Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Ming Yu - 明宇

Chapter 1096 – Wild Beasts

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Although the undead controlled by the malicious ghosts weren't strong, there weren't 100 just like Sim said. Instead, it was more than a thousand!The Mages present here were strong, but in such an environment, they were already under tremendous pressure. And even if the light element magic were lethal to the Undead, the Undead just stopped going inside the range of the magic. Instead, the Undead took stones and began throwing them towards the Mages.

These Undead were low-level zombies. They weren't fast nor were they defensive, however, they were actually famed for their strength. Each stone that these zombies threw would certainly have great strength behind it.

Fortunately for the Mages, they already had protective measures on their bodies. Because of this, the stones didn't pose too much of a threat to them. And these Mages weren't just standing targets, they immediately launched their own magic towards the Undead. And after pa.s.sing through layers of formations, the might of these spells couldn't be underestimated. It didn't take long before the Mages were able to decimate the more than 1000 Undead.

However, the Mages only managed to destroy the Undead. Their original target, the malicious ghosts, remained unharmed.

Not only did the malicious ghosts remained uninjured, the sounds of fighting also attracted the nearby beasts. The strange thing was, although the beasts could sense the malicious ghosts, both of them were actually living in peace. They seem to have a mutual understanding that the Mages were their enemy.

These beasts weren't simple. When Zhao Hai scanned them using his spiritual force, these beasts actually reacted. This reaction surprised Zhao Hai the most.

Zhao Hai's spiritual force was very hard to detect. However, these beasts actually managed to faintly sense it. Zhao Hai also discovered that these beasts and malicious ghosts had at least king-level strength. Although their strength couldn't compare to the Mages present, this didn't mean that they couldn't do anything.

Although Magic Theory produced great power, its requirements for spiritual force was also quite huge. These Mages had just ascended, even the staff they used were from the lower realms. If these Mages exhaust themselves, then they wouldn't be able to stop the a.s.sault coming from the malicious ghosts and the beasts.

Zhao Hai sat inside the s.p.a.ce and looked at the monitor. The malicious ghosts and the beasts had encircled the six Mages, prepared to attack at any time. However, the Mages were clueless about this development, they just continued to advance with caution.

Zhao Hai could see that the environment of the tunnel closely resembled the Underworld. Not only was its dark energy dense, it also had a slight suppression on the soul. This caused the strength of the people inside it to be suppressed. However, Zhao Hai already accustomed himself to the Underworld, and with his formidable spiritual force, this effect didn't have any use to him.

Zhao Hai knew that these Mages wouldn't live for long. The malicious ghosts and the beasts had coordinated themselves well. Currently, the Mages still had enough strength to put up a fight. But once they run out of energy, these malicious ghosts and beasts would definitely be impolite.

However, this development didn't make Zhao Hai glad. Even his feeling of watching a movie had disappeared. The movements of these malicious ghosts and beasts were very unusual. They were too smart and knew how to work with each other. This wasn't something that ordinary ghosts nor beasts could do.

Naturally, this didn't necessarily mean that these malicious ghosts and beasts were under someone's control. In fact, there was a very small probability for this to happen. Dark cultivators would never choose Tyro planet. Even if this tunnel had thick yin energy, almost similar to the Underworld, there were much better places for them to go in the Cultivation Realm.

Instead of being under someone's control, all signs indicated that these malicious ghosts and beasts were probably protecting something. The question now was, what were they protecting?

Does this tunnel have something like the Underworld's giant heart? Was it worth their protection?

The thought of this caused Zhao Hai's brows to wrinkle even more. Laura and the others had no time to notice Zhao Hai's expression at this time. Currently, all of their eyes were stuck on the monitor. They were completely immersed in this horror story happening in front of them.

Zhao Hai gently waved his hand, causing another smaller monitor to appear in front of him. Shown on this screen were the four Warriors from the Wild Academy. Hearing the battle between the Mages and the Undead, the four Warriors decided to come.

Zhao Hai didn't stop them, and he didn't have any reason to. Although the Ashley Family had some friendship with the Northwild family, Zhao Hai could see that this relationship wasn't that deep. Otherwise, when Margaret asked their instructor to team up, they wouldn't have disagreed.

Zhao Hai had certain cla.s.sifications for people. The first type were his family, like Laura and the others. If someone dared to make a move on his family, then they would die!

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The second type were his friends like Dins and the others. Although Zhao Hai would provide them help during their difficult time, he wouldn't treat them as though they were his family. And if there came a time where Dins and the others could help him but didn't, then that would be the time to end their friendship.

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