Your Highness, please go slowly.”

She spoke a bunch of polite words but in fact, her last sentence was the key—her husband would be worried if she went back late.

Her husband was Prince Herman, the crown prince of the Azure Empire. Xiao Rou hosted a charity dinner in her name today. Prince Herman wasn’t present but he must’ve sent personal guards to protect her. On such an occasion, it would inevitably attract attention if she met Xiao Lou. There were probably people sent by the crown prince who were watching her movements.

She hadn’t responded when Xiao Lou spoke.

Yet when she was speaking, she deliberately held down the on the small earpiece so that Xiao Lou could hear her words.

Xiao Lou was understanding. “Sister, I’ll wait for your arrangement. Once it is convenient for you to meet me, contact me through this earpiece.”

Xiao Rou didn’t reply. She just nodded to Shao Qingge, turned and quickly left.

The time had reached 10 o’clock in the evening and the buffet dinner was nearing its end. Shao Qingge and Ye Qi followed Kevin to leave the scene. At the same time, the disguised Yu and Xiao duo also left. They met at the Ferris Wheel Hotel.

The real Mr Zhou was controlled by Lu Jiuchuan and Tang Ci. It wasn’t known where Tang Ci got the sleeping pills from but he made Mr Zhou sleep all day. Yu Hanjiang took off the mask from pretending to be Mr Zhou and frowned. “The princess refused to see you. Is she being watched?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “She held a charity dinner at the hotel tonight and invited a lot of people. It is normal for the palace to send people to protect and monitor her. It must be inconvenient for her to see me.”

Ye Qi scratched his head. “The princess is very strange. When we showed her the video, her hands were shaking the whole time. Professor Xiao asked to meet her and her face became as pale as a ghost. Is she a friend or an enemy? If she is standing opposite us and has someone arrest us when we go to meet her, won’t we be throwing ourselves into the net?”

Ye Qi’s worry wasn’t unreasonable. The princess’ current att.i.tude wasn’t clear. They weren’t sure if she would help Xiao Lou solve the mystery of that year or return the escaped Xiao Lou to the emperor.

However, Xiao Lou thought it was worth taking a risk. After careful consideration, he said, “In any case, I have to meet her. She must know a lot of secrets. It is fine if she wants to hurt me. We have the Tao Yuanming card that allows us to move through s.p.a.ce. If she wants to do something to me then Brother Jiu can directly pull me back. She can’t catch me.”

Lu Jiuchuan agreed. “In any case, we don’t have any other clues to check. Let’s talk with the princess first. When you go to see her, open the Peach Blossom Spring. This s.p.a.ce can exist for three hours. If there is an accident then you can be sent back to the hotel at any time. Huaying’s starship is also waiting for us near the s.p.a.ce station. We can always escape on this starship if the princess or Prince Herman issues a wanted warrant to arrest us.”

Yu Hanjiang thought carefully about the words that the princess had said before she left. “Listening to her meaning, tomorrow she will find an opportunity to ‘entertain’ Chief Shao. Then we will dress up as Chief Shao’s a.s.sistants and go with him?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, wait for her to arrange it. We aren’t familiar with this place and it isn’t good to act rashly.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and looked at Tang Ci. “Mr Tang, the bug on that necklace won’t be found?”

Tang Ci said, “Don’t worry. I hid the bug behind the diamond and firmly glued it so it can’t be seen from the outside. The only way is if they take apart the whole necklace.”

Xiao Lou frowned slightly. “Unfortunately, the range of Ye Qi’s bug is only 500 meters. The princess has now returned to the palacek2026;”

Yu Hanjiang said, “It isn’t too late. We can wear the invisibility cloak and go near the palace.”

Xiao Lou also had this idea and the two of them set off together.

Yu Hanjiang borrowed Ye Qi’s teleportation card. Then he used the Light as a Swallow card, held Xiao Lou’s waist and flew directly out of the Ferris Wheel hotel.

The light footwork skill and teleportation were used together and it was like they flew through the air.

In a flash, Yu Hanjiang took Xiao Lou to the vicinity of the palace.

The inside of the palace was heavily guarded and there were soldiers patrolling everywhere. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang didn’t dare to break in. In any case, they could hear the bug as long as they were within 500 meters. They walked around the outside of the palace and soon located Xiao Rou’s residence.

She lived in Aquarius Palace and the whole palace was shaped like a beautiful bottle.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou held the other end of the bug. There was a rustling sound in their ears. Then they heard Xiao Rou say, “This is the sapphire necklace that Mr Shao gave me.”

There were a few seconds of silence before a man’s cold voice was heard. “He doesn’t know you but he gave you such a precious necklace the first time you met?”

Xiao Rou laughed. “You are thinking too much. Mr Shao is a businessman from the Locke Empire. He happened to travel to Azure Planet and visit me. After all, my current ident.i.ty is your princess. He can’t come to see me empty-handed?”

Then Prince Herman asked, “What else did he say besides giving the necklace?”

Xiao Rou answered, “He spent 50 million coins on a diamond necklace and said he wanted to do his best for charity.”

Herman chuckled. “It seems that Mr Shao is a very kind businessman.” He got up and went to Xiao Rou, telling her gently, “I’m not against you having contact with businessmen from the Locke Empire. I’m just worried about your safety. Don’t forget, you aren’t alone now. Think about the child in your belly, okay?”

Xiao Rou smiled and said softly, “I know. I’ll make a doctor’s appointment for an obstetric examination tomorrow.”

Herman wondered, “Didn’t you just check it last week?”

“I’m not feeling very comfortable these days. For the sake of the child’s health, I want to do another comprehensive checkup.”

Herman thought about it. “It doesn’t hurt to be cautious. I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“You are so busy. I am fine going alone…”

Herman interrupted her with a laugh. “How can that work? As a husband and father, I should spend time with you no matter how busy I am. What time did you make the appointment?”

“Professor Edwin is the one who examined me at Saint Paul’s Hospital. He is on duty tomorrow afternoon. I made an appointment to go to him for a comprehensive examination tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.”

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Herman nodded. “You are tired today. Have a good rest. I’ll pick you up tomorrow on time.”

She was so cautious that it made Xiao Lou even more uneasy.

She was a princess but she couldn’t move freely. He didn’t know if she had been having a good time all these years?

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and looked at Tang Ci. “Mr Tang, please find Dr Edwin as soon as possible. We must be prepared by 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

Tang Ci’s speed when checking information was very fast. Dr Edwin was the most authoritative expert in the field of obstetrics in the Azure Empire. Tang Ci had even found the other person’s address in five minutes.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou looked at each other and acted immediately.

They first returned the tied-up Mr Zhou to his room in the Ferris Wheel hotel.

Immediately afterward, they headed to Dr Edwin’s house.

The two of them sneaked into the professor’s apartment. The gray-haired professor had just taken a shower and was walking into the bedroom with a yawn. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed from the window. He was stunned. The next second, his neck was grabbed hard from behind and a low, cold voice entered his ears. “Don’t make a noise and don’t move. The princess sent us.”

Edwin hurriedly raised his hands. “What’s the matter?”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “She said she would have another checkup at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. You arrange for us to go to Saint Paul’s Hospital.”

Edwin replied, “I understand. Please let me go first.”

Yu Hanjiang released him and said in a low voice, “I offended you.”

Edwin suggested, “There is a group of interns at the hospital recently. I will get you two sets of white coats. Put on the coats and wear the student’s name tag on your chest. Wait in the duty room of the obstetrics and gynecology department at 2 o’clock.”

Xiao Lou politely said, “Thank you, Professor.”

Edwin wondered, “Is something wrong with the princess? This is the secret code for an emergency that she agreed upon with me. Who are you?”

Yu Hanjiang told her, “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. The situation is really urgent. You just need to make the arrangements.”

Edwin nodded. “Yes, the princess can rest a.s.sured.”

Xiao Lou’s expression was heavy coming out of the professor’s house. He hadn’t cared about his older sister for all these years. Perhaps it was because the memory of a five year old was too vague but he hadn’t even remembered what she looked like.

His sister lived alone in a strange country and should have a very difficult time, right? Professor Edwin should be one of her few confidants.

Xiao Lou sighed in his heart. He could see her tomorrow. Everything could be discussed after they met.

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